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Very good post- I could not agree more with the point about the importance of exercise and learning at all ages. My colleague, Karen Weideman, recounted a story of a situation her 89-year old mother, Betty, faces on a regular basis. Just type in your name and email address below and I'll get you signed up for this 5-day course—for FREE! The only logical reason I could come up with was that it’s just what I told myself and I started to believe it. Think about how this self talk might be holding you back from becoming the true person you should be. I decided to tell myself I’m active person, I need to exercise to be strong, I need to exercise to be healthy. If you have something you really want to change, work on changing your mindset first and see if that change doesn’t become easier. Find an accountability partner you can check in with each day or each week to help keep you on track. What kind of things do you tell yourself that might be holding you back from being the person you are meant to be? Subscribe for free email updates from Money Saving Mom® and get my Guide to Freezer Cooking for free! We are undergoing a huge change in the next few weeks (moving into a bus) and I am trying really hard to embrace the positive aspects of it. So, all that to say: I am trying to tell myself that I am a person who embraces change and adventure!
Sounds like you have established the right mindset to make this season of your life a wonderful adventure. Its sad that so many of us have beliefs about ourselves that hold us back and that we often have negative self talk. I truly believe that life change happens when we begin to take our thoughts captive and compare them to truth. I began doing this a few years ago and it has definitely been a game changer for my attitude. For the past couple of months, I’ve recommended certain foods and exercises to help you lose or maintain your weight so that you can live a healthy, happy life.
This is equally important, if not more important, to achieving an overall healthy lifestyle.
Maybe it’s the place that I am in my life right now, or maybe it’s something in the New York City water.

Take your list, however long it is, and then go through each action and consider why you really do it. This entry was posted in Weight Loss and tagged actions, goals, happiness, mental health, mind, peace, reflection. Research published in 2009 showed that people who were sitting up straight were more likely to be confident in the things they were asked to write about themselves. Improve your chances of recalling the information by assuming a body position similar to the one you maintained in the meeting. Psychological Science reported on research showing that people’s brains responded differently to anger-inducing stimuli, depending upon their body position. But all year long I kept hearing that voice in my head saying you tried so many times and failed. It’s so easy to put ourselves into a small little box when we have the ability to do so much more, if we can just change our thinking, we can become who we are truly meant to be. I think you just took all the self help books I have ever read and put them in one concise post! Starting a blog about the whole thing has really helped because it forces me to reframe it in a good light to be able to write about it and has made the whole thing a lot more fun!
I am working on doing these things right now as I need to get way more physically fit than I am. We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind. But one large component to feeling good that I have not shed enough light on is your mental health. So while that power smoothie you had this morning or the zumba-pilates-yoga-insanity session that you somehow managed to survive last week is great, they may not bring you a healthy mind.
I could say that I study because it’s what you do in college, but why I truly study is because I want to learn more.
While weight loss is great if you need it, what we’re really striving for here at iEG is a healthy, happy body which INCLUDES a healthy happy mind. Forced to operate in a right-hand-dominated world, lefties create new, usual neural connections. But when I started to think long and hard why I told myself this I couldn’t really come up with an answer. I would go to walk out a doorway and end up running into the door frame as I left the room. But now as an adult I had decided or convinced myself that exercising just wasn’t for me.

In each of these emails we would share our goal or goals for that week and how last week went. I remembered a quote from a great speaker who challenged the audience in a similar way you have by saying, “What you think you will say.
Even doing the dirty work of getting it cleaned up seems like more fun because I am excited to ahow off our progress. Haven’t all of us fallen into the trap of wishing for or expecting change but not doing a single thing about it?
It’s actually kind of exciting and refreshing to analyze all of the different aspects in my life, ensure that there’s a balance, and focus in on my goals. Research shows us that the association between our brains and our bodies is a two-way street. Run backwards or use your non-dominant hand for a short time each day to build mental capacity and even slow the aging process. We would also share what we wanted to do differently this week and what things that might be holding us back. Whether it’s relief from an unsatisfying job, extra unwanted pounds, a failed relationship, or an ignored sense of something missing, it’s probably safe to say that each of us has, at one time or another, desired change but taken no action toward it. If anything, I hope this helps you to take a step back and look at how you spend your time. I urge you to step out of reality for an hour or two, dust off your thinking cap (first grade flashback) and reflect on what will satisfy you right now in your life and how you can improve your mental health. Similarly, the simple act of smiling (or frowning less) has been correlated with increased happiness, even when the smiling was forced. Our bodies were made to move, and we must do so vigorously and regularly to maintain optimal circuits in the brain.
In fact, people whose ability to frown has been limited due to botox injections were found to be happier and less anxious, even if they did not feel more attractive.
So why waste time doing things because you “should,” when you could be doing a whole list of things that you want to, and that you know would be beneficial to your mental and physical health?

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