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It is free to have your driver's license changed, but your old license must be surrendered. Your name change should be requested in person, unless you live in WA where you can start the process by mail. Always check the full document requirements before attending a licensing office and ensure you have completed any forms correctly, otherwise you will have to make 2 trips.
Click the state map below to start creating your own personalised kit, including Driver's Name Change procedures for your state as well as additional name change information for over 350 companies & institutions.
Receive all your name change documents by mail; letters, faxes forms, personalised checklist and the Easy Name Change Guide. Whilst it is common for married name change to take place within a few months of a wedding, there is no legal time frame required. Now you have decided what your new married name will be you may have around 30 or so companies to contact. The Australian Tax Office does not need to be immediately notified when you change your name.

It’s free to update your passport provided you do so within 1 year of your wedding or divorce.
Medicare benefits can be paid to either husband or wife if both names are on the same Medicare card. Obtaining verified copies of either a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, 100 points of ID or any other documentation is a simple process. When changing your name with banks, credit providers and financial institutions it is a good idea to include a verified copy of your 100 points of ID with along with a verified copy of your marriage certificate. Check out this video to see just how easy it is to change your name by using Easy Name Change.
Name change rights are not automatic if you have a Relationship Certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, however with some persistence you may be able to take your partner's surname.
There are a few steps involved in changing your name and it can take a little longer if you are changing your name legally. The total cost of changing your name depends on your reason and how far through the process you may already be.
If you live between 2 countries or have 2 passports you may be wondering where to change names.
I think you are providing a great service, because even if I choose not to go ahead with my name change I know that I have looked at the possibility and will not regret my decision later on. All states require your original name change document (marriage certificate, divorce decree or BDM name change document).
Most state licensing offices don't allow you to make an appointment, so we recommend presenting at an office before 11am on a mid-week day if possible.

Easy Name Change can provide you with comprehensive document requirements for your state, including what to show if you can't present your current license, if you need to present proof of residency and the driver's license name change form for your state (if required). Find out exactly what you need to do with each company, and receive any corresponding name change paprerwork.
The right kit depends on how many companies you need to notify, if you have a printer and how much time you want to save. Changing the name on your Medicare card should be done in person if you are putting both names, plus any children, on the same card. It's only taken me 12 months to get this done due to all the research I did not have time for. Your website was easy to use and the letters provided made the whole name change process so much quicker and easier. If you can't present a valid license when making the change you will be required to present a number of other identification documents. Weekends, Fridays, lunch times and late afternoon are more likley to result in longer wait times.

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