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Considering there’s been extremely hot Vegas days recently (40 degrees celcius) you figure not-clean underwear will be a bit gross even for yourself who can go a week without a shower (and clean underwear) if need be. You figure it will be fine as it’s only about 100 metres to the car from the door downstairs. I should have let the guy open the door.  I should have had my hands free to hold my skirt down. As I pushed against the door I discovered the wind was blowing from the other side.  I had to push three times to get the door to open and by then my fate was sealed. As I walked quickly down the path my brain registered the 30-odd people, my full hands and the wind all at once! A second later my poor brain registered that my skirt was on it’s way up and there was not a damned thing I could no about it!!!!! I practically leapt into the back of the car!!  Thank god for tinted windows.  I was able to get clean knickers on and calm my frazzled nerves in relative privacy!
When the family arrived at the car I filled them in and Gert laughed about it for the whole day!  And of course posted about it on facebook!
All was going fine until I went to stand up.  My left leg gave way for some odd reason and I ended up on my hands and knees in the toilet cubicle this time with underwear around my ankles!!
It was my turn to giggle as I tried to tell the family what had happened while the previews were rolling in the cinema!  I’m sure the family in front were horrified both at my talking and insane giggling!!
Please make me feel better – leave me a comment about something embarrassing that has happened to you!  PLEASE!!

Want to keep up with all of our shenanigans?  Like our facebook page, follow us on twitter or get our RSS feed direct to your favourite reader! OMG – I think that I’ll be laughing for at least a day thinking of your predicament! I think most of the timeshare people were probably just happy to see that Vegas seems to be shedding the family-friendly image it’s been trying to cultivate over the past 10 years or so. Popular PostsRemember That Time You Shit Your Pants ON AN AEROPLANE?58 commentsMy 10 year old peed on the bus and I'm blogging about it!
Now that we are officially hitched and back from our honeymoon, I'm ready to begin the process of changing my last name! The good news is that the steps to changing your last name are the same whether you choose to change your last name entirely or hyphenate! First, make sure that you write down the last name that you want correctly on the "New Names" portion of your marriage license; it makes things much more difficult if the name you now want doesn't match the one that you originally included on the certificate prior to the wedding. You'll also want to keep in mind that you need an official copy of your marriage license to even begin the name change process. Once you have a obtained a copy of your marriage license, know that it is usually best to start with the most important items and work your way down to the less important documents. Along with the completed form, you are required to have a few other documents to certify that you are who you say you are. Once you've completed the form and have all of the necessary documents in order, you can choose to mail in your form and the supplemental documents, unless you live in any of the following areas: the New York City metro area, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento or the Greater Twin Cities metro area.

Your new social security card will have the same identifying number - the name will just be changed!
In most states, the DMV will allow you to change the last name on your ID if you just have a copy of your marriage certificate, but some also require that you have an updated social security card. When you're ready to apply for a new ID, you'll want to make an appointment at your local DMV, where you'll complete the Driver License or Identification Card Application, give a thumb print, take a new picture and pay the application fee.
Keep in mind that you'll want to make sure your new name is updated on any cards and accounts, as well as assets like property titles, deeds, trusts, any loans you may have, and investment accounts that you have if not already through your employer.
Make sure that your home or renter's insurance providers, landlord, home owners association and utility companies are all notified of your new last name.
Notify all of your doctors, therapists and counselors, and make sure your new name is correct with your health proxy and on your will (if applicable). DO keep in mind that you should wait until you're done traveling for the wedding or honeymoon, especially if you're planning to leave the country, before you actually complete and submit the paperwork. Bank of America customers, for instance, are required to bring a government-issued photo ID along with your marriage license to a local banking center.
I’ll have to think of a funny story to share with you but I’m not sure I have anything to top the hilarity of this one!

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