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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Are you at a point where you need to set new, exciting goals for yourself but struggling to figure out what you want to do next? Anyone who wants to manifest a change in their life, design a more fulfilling existence, make room for new possibilities or simply gain more clarity about their path to happiness and success. The core workbook for the program is 102 pages and comes in an electronic, ebook format with all 31 daily exercises in one place.
I included these 31 short audios so that I could personally walk you through the major concepts and exercises in the program and teach you how to put them into practice in your daily life. The Life Mapping Workbook is a 14-page easy-to-use PDF guide to creating your own life map with colorful, printable worksheets to inspire you to think big about the goals you have for your life. You will be guided through this exercise using the instructions inside the workbook as part of the 31 Days to Reset Your Life program. You will also get access to a 15-minute audio training, where I walk you through each step of completing the Life Mapping Workbook to create your own life map as a path to your ideal life. It’s like I am right there with you as a coach helping you work through your life map! In addition to all 31 daily assignments, you’ll also receive a set of printable worksheets to supplement the material and help you complete the daily exercises.
Are you sick and tired of getting in your own way and sabotaging your success?With your 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge registration, you will receive Rosetta’s step-by-step formula for how to achieve your big goals, faster than you ever thought possible!
PLUS: Rosetta’s Powerful Goal-Setting Pre-Work Guide that will help you remove any blocks that may be holding you back and Printable PDF Action Guides with weekly homework assignments! Starting on December 1, you will begin receiving the 31 Day Reset exercises automatically via email.
Every day for 31 days, you’ll get one assignment sent directly to your inbox as a reminder to do the work and report back to the group with your results! As soon as you register, you will have access to our private Facebook group where you can get support from your classmates and build momentum with others who are also doing the program. BONUS #3: Access to the Private 31 Day Reset Challenge Facebook Group to help me stay on track throughout the month! Is your inner voice telling you that it’s time for a change? If you realize that your life is out of whack with the dreams you KNOW you have for yourself, commit to take action TODAY. Rosetta teaches women, step-by-step, how to get their businesses off the ground so that they can replace their income, quit their jobs and finally have the freedom to live life on their own terms. As we brace ourselves to move abroad for the third time in a few years, I look back and I know that squeezing our lives into a suitcase and leaving our native Barcelona was the best decision that we could have possibly made. You face new challenges, you get to know parts of you you didn’t know existed, you’re amazed at yourself and at the world. From the moment you decide to move abroad, your life turns into a powerful mix of emotions – learning, improvising, dealing with the unexpected… All your senses sharpen up, and for a while the word “routine” is dismissed from your vocabulary to make space for an ever rising adrenalin thrill ride.
That’s why, when you get a few days off and fly back home, it strikes you how little everything has changed.
When someone asks you about your new life, you lack the right words to convey all you’re experiencing.
Lots of people will tell you how brave you are – they too would move abroad if they weren’t so scared. You soon realize that now, most things and people in your life are just passing through, and you instinctively play down the importance of most situations. Two SIM cards (one of them packed with phone numbers from all over the world), two library cards, two bank accounts… And two types of coins, which always end up mysteriously mixing when you’re about to pay for something. Living abroad, like traveling, makes you realise that ‘normal’ only means socially or culturally accepted. That tourist trap you may not have visited in your country only adds up to the never-ending list of things to do in your new home, and you soon become quite the expert on your new city.

It’s as if you were looking through the car window – everything moves really slowly at the back, in the distance, while in front of you life passes by at full speed. Although deep down, you know you don’t miss a place, but a strange and magical conjunction of the right place, the right moment and the right people. From the moment you squeeze your life into a suitcase (or, if you’re lucky with your airline, two), whatever you thought ‘home’ was doesn’t exist anymore. Now you know what it means to give up comfort, what starting from scratch and marveling at the world every day feels like. Love this article – you have really captured much of what it feels like to live abroad.
CopyrightLos contenidos y fotografias de Mas Edimburgo son obra de Angie Castells y no pueden reproducirse sin permiso. The 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge is a month-long, interactive personal transformation experience that leverages the power of daily reflection.
This program will especially be of benefit to you if you’ve felt stuck or in a rut during the last year.
This program includes 4 in-depth training modules and recorded group coaching sessions, plus downloadable MP3 audios, call transcripts and action guides in PDF format that you can access from any computer. Each daily assignment will be posted in the group where you can share your results and ask questions. She provides high-level training, coaching and mentoring for women who want to be happy, successful and free.
Her clients and students value her “tough love” approach to helping them reach their big goals faster than they ever thought possible. Because when you move away, when you turn your life into a journey filled with uncertainty, you grow up in unexpected ways.
Your life’s been changing at a non-stop pace, and you’re on holidays and ready to share all those anecdotes you’ve been piling up.
Yet later, in the middle of a random conversation, something reminds you about ‘that time when’…, and you have to hold your tongue because you don’t want to overwhelm everyone with stories from your ‘other country’ and come across as pretentious. And you, even though you’ve been scared, too, know that courage makes up about 10% of life-changing decisions. Now that you’ve given up every comfort and made it work thousands of miles away from home… you feel like you’re capable of anything!
Other times you can only think of a way of saying something… with that perfect word which, by the way, is in the wrong language. You perfect the right balance between bonding and letting go – a perpetual battle between nostalgia and pragmatism.
When you plunge into a different culture and a different society, your notion of normality soon falls apart. But when someone comes over for a few days and asks for some suggestions, you find it really hard to recommend but a few things – if it were up to you, you’d recommend visiting everything! On the one hand, you receive news from home – birthdays you missed, people who left without you getting the chance to say goodbye one last time, celebrations you won’t be able to attend. That year when you traveled, when you shared your life with special ones, when you were so happy. Almost anything you can touch can be replaced – wherever you travel, you’ll end up stockpiling new clothes, new books, new mugs. And it being such a huge, endless world… How could you choose not to keep traveling and discovering it? Lots of people asked for an English version, but please bear in mind English is not my native language and this is only a humble attempt at a translation.

Me he interesado en un principio por tu articulo porque basicamente siento todo lo que has descrito al pensar en Edimburgo.
This program gives you all the tools you need to uplevel your personal growth and make your dreams a priority in 2016. You are encouraged to network with other participants and make new friends throughout the month!
That means you can test-drive the ENTIRE program and THEN decide if it’s right for you.
You unlearn, and after coming down and embracing a few lessons, you start growing in humility. When you interact with a foreign language on a daily basis, you learn and unlearn at the same time. You learn there are other ways of doing things, and after a while, you too take to that habit you never thought you’d embrace. There’s always moments of distress, but you’re soon filled with more patience than you ever knew you had in you, and accept that asking for help is not only inevitable, but also a very healthy habit. You miss those little things you never thought you’d miss, and you’d give anything to go back to that place, even if it were just for an instant. There’s a tiny bit of who you were scattered among all the places you’ve lived in, but sometimes going back to that place is not enough to stop missing it. I apologise in advance for any mistakes – if there’s anything you’d like to point out, please drop me a comment below. Everyone keeps struggling with their daily chores, and it suddenly strikes you: life won’t stop for you.
All the while you’re soaking up cultural references and swear words in your second language, you find yourself reading in your mother tongue so it won’t get rusty.
You also get to know yourself a little better, because you discover that some things you really believe in, while others are just a cultural heritage of the society you grew up in.
Time is so distorted now, that you learn how to measure it in tiny little moments, either a Skype call with your family and old friends or a pint with the new ones. Living in Edinburgh changed us forever in many ways, and if it weren’t for that experience, we probably wouldn’t be about to embark on our next life adventure right now. Home is the person traveling with you, the people you leave behind, the streets where your life takes place. A traves de una vision personal, te descubrimos rincones con encanto, experiencias culturales y excursiones por ciudades y naturaleza. Simply email our support team your completed assignments and we’ll refund your payment in full and remove you from our private Facebook group.
Home is also the random stuff in your new flat, those things you’ll get rid of in the blink of an eye when the time to leave comes. If you’ve ever lived away from home or embarked on a long journey, I’m sure you too have felt these 17 things that change forever when you live abroad. From the moment we decide to jump, we’re no longer cowards nor courageous – whatever comes our way, we deal with it. Home is all those memories, all those long-distance calls with your family and friends, a bunch of pictures.

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