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Affirmations can be used to increase positivity in your life, help you heal, help manifest change in your life, create abundance and generally make you feel better about yourself, your situation and your relationship with others. Use them as a guide and if they don’t resonate with you, swap out the words to find a phrase that is perfect. Have you used affirmations to change your life?: Share your learnings or experiences in the comments. While he may present an icy demeanor and inspire the same in return, this individual responds to friendliness. Business Leaders can optimize the performance of their teams and results of their efforts when they read the newly revised edition of the classic book,Optimize Your Thinking®, which is being published today. Posted in Altruistic Thinking, Analytical Thinking, As a Leader, As a Team Member, As a Thinker, Assertive Thinking, Donna the Detective, Dr. Studies have shown that Pessimistic Thinking can be a detriment to your health, a symptom of depression, a disadvantage in the popularity contest, or even a precursor to failure. Understandably, you may ask why Pessimistic Thinking is even targeted as a way of thinking.
While it seems new-agey (and Wikipedia files it under New Age), affirmations are really just simple positive thinking. If you hear or tell yourself every day that you are ugly, not good enough, fat, etc., that negatively slowly chips away at you.
To be effective, affirmations must be positive, specific, in the present tense and a relevant to your life. Use it as a mantra during meditation, write it on your hand to look at all day, write it on a piece of paper and carry it in your pocket or write it on a post-it and stick it to your mirror, computer or steering wheel. If you’re interested in learning more, there are plenty of resources online with more examples of affirmations, daily affirmation emails and books. If the pessimistic thinker’s timing is wrong, such as during brainstorming, let him know that he will have a later opportunity to identify risks. In 2002, a study published by scientists at the Mayo Clinic showed that people who expect misfortune don’t live as long as those with a more optimistic way of thinking. Learning to appreciate this person’s input will broaden your understanding and patience for this thinking style.

Sheer intelligence can get you far, but it’s your acute perceptions of people that make you an effective leader. Sometimes we don’t think positively on our own and affirmations help remind us to be positive. Whatever you do with the affirmation and how you use it is up to you, but repeating it often and with excitement is key.
Occasionally he inspires humor, but more often, the Pessimistic Thinker awakens the negativity in those around him.
The Pessimistic Thinker is nobody’s fool, but even he is not immune to the art of persuasion. Click on any of the images below for all the details  and be sure to download your two FREE chapters today! In a 2004 study, Dutch scientists discovered that self-described pessimists often had higher rates of cardiovascular death than optimists. It may help you to consider that Pessimistic Thinking is also a form of “realistic” thinking. And, finally, at some point you might lead a person or a team that’s focused on the downside – and possibly weakened because of it. Using the 8 Ways of Thinking, you can gain unique insight into your team’s motivations and behaviors. Speaking positively, and often, gradually changes the way we think, the way we behave and the way we treat ourselves and others. Sometimes his advice is hard to hear, but there are ways to improve your relationship with this thinker. When making an important decision, a rose-colored, optimistic view can blind you to obvious problems. When you know how your team members perceive and process the world, you can create an environment that fosters productivity and contentment.
And sometimes negative stuff happens in life, but what if we could make more good stuff happen? A dose of reality from the pessimistic thinker can save you and those working with you from preventable failure by revealing areas of risk you might not otherwise see.

If the affirmation is about abundance, feel what it feels like to have that thing or idea, touch it, smell it, sense it, use it, enjoy it and see how you feel in its presence.
Then you will know what God wants you to do and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect His will really is”.Changing your mind is a daily process.
And even though affirmations aren’t meant to help you collect material things, sometimes these things are valid, like owning your own home or paying off student debts or getting a reliable car. Before you start your daily schedule, it is good to consult with God about what you are supposed to do regarding that day’s schedule.
The sheer number of affirmations to change your life is limitless, depending on what you desire in your heart of hearts.
And the Spirit of God gives us desires that are opposite to what the sinful nature craves for.Even after you are born again, you can have the old way of thinking.
It may be that you are still having the same old thinking.For example, jealousy can be a factor that stops your progress. Encourage them and thank God for their progress so that you will start seeing progress in your life too.Learn to walk in the counsel of the Holy Spirit. He will help you to protect your mind from being contaminated by the behavior and customs of the world. Changing your thinking according to God’s Word is the foundation for success. Once you do so, you will be able to bring fruitful changes into every area of ‘your world’. The close link between Prayer and Gospel and their correct order is depicted on the pages of our website.
That is why our initial goal is to build towards 1,000,000 Prayer Partners to pray for the nations.

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