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Tip: Even if you plan on using a hyphenated last name after marriage, you will still need to update your social security card and other government and state documents with your new hyphenated last name.
However, if you’d prefer to pull the paperwork together on your own rather than purchase a kit, read on and follow steps 2-5 below.
Next, work on your social security card paperwork as you may need your updated card first in order to change other items such as your driver’s license. See the State Department’s website for instructions on how to obtain a passport with your new name.
Finally, contact your local DMV for driver’s license and registration change forms, and your bank, healthcare providers and other companies for their specific forms. If there are letters that need to go out in addition to the other paperwork, don’t forget to include a copy of your marriage certificate where required. Traditionally, women changed their last name, or surname, after marriage to be the same as the man’s name, and this is still quite common in many countries.
As long as you follow certain steps and procedures, changing your name after marriage is not especially complicated.
The basic steps involved in changing your name after marriage depend a great deal on the country, state or region you are in and whether you are a man or a woman.
If you are a man and are interested in changing your name after marriage, then you will typically need to file in a court of law to legally change your name. Once you do change your name, you should notify various government agencies and organizations about your name change once you receive your marriage certificate to prove the legal name change. Women in the UK are increasingly refusing to take their husband’s name after marriage research shows. But this isn’t the only study or controversy around taking your husband’s name that we’ve seen recently.
But why now are we ditching the traditional I-dos of marriage for a more modern approach and why is everyone so confused about it all?Changing your name has almost become an issue of shaking off the shackles of patriarchy - it's more than changing a name, but surrendering an identity. It is the Monday after your wedding here in Perth, Western Australia and now you are wondering how you go about changing your name! The Celebrant has 2 weeks (most will do within 2 days) to post the paperwork to the Perth office of Birth’s deaths and marriages (BDM) and they will register your marriage within about 5-10 working days (depends on their workload). In Australia, when you marry, a bride may choose to take her husbands name:  This is done as a matter of custom and not of law (ie you do not have to legally apply to change your name to your husbands name).
To change your name you will need to get the Official Marriage Certificate that is issued through the office of Births Deaths and Marriages in the state of your wedding. Fill in the application form from BDM and send in with the various ID requirements (as per the application form) If you need more information on changing your name here is a link to the Perth office of BDM.
The fee at the moment (1st July 2015) is $47 and the current turnaround is around 5-10 working days for the certificate.
Once you have your Official Marriage Certificate you can now go about changing your name to your husbands name on all your personal documents. Congratulations on getting married: having a wonderful life together and I hope these simple steps will help in helping you start the process to change your name. Having performed almost 2000 weddings since becoming a wedding Celebrant in 2006, Brad Whitelock is one of the Fun and Friendly Marriage Celebrants in Perth writing relaxed and memorable Wedding Ceremonies.
What these services essentially do is provide all of the standard government forms that you’ll need to fill out in one place (based on your state and zip code), either online or as part of a kit that you receive in the mail.
You’ll also need new business cards and a new email address, so giving your employer as much notice as possible to begin this process will be beneficial. See the Social Security Administration’s website for how to change the last name on your social security card.

Call each company to find out what their specific procedure is and prepare a letter ahead of time so that you can mail it out after the wedding, once you obtain your marriage certificate.
You should also check in again with your HR department as they will likely need a copy of your new social security card in order to update your tax and retirement documents. Soon, all of your important documents will appear printed with your married name, and you’ll start receiving mail addressed to your new name as well; how exciting! The exact way in which you can change your name depends on the country or region in which you are getting married, and whether you are a man or a woman. In the past, it was traditional for a woman to change her last name to match her husband’s once they were married.
In the US, for example, you can typically change your last name if you are a woman getting married simply by indicating your new last name on the marriage license or certificate. You should notify your employer, any banks and financial groups you work with, and your local motor vehicle department or bureau for a new driver’s license. We provide a similar service at name change after marriage for the newly wed brides to change their name completely online. In a study by conducted Facebook, of their 33 million UK users, a third of married women in their twenties chose to keep their maiden name. It turns out that what once seemed part and parcel of getting married doesn’t really fit anymore. A study by Siteopia last month found that 31% of wives wish they’d stuck with their maiden name, which starkly contrasts to the study of 19,000 women done by TheKnot in 2011 - only two years ago - which saw only 8% of just-married women keep their own names. Who could forget the uproar when independent woman Beyonce Knowles announced that her latest tour would be called Mrs Carter – the surname of her husband Jay-Z?The Sunday Times reported that Researcher Rachel Thwaites, a PhD student at the University of York who carried out a study of 102 women and their names and identity, found that a quarter of women continued to use their maiden names.“They said they wanted to be equal to their partner,” she says.
Now that he's gotten that ring on your finger, you may have decided to change your last name to share it with your new husband. It will look fantastic as a memento on the wall but you cannot use it for anything else such as proof of marriage.
This Official Marriage Certificate is usually enough evidence to get your personal documents (such as passports, drivers license and bank accounts) changed to your married surname (your husbands last name). The current Name Change kits are downloadable, easy to use with checklists on what you need to do.
Also, they will likely provide pre-written letters that you can complete and send to your bank, insurance companies, etc.
Traditionally, women changed their last name, or surname, after marriage to be the same as the man’s name and this is still quite common in many countries.
This practice is still upheld in many cultures, though there are now quite a few other options that married couples sometimes choose.
This can vary depending on different laws in particular states, and if you are interested in changing your name after marriage to something fairly unusual, then you may need to legally change your name in a court of law.
It is, however, usually necessary since a marriage license or certificate does not typically allow a man to legally change his name. You also need to notify federal government agencies such as the Social Security Administration in the US and the Department of Health and Social Security in the UK.
Whether it’s a Feminist uprising or just a movement towards more modern marriage, keeping your own name seems to be catching on. The majority of people have already had sex with their other half, have been living ‘in sin’ for years and *shock horror*, now men can marry men and women marry women…things have changed! If you are a man, however, then changing your name after marriage can be somewhat more complicated and typically involves a few more steps. Husbands can take the last names of their wives, both parties in the couple can adopt a new last name that consists of a hyphenated combination of both of their last names, and some couples choose an entirely new last name to take.

Changing your name after marriage in the UK follows a similar method and you can typically fill out a new last name on the marriage certificate. However, the issue of changing your name to your husband’s is something that still causes a bit of confusion.The Facebook poll commissioned by The Sunday Times showed that women over the age of 30 were much more likely to take their husband’s name while only 9% of women over 60 kept their own name.
From the mere fact that it’s a hassle and a half to change every document, bank account and piece of evidence of your existence just for the sake of marriage.
As well as this, hyphenated surnames have taken a hit with only 4% of women under 30 opting for a double-barreled name. To the point that if you’ve made ‘a name for yourself’ in your chosen career it seems ridiculous to change it and arguably lose some of your efforts.
Plus, you know, what happens if he has a horrible surname?Practicalities aside however, quite a lot of women would like the name of their children to reflect themselves AND their partner. If changing her name to his is necessary to show that he is “important” to her, then why is the reverse not true?
And sharing your name with another person shows the romance, unity and love that marriage is all about. Changing your name after marriage involves sourcing out the required forms from every government outlet and financial company that has your name on file, then standing in line to present your documentation along with your marriage license to make the name change.
Why should Andree’s fiance expect her to change her name to his without ever considering changing his name to hers? Really what's wrong with that?The recent surge in women refusing to change their name could be down to any of these factors but indisputably whether you change your name or not is an individual preference and one that maybe should be seen as that.
How is her refusing to change her name a sign that she is uncaring while his not even considering changing his name means nothing of the sort?Ultimately, it should be each person’s decision what to do. Their standard package, which goes for $29.95 CDN plus GST, includes all copies of government forms needed to change your name, and your choice of any three additional forms from I'm a Mrs. The premium package, at $49.95 CDN gives you every name change form under the sun, including government forms, forms or notification letters for financial companies, and the required documentation for a name change with utility companies, mortgage companies, loyalty programs, fitness centers, medical organizations and more. By law, of course the person looking to change their name has to fill out the name change forms, so I'm a Mrs. Can This Marriage Be Saved?First Legally Sanctioned Pastafarian Wedding Takes Place in New ZealandKirk Cameron: Wives Should Always "Honor and Respect and Follow Their Husband's Lead"Porn Website Shuts Out North Carolina to Protest Anti-LGBT Law « Who is Whining About Contraception Now?
If only a useful business like this had been available when I got married; I could have avoided the inevitable period of leading a double life due to the tedious name change process.
Yet another reason I rejected the QF movement out of hand the second my parents tried to lay it on me.
Based upon that, I have decided that I own my last name even though it has paternal origins, and that the patriarchial implications of paternity and inheritance can end with my spouse and me. He never pressured me to take his, and even considered taking mine, but it turned out to be a much bigger deal for men to do than women, so we kept what we had.
Hisfirstname Hislastname” and several others given that we are both feminists and reject patriarchal traditions like these. If you’re going into a profession that requires a license, strongly consider keeping your maiden name because these days a career can last longer than a marriage. Perhaps last name changing should be centered around a more practical and rational method: The last name with the fewest family members to keep it going should be taken. He won fair and square, but I do regret that we didn’t take the opportunity to make a feminist statement.

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