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Laura Adams, MBA, Money Girl August 23, 2012 A Money Girl Facebook follower named Lauryn B. The foreclosure crisis is far from over—the reality is that foreclosures are still happening all around the country and a portion of them are fraudulent. The way the mainstream media writes about foreclosure these days gives the uninformed reader the impression that the crisis is over and our country won that unfortunate uphill battle. One of those homeowners is Lainey Hashorva, a woman who after fighting to keep her home for many years, recently received a foreclosure notice from Wells Fargo.
Senka Huskic: How much were you aware of mortgage fraud issues prior to your experiences with Wells Fargo?
Lainey Hashorva: I had no idea of anything this complex nor would I have had any interest in hearing about it.
One application was denied because I failed to include my husband’s earnings, even though I’ve never been married and have no husband. These banks are systemically perpetrating intentional negligence, denials, and ongoing delays, dragging the homeowner to foreclosure. The letter and contract I received was backdated and only allowed three days for me to sign it. SH: During this time, and after many years in this fraudulent twilight zone, you have uncovered what many other homeowners have also become aware of – this is a game that all servicers are playing, hiding the truth from the public, and when caught, they enter into settlements with our government. LH: It’s staggering that our justice system has so failed the American people on every level. I’ve done nothing but fight back just to get the bank to be reasonable and work with me to keep my home.
KYHC (Keep Your Home CA) did reinstate the default with a grant paid to Wells Fargo on my behalf in addition to almost $12,000.00 of my IRA funds after being instructed to default.
I have equity in the home as well, but due to what I’ve been through with Wells Fargo, the harm to my credit, the self-employed and diminished income, remission from a catastrophic illness and recovery, the economy, and the duress, I wouldn’t even qualify to rent right now.
President Obama is fed up with Congress blocking every attempt at enacting new gun control measures. The Financial Brand grades over two dozen bank and credit union billboards using three basic criteria: clarity of message, visual style and simplicity.
Visual Style & Design – How attractive, eye catching and visually engaging is the billboard? Tip: It’s not immediately clear what Cyprus is (a credit union) or what they offer (banking services, specifically mortgages). Tip: The quasi-testimonial offered in this billboard could express a more concrete advantage.
Tip: It might be helpful to put the words “credit card” somewhere in the copy, perhaps right next to the two little hearts. Tip: The billboard is fetching to the eye, and it proclaims Westerra is a “credit union” loud and proud.
Tip: Eliminate the line of copy that says “Austin banks with Velocity,” and move the call to action and URL down a bit.
Tip: If you don’t read the ten words of micro type, you won’t know what this billboard is about, and even then you might not be really clear about what it’s selling.
Tip: This billboard presumably promotes free checking, but the headline is nothing more than a philosophical statement. Join over 1,000 of the brightest minds in banking at The Financial Brand Forum 2016 — May 16-17 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas — for three days jam-packed with the latest trends, biggest ideas and innovative techniques that are transforming the industry today. Acquire Millennial Customers with Photo Banking Zogby Analytics examined the mobile preferences of Millennials and found that what started with the selfie evolved to commerce and the camera is key for capturing this demographic. In Oklahoma, a state that largely rode out the recession on a gusher of new-found oil, things may be about to change.
In Prague, Okla., oil drilling rigs are parked in a row, idle because the company laid off all the people who used to run them.
He says these rigs had been running round the clock, with 40 or 50 people working on each one. Steve Agee, the dean of the business school at Oklahoma City University and a former oil company executive, says unemployment rates in Oklahoma will probably go up as a result.
He says Oklahoma has found new ways of making money by entering the biotech, aviation, and business services industries. He says most energy industry banks are not prepared for a year or more of cheap oil, and he predicts oil will stay cheap. A bust that long would mean serious trouble for some American oil companies, the banks that finance them, and a lot of people in Oklahoma.Copyright 2016 KCUR-FM.
Mortgages in Canada can be a murky subject – one that we hope to shed some light on with a series of highly informational articles.
The cost of funding a mortgage is going up again, thanks to new federal regulations due this fall. In our April 2016 issue of MoneySense, we introduced you to Sammu and Mandy Dhaliwall, a young married couple with three kids from Brampton, Ont. constantly finds the best and most current mortgage information available in Canada.
More and more, loan modifications are becoming the norm for many Americans that are faced with different problems that affect their ability to pay their house note.

Now, I cannot begin to tell you how every week I am asked at least one time by someone if getting a loan modification will affect his or her credit score.
On the other side of the equation, most people who do end up getting a loan modification ARE behind on their mortgage payments.
President Luis Guillermo Solis gives his second State of the Nation address on May 2, 2016. With two years to go, President Luis Guillermo Solis defended his accomplishments to an uncooperative legislature and the Costa Rican public in his second State of the Nation address Monday afternoon.
The country also saw a big improvement in the World Bank’s 2016 Doing Business report, which measures the business climate in countries around the world. In October 2015, the Central Bank lowered interest rates 2 percent, which the government claims has been a relief to businesses and consumers and given the economy a boost. Despite the uptick, unemployment remains just under 10 percent and more than 20 percent of the population lives in poverty.
Orlando Soto, general manager of Grupo Financiero Acobo, said in a statement following the speech that the improved economy has more to do with larger macroeconomic factors, including the low price of oil and other commodities, than with specific actions by the Solis administration.
Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce President Yolanda Fernandez Ochoa was not impressed with the president’s insistence on new taxes either.
Solis says his administration has been tightening the public sector’s belt, especially in collective bargaining agreements with public workers.
Still, the president maintained that new taxes were necessary to solve the deficit dilemma, which has been a concern for ratings agencies for several years.
News from Costa Rica and the region, once a day, in your inbox, wherever you are in the world. However, if you overdraft a bank account and don’t pay back money you owe, a bank can turn your account over to a collection agency. My experience with seeing the patterns of denial for assistance or refinancing my high interest home loan were what began to make me furious and curious as to denials, and I began pushing for answers. What’s the reason that they keep re-opening new applications without providing any work-out offer or resolution for you?
Due to this “error” by the servicer, I had to re-submit the documents again and start the application process again.
Homeowners and families are being stripped of their only investment, losing their retirement funds, their jobs, their rights to gather and protest – the one most important thing is literally the place you live.
Sadly they have done nothing but benefit further by twisting the process, all the while appearing to regulators as if they are in compliance with the programs. Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, ACCE (Alliance for Californians and Community Empowerment). In seeking assistance at the congressional office and at KYHC, every employee I spoke with was a former Bank of America employee. Groups like ALEC and The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow have lost huge chunks of funding within the last couple years.
On Tuesday, a grand jury indicted Burke for violating Christopher Loeb’s civil rights and conspiracy to obstruct a federal civil rights investigation into the attack.
How easy is it for the reader to understand what it is they are supposed to do or remember?
Taglines should almost never be used in billboards, as they usually detract from the primary message while adding unnecessary words. All she’s saying is that “trust is getting direction.” She isn’t definitively saying that Intrust delivers the direction she needs at the right times. The adjacent photo has a loose connection to the concept of “freedom,” but does little to support the concept or product being promoted. Oklahoma's economy blossomed during the domestic fracking boom, but as the price of crude oil drops, that could change. That's triggering a sharp economic reversal, one that some say has the makings of a prolonged downturn. They uncorked a torrent of oil, flooding Oklahoma City with money and attracting new residents. Dan Ellinor, chief operating officer of the Bank of Oklahoma, says regulations are stricter and lending practices are tighter. The idea of owning your own place is thrilling, yet the prospect of having a mortgage can terrify even those who are already financial savvy.
Canada’s banking regulator (OSFI) announced Friday that it will “change” (read increase) regulatory capital requirements on mortgages.
They are trying to juggle RRSPs, TFSAs, paying down their $350,000 mortgage as well as their $90,000 home equity line of credit.  Throughout the year we’ll be giving them a financial challenge every four weeks to help them get their finances in tip top shape. Many people tell me that they tried to do a modification and had no luck and after I ask them a few questions, they explain that they have never been late and they are a good customer, so why won’t the bank modify their loan. In fact, from my experience banks used to work on a modification if you were behind only 2 to 3 months. It will lower your score initially before you complete the modification because you will fall behind on payments in most cases. But he offered no hints as to how he might change tack to achieve other, elusive goals like fiscal reform, drawing critiques from economists and business leaders. Soto added that Solis showed little vision for the country’s economy beyond asking for more taxes as part of his proposed fiscal reform.

He said the Labor Ministry had saved the government nearly ?18 billion (roughly $32 million) when it renegotiated several union contracts over the last year. Most of us read the articles [about] the banks incentivizing their employees with gift cards for putting files into foreclosure.
Another denial came when the Spoc told me I wasn’t doing my profit and loss statement properly for my small business. I often think of others going through this that have kids or cancer or don’t speak English, or just don’t have the capacity to fight back. What must we as society do to make these elected officials do their jobs – in protecting their constituency and justice, and not becoming accomplices to one of the biggest white collar crimes of all time? This was yet another lie as I was then repeatedly denied a workable solution due to the default. Assuming this ad ran during the holidays, it deserves some bonus credit for the turn of a popular seasonal phrase. The headline could be simplified to “Open Saturdays.” The orange-on-white type treatment is weak. The headline should be more direct, so that it’s more obvious what the billboard is selling.
This medium demands simplicity, and points of contact are obsolete unless they embody the message. Penn Square was the first of hundreds of oil-related bank failures in the 1980s, when an oil glut caused a sharp drop in prices.
I hope there was something learned in the mid- to late-'80s, but I don't know if it is or not," he says. As a Mortgage and Collections Officer, you will be based in the Finance Division of the Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) Directorate in Iqaluit, NU.
For those of you who still don’t know, a loan modification is when a bank changes the terms of your original loan that you have with them on your house. Now I notice some banks want you to be fully into a foreclosure before they will begin to discuss a loan modification with you. Second, it will lower your score because when the bank reports that your loan has been modified then it is telling the credit scoring company that you were unable to maintain your original payment arrangement and credit scoring models look at this almost like a credit default.
Sign up for money tips and advice!ANSWER:Many people mistakenly believe that bank accounts affect your credit scores. More importantly, a high percentage of those foreclosures are fraudulent, caused by rampant and systematic fraud on the part of banks, their industry accomplices, and those in office who are now settling with the perpetrators while treating the victims – the homeowners – as bare statistics. I’ve experienced negligence and fraudulent behavior by many points of contact – or as I call them now, Spocs – in dealing with Wells Fargo. I was exhausted, as each application takes at least three days to complete, and any mistake or error they spotted would start it all over again. Three months passed, I re-submitted every document that was requested, and I was told they were sent to underwrite for a review.
This is a high percentage, and those companies are losing money fast, but Ellinor says he's not fretting, yet.
This can include changing the amount you owe, the interest rate, or the length of your loan. On the plus side, if your credit is bad before you do a modification, then modifying and making the payments under the modification agreement in many cases will improve your score significantly over time. Buying on terms allows them to purchase houses and pay very near retail prices while still selling the house for a profit.
Then I received a call from a new Spoc informing me that Ashley no longer worked there, that they needed additional documents, and an explanation of a W-2 from two years prior for $48.00.
However, there were no rates in the agreement beyond the payment amounts for the three-month trial period. The rules will force seven large banks to put aside more capital for mortgages in potentially overvalued cities. Modifications done at this point are looked at more seriously and in my opinion given serious consideration. His company boasts a 73% success rate when helping sellers sell their property quickly and getting them a price they feel is fair.
I got a contract for the permanent modification, which was ridiculous – it had a short term lower rate, but had me signing away my rights to sue them for any wrongdoing past, present or future, and had a huge balloon payment due in 20 years of $220,000.
Complete List of Companies that Offer Free, Printable Manufacturers' Coupons Who Knew?
I informed him that Wells Fargo in my case and many others had violated the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, and that I work with the head of the National Mortgage Settlement Review as an activist and advocate for homeowners facing issues and violations with the servicing banks. I stated that I was an investigative journalist and advocate via several social media group platforms and that I needed to hear from him regarding my file and these issues. If you were to contact your bank and explain, by letter that you anticipate a dramatic change in your income, and were seeking a modification then the bank may respond well but only after receiving documented proof of your hardship. This situation also depends on the bank because each bank has their own modification guidelines outside of the ones imposed on them by the government.

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