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You see despite the message being a good one (yes we could all probably cut back a bit) the overriding argument, that technology is to blame for everything that is wrong in modern day parenting just doesn’t wash. To be fair to my dad he never actually told me to f*ck off but I’m pretty sure the sentiment was there. I remember crawling around on pub floors making towers out of beermats and do you know what? There are two types of parents in this world, those who go to play groups and those that don’t.
I can’t be the only parent out there that has dreamt about breaking into playgroup at night and burning THAT TOY in some sort of ritual to the gods of parental sanity. If you are new to parenting you might be under the illusion that it’s all about a bit of trial and error and making decisions that seem best for your kid. Bottle feeding – I don’t know about you but I get so fed up with all of the lame excuses! Junk food – Eating out as a family should be about ordering exotic things off the menu and taking pictures to post on facebook, whether it gets eaten or not is by the by.
Reins – what would you rather, parade your kid around on a leash OR let them run into oncoming traffic? To cut a long story short he was fed up with being covered in bad drawings of Ninja Turtles, sunshines and stuff no one could could really make head nor tail of.
I had a quick Google and there are lots of options – take pictures and make them into a photo album, use them as wrapping paper, wallpaper your hallway with them, post them to your relatives (bit harsh) but whilst those ideas are lovely, you could also just do something radical like… chuck them?!
They are smiling, eating, clapping, crawling, walking, talking and then wham you have a toddler, such a complicated little thing.
When I first became a mum I did what many a new mum does, I bought and devoured a whole heap of baby books looking for THE answers. 1, TV and milk – At about 6pm we begin winding down, the process starts with an argument over whether we should watch Power Rangers or Peppa Pig, follows with an argument that the milk should be milkshake and not just milk and ends in a WWF style wrestling match in which one child lies on the sofa while the other child jumps from the coffee table and lands on top of them. If you were to ask me why I started this blog my answer would be that it was just a snap decision; I was feeling a bit bored and frustrated at not being able to find a job flexible enough to fit around the kids, and considering I have always liked to write, it was something to occupy my mind. I knew I wanted it to be honest, I read baby book after baby book in my early days of motherhood and I swear they were responsible for sending me to a pretty dark place. You see more the stats grow the less people seem to see that it’s just one person sitting here, X Factor on in the background, writing about her life, warts and all. I don’t know what happens to people when they are sat safely behind computer screens, it seems to bring out the vilest of their sides.

The morning goes well with no accidents, he wees on the potty once at home and comes back from a trip to the park, dry. My sister and her girlfriend come down to visit us in the afternoon and J makes a lovely lasagne for us all to enjoy.
We have a few soft play options near us, The nicer posher ones that cost about ?50 to get in. Category 1, The parents of older kids who read Grazia, look at their phones, drink steaming hot coffee and deserve to die.
And you reason… well of course they are going to ask, they get bored, their sense of time is all out of whack, 5 minutes is like 5 MILLION GAZILLION YEARS in kid world. But it’s going to be ok, because like I say, we have those DVD player headset things which are going to make everything fine. Except I don’t feel that much better because when I have time to think about it properly, I actually get a little bit cross. If you have ever tried to reason with a toddler that they can only have one of something that they REALLY like then you’ll probably understand what I mean by that. Spending ages explaining to your child that they have to wait their turn – then when they finally get it, they are SO EXCITED that they got it, that they run over to show you that they got it, whilst someone else climbs in and drives off in the sodding thing! Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as that, you are also required to have an opinion on everyone else’s decisions too! Don’t worry I understand, it must be hard to find the time for cleaning in between keeping all of the local coffee shops in business. Sit there and hold your baby ALL NIGHT if you have to, you won’t get that precious time back.
Keep a super-size bag of budget chicken nuggets in your freezer and your kids can fill their tummies when they get home. A master at perfecting the balance of being both terribly annoying and utterly adorable all at once, for as frustrating as toddlers can be you have to admire their zest and vigour for life. The point of this post was to share how I have perfected bedtime now I am an experienced *ahem* parent with over 5 years on the job.
I didn’t plan for it to be funny and I certainly never expected so many people to read it and resonate with it. In real life if you disagree with someone or find them annoying, then for the most part smiling and politely nodding before making your excuses to leave, is enough.

However instead of making him happy they just make him VERY angry.He right out refuses to put them on! Like most activities aimed at young kids it simply helps fill up the day until you get to gin time the bedtime hour.
And no, before anyone asks if I’d rather engage with my children by playing games like eye spy, I would not. After all it’s still talking to other adults, and that is usually preferable to discussing why I am a stinky bum bum face (for the 100th time). You just need to know how to navigate through the various obstacles to get out in one piece. On your average session you will see between 2 and 5 small people raising hell around the refreshment counter. It was too painful, you have infectious mastitis (again), it’s affecting your mental health bla bla bla. A cheese sandwich and a Trio was good enough in my day – stop trying to make everyone else feel bad. Did they also test the babies with a cheap Aldi version and then interview them the next day? The delay was partly down to the fact that we couldn’t be arsed, obviously there are advantages to ditching the nappies but there are also weeks of dragging around a potty and 5 pairs of trousers which make it slightly less appealing.
I manage to negotiate with him and in the end he agrees to put on a pair of his brothers’s old pants with footballs on them.
I saw a lady feeding an almost 2 year old the other day, sooooo unnatural. Get him on the bottle love. But obviously don’t go over the top, not like that perfect looking skinny bitch down the park, You know, the one with the non dead eyes, immaculate highlights and ridiculously well behaved children?

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