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Ps: The file SpringBoard.strings has a ton of other settings you can change, just check it, but be sure to make a backup first on your iPhone of the original file, so you can always go back !!
Yes it’s possible, but you will need to convert the plist file back to binary to show these characters.
I’ve seen some guys phone had his cancel button changed to say something else on the slide to power off screen. Forget all your previously prepared strategies to get on top of this irritating situation, because you will be able to change back to English (or French, or whatever language you want to have on your device) in no time. Here, you will have to tap again on the gear icon so that you can go to the General Settings sub-menu.
On this new screen you will have to scroll down and locate the settings group containing either four or five options.
On this screen all you have to do is to tap the first option (this will get you to the General International Settings sub-menu where you will be able to finally choose your preferred language).
Here you just have to pick your language and tap the bright blue icon located in the upper right of the screen. If you have other questions for us regarding Apple’s iPhone or iPod devices, or you want to share other tips or tricks regarding this subject with the other readers, please use the comments section below. We'll be using a great new app called Couria, which adds a feature to your Messages app—without actually replacing it. Quick Replying to Texts from Within Your Current AppIt's pretty intuitive, so not much to say here. Quick Replying to Texts from the Lock ScreenIf your phone is locked, it's still really easy to reply to a new messages, and you don't even have to unlock your device. Composing New Texts from Anywhere on Your iPhoneThis is where things can get fun, but a little tricky.
You Can Even View & Send Photo Messages EasilyMany of us send and receive MMS on a daily basis, and Couria can handle that, too. This neat little mod will work on both mac and Windows machines using iPhone Explorer (download it from the link).
First off, before we begin and actually discuss how to safely delete or change an iCloud account, we should discuss the different scenarios as to why you might need to delete or change your iCloud account off of your device. The email address associated with the Apple ID you are using for iCloud is no longer a valid, active email address. To get started making the necessary changes to your account on an iOS device, go into the Settings app and scroll down until you see iCloud. If you delete your account all documents and Photo Stream photos stored in iCloud will be deleted from this iPad.
It’s important to note that Photo Stream is different from the photos in your library or Camera Roll. After confirming that you are ready to remove iCloud Photo Streams, you will be asked about your contacts, calendars, reminders, and Safari data. If you choose Keep on My iPad you will keep all of the contacts, calendars, reminders, and Safari data that are currently on the iPad.
When you are using Find my Device with iOS 7, it also sets up a new feature: Activation Lock.
I want to do this simply for peace of mind that I’m always using the right icloud account, especially since more and more of my data lives only in icloud. This is quite easy, you can actually use another apple id (different from the apple id used to sign in to icloud on the phone)to download apps from the app store.
Thank you so much for your help§ the Apple ID is Ok but the old Icloud account keeps asking me about the password which id don’t know.
Acutlly if you turn off all the thing before deleting this account and then tou won’t loos all of the things. One of most wanted instruction tutorial that you wanna know, might be is how you can use the Siri – an personal voice assistant.

In the case you forget you passcode lock you need to reinstall and restoring your iPhone 4s iOS5.0 software (page 159 on the User Guide would help you to do this), but you wanna get the settings as factory default, wanna delete and erase all downloaded games and apps and also data (photos, videos etc), you can do the Reset (usually called as Master Reset, Hard Reset or Factory Data Reset).
It seems that the Master Reset follow what been said of the instructions tutorial how to do reset All settings. Furthermore, because it need a SIM Card (Carrier), you might want to know how you can insert the SIM Card (Install it) and if you wanna change to other SIM Card Carrier that your previous one, you might need to eject or remove you old SIM card from your iPhone 4S. Although it been available in multi language, the User Guide of iPhone 4S that we shared here, we choose to 3 version language only. It is just the most brilliant piece of equipment and i need to learn how to get the best from it. Kindly please could u send me the user guide of iphone A5 but china made….and also how do i get the internet? Using Download Manager would give you a stable download process on downloading the PDF File. Now I have opened on my computer the app, Terminal and tried to input the command plutil however i think I’m missing something.
Do let me know in case you are successful as well as unsuccessful also, so we can look into other solutions as well. Or, even worse, have you ever changed your language by mistake and, after trying to change it back countless times, ended up at an Apple Store having to face the snobbish looks the “genius” gave you? In this group you have to tap the fourth option (you can get a better understanding of what I'm trying to say in the image on the left).
When you're browsing the web or playing a game on your iPhone and need to respond to text message real quick, you have to exit your current app to do so. Whenever you receive a new text or iMessage, simply tap on your banner alert and the Couria messaging feature will pop up where you can quickly type in your reply. When you receive a new message, just swipe the notification on the lock screen to the right to access Couria, then type your reply, send, and resume the locked state. By default, Couria only lets you "reply" to incoming SMS and iMessages, but it's still possible to use it for composing new messages, too.To do so, you'll also need to install the Activator app, which lets you add new gestures to your iOS device.
Images will only be displayed once tapped and can quickly be closed by tapping on the displayed image. Photo Stream is a feature that uses iCloud to push any photos you take to all of your devices, where they will stay for thirty days. If under your iCloud Settings it says Photo Stream is turned off, you can ignore part of that alert. This deletes all of the contacts, calendars, reminders, and Safari data stored on the iPad, allowing you to start with a clean slate and create your new iCloud account. Activation Lock is a feature that requires your Apple ID and Password to be typed in to remove the iCloud account. I recently discovered that for an unknown reason I can see my old MacBook on Find My iPhone. We had a different email address for iCloud than for our Apple id, and it was a defunct email address. You can learn where is the headset jack, the power button for On and Off, the speaker, the dock connector, the LED flash and camera, Volume button or Apple Retina display.
From page 38 to page 41 on the UG of iPhone 4S, you can find the elaboration and detail information how you can work with Siri.
There are some choices on performing this Reset depend on what the settings that you wanna reset.
Here are the steps that you had to follow: Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings > Done.
This also means that the version of iPhone 4S available for both CDMA and GSM version with all unlocked version.
To make this easy, just follow the instructional image that we gave you on the figure below.

Not exactly efficient, especially if a quick "K" is all you need to say.However, if you jailbreak your iPhone, there are more texting options available to you besides Apple's stock Messages app.
After hitting Send, Couria will disappear and you can continue doing whatever it is you were doing. In this case, we'll be using it to open Couria by triple-pressing the Home button.All you do is assign a new gesture to the Couria tweak with Activator to quickly bring it up from anywhere on your device. Sending a photo from within Couria works the same as it does regularly—just tap on the camera icon. However, if it says Photo Stream is turned on, tap on it to see what type of Photo Stream is turned on. If this is the case, you will have to check to see if the Photo Stream photos are actually saved in your Camera Roll.
In Shared you will find Photo Stream photos that you shared to others, or photos that others shared to you.
However, if the pictures in Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream are not on your device and you want them permanently stored on your device, you can save them by tapping on the Share Button (the one with a square that has an arrow pointing up). I have the same exact problem and I have tried almost everything, and nothing has worked so far. Each time i try to download an app from the App store they keep asking me about the password of the registered account which i don’t know.
Learning the Siri response, the Siri hear you ays, Tap to speak to Siri and the follow up steps that you had to follow if Siri doesn’t hear you correctly (Dictation also included). According to page 152, you can do Reset All settings, Reset networks settings, Reset the keyboard dictionary, Reset the Homescreen layout and Reset location warning. If you carrier use CDMA you had to have the iPhone 4s with CDMA supports, these condition also applied for GSM Data network carrier.
If you wanna download others language such as Germany, Dutch, Malaysian, Indonesia, Chinese, Korean, Japan, Swedish, Portuguese, and more, please visit here (click language down arrow to open the multi language options).
The issues i am having are, for instance, i downloaded this program whose description said that my iphone will vibrate every 15 seconds when i have an unread sms, that didnt work. In this softModder guide, I'll be showing you a great tweak that'll make composing and replying to text messages quicker than Lindsay Lohan's time in rehab. When games store data in iCloud, it’s usually things like game history, the level you are on, your statistics, etc. From here you can either choose to email five pictures at a time, or save as many as you want to your Camera Roll. Deleting contacts and calendars will likely be a very cumbersome and tedious task if you do it on an iOS device. Since you want to delete the iCloud account and create a new one, you need to enter in the old password. Now everything works perfect and I it dosen’t ask me for logging in using old email addresses. Of course retina display screen (with 330 ppi pixel density) on 640 x 960 pixels resolution still being used on this iPhone 4S along with aleophobic surface (aka fat fear) with scratch resistant, accelerometer sensor for auto orientation rotation, three axis gyro sensor, proximity sensor and support multi-touch input method. Moreover, Autofocus for Photo Capture, LED Flash Light, Touch Focus, and Face Detection also supported. Now that you are satisfied that you have all of your pictures, let’s try deleting iCloud again under Settings.
As long as your carrier is supported, however, you can use CarrierEditor — regardless of which iPhone you have. Every time I try to update my carrier settings to the new ipcc file (not original) that is created, nothing happens and the 13.0 remains even after reboot.

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