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Then, Chris headed to another interview at the station (with different hosts) and was asked again about Drake. Beyonce and Jay Z have been under a magnifying glass since their now famous elevator fight with Solange Knowles during the Met Gala afterparty at NYC's Standard Hotel in May. Sign Up for the Us Weekly Newsletter!You will receive the latest news and updates on your favorite celebrities! Watch the short clip below and judge for yourself, and listen to Brown’s new song with Future and Jeremih afterward as a palate cleanser.

While they two publicly have said they no longer have beef, Chris reopened that battle this week in a slew of interviews. However, since the incident the trio have been on happier terms following a quick trip to New Orleans and after releasing a statement to clear the air.
The couple shared footage of their 2008 nuptials during Miami's show on June 25, and Beyonce posted a joyful snapshot of the two via Instagram on June 29. It sounds like the feud between Chris and Drake was never actually over — because now Drake’s responding and well, it’s not so nice.

This comes just two days after Chris Brown claimed he was responsible for making Drake famous.
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