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Our farmhouse had never known modern plumbing before we arrived, unless you want to count one pipe that had been brought to the sink (which then drained through a flexible pipe through the wall that dumped on the back lawn). First, I went to a cool local shop near me and found an antique, authentic bowl and pitcher.
Because I was expecting to have big crowds come and go from the Clanstead during familyget-togethers, and in case we ever had elderly invalids at the house, I wanted to include a shower in this downstairs bathroom. You know, the old fashioned woman goes behind a freestanding screen to change her clothes, lops them over the top, and then comes out in her new outfit? Meanwhile, I instructed my carpenter to form a shower pan that was lower than the rest of the floor level, with a drain. Note this: it turns out that you have to find footies for the screen to stand on in the back panel because the floor slopes down, unless your carpenter forms a ring around the back of the sunken shower pan as well.
By now, you’ve probably guessed that I drilled the antique bowl of the bowl and pitcher set to make a vessel sink and companion flower vase. Repurposing a used sideboard to become a vanity is easy, and generally the vanity turns out to be both cheaper and sturdier. Finishing off the subject of fixtures, details are so important when you’re going for an overall look like this. Speaking of the screen, if anyone wants details on how you make it pretty on one side and functional on the other with the ability to take it off and wash it, comment below and I’ll do another post explaining the construction. Finally, on the construction and design phase of this decorating post, let me just say that vinyl wainscoting is the bomb. I have yet to purchase a medicine cabinet for over the sink, but I have found a the perfect little antique curio cabinet for the corner behind the door. In 2013, we celebrated our first family Christmas at Storybook Farm, and we haven’t celebrated another one here because we have visited extended family in their homes instead.
A screen is a piece of decorative furniture often placed in predominant areas of a room for partitioning, adornment, wind shielding and coordination effect.
There are a variety of screen types, the main ones being vertical screens and foldable screens. The value of screens lies not only in its own craftsmanship, but also in the cultural richness of the paintings and poems created on the screens. In recent years, the cultural beauty of classical furniture including screens is being re-recognized and screens have become an essential part of classical Chinese furniture. Hanging screen as a special decorative article hung on the hall walls has a long history in China. Since bi-fold doors are identical on both sides I figured I should paint each side a different color so I could change the look of my room by the seasons or on a whim.  Here is the screen shown with the white side facing the room. I chose to paint it pink since I accessorize the room with pink accents and pink just makes me happy.
To paint each side a different color and not see the other side’s color – paint only the right side edge on the first and third door with the second color.
We have heard from locals that it housed five to six generations of Smiths in days gone by. There has never been a bathroom of any kind in the house, so we needed to put in a whole new septic system. But, I didn’t want to ruin the retro look of this powder room by using a modern, glass shower stall. The very cool retro clawfoot shower pan (pictured at the right), but (aside from the fact that it costs over $800), I didn’t much care for the superstructure that it required.
There, you often have bathrooms with only a hand-held shower attached to a bracket in the wall. I had the wainscoting installed at chair-rail height to get the look I wanted but, behind the shower, I took it from chair rail height to six feet high on the wall. He framed it in wood, then used a ton of silicone and a sheet of waterproofing rubber to waterproof the divot.

Otherwise, the lower level of the floor in the back of the shower causes the screen to flop backwards towards the wall, and I think that ruins the effect. My sink rim is kind of high up as a result, but this doesn’t worry me because very few people will ever use it to wash their face or take off their makeup. If you’re going to do sideboard conversions, you really have to think about water and wood. I chose a family of bath towel holders, toilet paper holders, and back-of-the-door robe holders that all matched from one collection, carried by Home Depot. The cost of the decorator fabrics for the window curtains and the screen nearly gave me heart failure, but I really loved the patterns and colors, and was able to use coupons to bring the price down some. I purposefully had the bathroom framed with 18″ of clearance in mind for this feature. Did I achieve my goals of making this bathroom look like it’s always been a part of an antique farmhouse? However, we did work out our new Christmas traditions for decorating, and I wanted to share them with you, since it’s that time of the year again. About a week later, by a happy aligning of circumstances, all six of our daughters and eight grandchildren make the trek to celebrate early spring lambs.
A screen was made of wooden frames mounted with crimson silk bearing battle axe patterns, serving as a symbol of the emperor’s power. It provides decoration as well as multiple functions since it can be easily moved from room to room wherever you may need it. They are small, but work fine.  Larger hinges should be used so that the metal plate is almost as wide as the edge of the door. I used a 2” angled brush to paint the recessed areas of the doors and a roller to paint the flat sections.
We believe that it was abandoned for the house we have renovated (and now live in) around 1915 or so. I felt like it would crowd the bathroom and totally throw off the look I was trying to achieve. It’s made of wire and thestyle calls for exposed pipes as well as shower curtain hanger. You stand in the open in the bathroom and the water hits the floor, the toilet, the sink–everything. That would then form the back of my open-concept shower stall, while keeping water off the wall. I would get one, and put plastic shower curtain material on the inside and vintage fabric on the outside.
When we came to fit it into the corner, it fit differently than I had expected: it was too big.
Then, using self-leveling concrete, he formed a gentle slope from the rest of the floor down to the drain. I found a combination of white furniture footies that I put together and adhered to the tile in the shower pan to form permanent supports for the back of my folding screen. I started by choosing oiled bronze finishes and quickly realized that I was adding about 20% to the costs across the board, so I changed the entire bathroom’s hardware to brushed nickel.
You need to look for one that’s going to have room in it for the sink drain and trap. This is really my powder room with the ability for people to shower there when we have a lot of guests. We’ve all seen wooden vanities that look awful after about five years of everyday use.
I bought the simplest possible shower valve trim, and chose a rainshower shower head with two settings. I knew that storage is at a premium in my little farmhouse, and I wanted a place for guests to be able to park their toiletries, and me to store extra towels, soaps, toilet paper, etc.

After a long process of development, screens were no longer for the exclusive use of the emperor and began to enter ordinary households, becoming an important element for interior decoration. Legend has it that Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty wrote his governing principles on screens to spur himself on. The most famous work containing screen images is the masterpiece painting of HanXizai's Night Feast. The first makeover I did was published in a Martin Senour Paint company magazine.  The second makeover of this screen was for my bedroom where it has lived for many years until last week when I moved it to make way for my DIY version. My doors were all the same height, but the center door has a different panel design than the other two. As I searched through website after website looking for retro-looking shower stalls, I was coming up empty. Basically, because of the tile I chose, there’s this almost imperceptible downslope to an off-center drain in the corner of the room. I was going to buy a piece of glass to protect this sideboard, but I’ve learned that, in steamy situations, water gets under the glass and ruins the surface. In ancient times, the screens in the residences of nobles and aristocrats were made with fine materials and superb craftsmanship. In ancient times, people would paint the images of emperors and generals with great achievements or respected virtuous women on screens to praise their behavior and educate people. Now, if the dog ever eats one, or my grandchild decides that cutting up the fabric for a new doll’s dress is a good idea, I’ll have a spare!
They also indicate to guests the correct placement of the screen after they’ve finished showering.
I chose a regular bowl, white toilet that would blend into the wainscoting and floor as much as possible. I did consider chopping it down, but there were lovely wooden cross supports down there that I didn’t want to disturb, so I opted for the higher height.
So, instead what I did was to refinish the top of this sideboard while waiting for the rest of the bathroom to be built. I thought some of my guests might like a choice, too.) The pipes for the shower are in the wall behind the wainscoting, and the shower head comes down out of the ceiling.
A wide array of subjects can be presented in screen paintings, including mountains, rivers, human images, flowers, birds as well as calligraphy works etc. We chatted the whole time, and I explained how to use Craig’s List, since Mom is comptuer-averse and has no idea how it works. I was going to use gray grout because I know how hard it is to keep white grout looking nice, but I decided from this picture that the gray grout would make it look too busy for my eye. To install the sink and faucet, you just have to drill the surface and the back to give the pipes access to the sink bowl and the faucet. In my upstairs bath, the sideboard that I bought will need to be cut way down, losing almost all of its legs’ length. I gave it two coats of stain, and then I put four coats of acrylic polyurethane on the surface and on the sides, since I knew that the folding shower stall might allow water to spray it. And precious materials like ivory, jade, enamel, jadeite, gold and silver were used in tessellated work. I determined to seal the grout within an inch of its life and also checked out grout cleaners and decided that they had enough bleach in them that I’d probably be able to keep them reasonably nice looking. Many of my guests have not realized that there even is a shower there; they just think it’s a funky screen for decoration in the corner!

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