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President Obama met with partner Siemens and commended our joint digital manufacturing initiative.
An MES solution to boost productivity, improve multi-plant visibility and help in reducing time to market.
Hyla Soft is currently active in several initiatives on the last cutting-edge technology from Siemens. We provide creative technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing world works. Hyla Soft specializes in end-to-end consulting services and technology solutions to improve productivity & efficiency within Manufacturing, Quality, Engineering and Supply Chain Management processes. Leveraging our people, practices and product portfolio, we bring proven enterprise class solutions to all manufacturers.

Personalize your gifts with a beautiful printed greeting card, which includes a photo & description of your gift.
Changing the Present connects you with more than 1500 meaningful charitable gifts that change the world. Create A RegistryOur gift registries make it easy to ask for the perfect gift for a wedding, baby shower, memorial, or other special event. Start A Fundraising DriveMake a greater impact together by raising money for your favorite gift or nonprofit. Send A Greeting CardPersonalized greeting cards and e-cards include a photo and description of your gift.
Hosting a Party?Suggest that guests make an inspiring charitable donation in your name instead of giving a traditional gift.

Browse by cause or nonprofit to find the perfect gift for friends or for your own charitable giving. With convenient receipts in one place and only a 3% plus 30 cents transaction fee, it is easy and cost-efficient for donors and nonprofits. That is why I like collecting mini howtos of many things I encounter in my everyday programming.

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