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Let me preface this by saying that I’m very lucky to have such an understanding fiance. Changing your last name after marriage is such a hot topic and it seems like lots of people have differing opinions on the issue — there is no hard fast rule on the name game. I think it's a pretty antiquated tradition to take your husband's last name automatically when getting married and my biggest turn-off is when people address women by their husband's full name like "Mrs. Yeah- any guy that was dogmatic about it and said "because that's how it is" would be the exact wrong one for me! If you are changing anything about your name you will need to go through the following steps to first change your name on you social security card.
The social security lady told me that if in a year or two I am tired of having 2 last names I can change it to either one.
I had my paperwork filled out to do that, but the ss lady convinced me to keep Smith Dorobek as 2 last names! I changed my last name and was excited for it, I love having a unique last name and letting go of my past. Thanks for sharing this, I got remarried 7 months ago and finally got all my work accounts updated just yesterday. What I ultimately learned out of the whole ordeal was to name my kids the name I wanted them to go by as a first name and when they get married they will have an easier time with getting things how they want them to be.
I did the same as a lot of other commenters… made my maiden name my middle name and took his last name. I will admit it will be so strange to write my new last name for a while, but I feel it shows my commitment to him and the marriage. Also, I totally didn't know about all of the info about traveling with a child who has a different last name than you… so interesting! I started my first student teaching position right after we got back from our honeymoon, so it was a great time to switch. When it comes to love, many women try to mold themselves into someone who is not authentic in order to please a man. Second, there have been times when I have said and done things out of an inner pressure that I felt to rise up and meet the feelings and needs of the man I was dating, without paying close enough attention to my own feelings and needs. The bottom line is to stay true to yourself, stay as authentic as you can be, and you will meet a man for whom you do not have to give up any of your core needs. I’d love to hear your own stories of compromise, change, and hope in regards to your relationships. Being a people pleaser at the expense of giving up your own needs is too high a price to pay. Don’t you want to go on your last first date?Sign up here for weekly dating tips and radio show updates. I would take my last name as my middle name (since I don’t have a middle name to begin with) and take his last name. However, I hear that it’s a huge pain to have a hyphenated name and that computers mess it up all the time. So you feel all the women who don’t take their husband’s names, do not love them?
I'm Cristi and if you haven't noticed yet I sort of LOVE baking, sugar crafting, and well just crafting in general! Bring this form and your original or certified copy of your marriage license to your local social security office. You can find more on the wedding after math here: thank you cards, changing your last name, and the super simple wedding scrapbook. I loved starting a new family with him, and for me personally, that meant me taking his family name.

I think after 3 years the passport is the only thing I still need to change.The bank always messes it up. I will be teaching my girls to keep their own names or do what you did if marrying a trade down last name – or trade it if they want and they think they are trading up. Being a bit of a feminist too I just, to me it's romantic, I want us to have the same surname and I want our children to have the same name as me too. I am changing my last name, it means a LOT to him and honestly its something that I will cherish. His parents are divorced and remarried (dad is now divorced again) and mine have been married for 35 years going on 36… together for 40. For me, its how I was raised so its the norm for me, however I know a lot of married women that kept their last name.
I think that when the time comes for me to get married, I will try to make my maiden name a second middle name, or even have two last names. Coming from divored parents it's confusing for the kids in school To have different last names than their parents, mine was simple, I love my family but I never liked my last name and I thought it was ugly, and I really liked my husbands name so I totally dropped it! The more you know yourself, the more you can find the things in life that work well for you. It’s important to understand what is incompatibility and what is tweaking the relationship that has potential to grow so that both of you are happy. When you compromise on the things that are most important to you, when you stray from your truth, you chip away at the essence of who you are. Change men, meaning keep searching for the right man, and you will eventually suit yourself. She wanted to know whether I’d be keeping my maiden name or taking his, or hyphenating. I generally like this option, but I fear that no one would actually call me by my middle name. I now completely understand why so many women the world over decide not to undergo all the steps entailed in changing their last name once married. Some think that the traditional route of taking on a husband's last name is the best option, while others want to keep their maiden name because they prefer their last name and don't want to deal with the hassle of the name change process. From what I gather, there are 3 main camps on the issue: take his name, hyphenate names, or keep your last name.
Obviously you don’t want to make brand hew accounts with your new name because then you would loose all of your previous miles.
My husband thinks it’s so dumb and tedious, but I love keeping every part of my identity. Now, if my maiden name had been special in any way I might have had to improvise along the lines of what you did.
Also, on my dad's side of the family, out of him and his 4 siblings, only my dad and my Uncle Mike are the guys. I felt that if I would have kept my last name, it would be like I was not fully committed to the marriage. I will confess that to some extent, I have been guilty of straying from my truth in order to try and make a relationship work. First, because I am an optimist, and I hold out hope that people are capable of change and of rising up to a higher place in life. It’s recognizably Romanian (at least to other Romanians) and I love that I get to carry a bit of my culture with me in my name. I would insist on it (a la Jennifer Love Hewitt), but I think it would bug me if people left it out.
It's not a hard task nor an anxiety ridden one but it is a bit tedious and annoying.One might decide to change their name for many reasons, but according to most polls the most popular reason is due to marriage.

Given the whole list of options on new last names, such as mashups and hyphenated surnames, it seems like there is something for everyone. But I also moved countries within a month of getting married, so in the UK a lot of my bank etc that are still there are in my surname and probably will be for some time.
I was happy and she didn't feel like I was just throwing away something that was meaningful to her {really, how meaningful can Marie with no family connection be?}. My lady said I could do whatever I wanted too… she told me I could add another middle name if I wanted!
I was just watching an Oprah episode recorded on my DVR, starring Carson Kressley (of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame). I booked everything in my maiden name, and will change it when we return from the honeymoon. G dearly, marriage wasn't entirely my reason for making the decision to change my last name.
This is great advice for doing work that you love and not staying in a dead-end job, and it’s also great advice for relationships.
If changing her name to his is necessary to show that he is “important” to her, then why is the reverse not true?
Why should Andree’s fiance expect her to change her name to his without ever considering changing his name to hers? How is her refusing to change her name a sign that she is uncaring while his not even considering changing his name means nothing of the sort?Ultimately, it should be each person’s decision what to do.
Oh, and don't get me started on how hard it was to convince the nurse who checked me in for an emergency c-section that I really did legally have two middle names.
And that really should be the most important thing here about changing your name, make sure it's a choice you'll love in the years to come because I'm pretty sure once you've done it once you're really not going to want to do it again.I thought that if I outline what I did in order to change my name that might potentially make things go that much smoother for you (if you're in Miami, FL I'll also tell you which branches to go to so you're not in line all day long). Out of Concern for "Public Health"Brave Student Who Fought Back Against Pro-Abstinence Speaker in High School is Now a Truman Scholar « Who is Whining About Contraception Now? If for some reason you lose or misplace your certified copy you can go to VitalChek to order a new one. Make sure that you've done steps 1-5 first and that you have all the correct documentation so that you don't have any whiplash or fees due to any errors in processing future payments or charges.7. These are just some of the items that you may have to change.  Other things to think about? Yet another reason I rejected the QF movement out of hand the second my parents tried to lay it on me. Based upon that, I have decided that I own my last name even though it has paternal origins, and that the patriarchial implications of paternity and inheritance can end with my spouse and me. He never pressured me to take his, and even considered taking mine, but it turned out to be a much bigger deal for men to do than women, so we kept what we had.
Hisfirstname Hislastname” and several others given that we are both feminists and reject patriarchal traditions like these. If you’re going into a profession that requires a license, strongly consider keeping your maiden name because these days a career can last longer than a marriage.
Perhaps last name changing should be centered around a more practical and rational method: The last name with the fewest family members to keep it going should be taken. He won fair and square, but I do regret that we didn’t take the opportunity to make a feminist statement.

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