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IP addresses are a numerical label of individual devices as a way to locate certain devices.
Note: When the IP address is changed on the UC device, DHCP, Static Routing and Firewall address information is also changed automatically to reflect the new subnet provided. Note: Wait for this change to occur, do not power off the UC device or disconnect the link between PC and the UC500 Series device. Here’s a list of 5 extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to change your IP address. Pretty much every country of the world can be found in the drop down list, see image above. Bamboo Spear doesn’t have a built-in list of IP addresses that you can use, but it does allow you to enter you own.
As you can see we selected United States from the list and our IP address changed to a one from the US.

To change your IP address with FoxyProxy, you’re first gonna have to add the IP addresses that you wanna use to its database. These devices must be in the same number range as another in order to communicate with a different device. Click on the IP Address you would like to change in the Interface Name column and enter the new IP Address.
The only drawback is that not every country has IP addresses that you can choose as your own.
Bamboo Spear allows you to create a list of these IP addresses so that you can easily switch between them by left clicking on the extension icon and selecting it from the list that pops-up. Premium service is available which gives you better connection speeds, or you can alternatively change the IP address manually.
A change in the IP address of a UC500 may need to be done when the IP address of the device conflicts with the internal range on the server.

After the change is received, you may need to refresh the topology as well as the DCHP info on connected devices in order for them to accept the change as well as to re-establish communication between your PC and the UC device. You just have to select the country from where you’d like your IP address to be and click On to change your IP address. For more information on VLAN configurations, refer to VLAN Configuration on UC500 Series Devices.
There’s a whole heap of reasons why you might want to change your IP address, to protect your privacy, access blocked websites and more.

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