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Contrary to popular belief, celebrities do not just do make up, appear pretty and smile for the cameras.
Meditation is a form of mental discipline, a practice where an individual trains the mind to calm down. Sure, they can afford the best fashion advice regarding the latest trends and can even lend some red carpet wisdom to fellow actors. Mulholland Drive writer and director, David Lynch finds he can do creative things with the help of meditation.
The Pianist star meditates to help prepare him for a starring role in a film or just to prepare for an appointment, a trip to another state, or anything. Brazilian fashion model and hot momma, Giselle Bundchen retained her supermodel figure after giving birth.
We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly.

So here are 8 different ways of meditating straight from 12 different celebrities who share the effects of meditation and the benefits they derived from it.
She meditates while sitting on the floor with her children coloring for a span of one hour. As an active practitioner of Transcendental Meditation for over 35 years, he attributes his creativity to the wonders of meditation.
He may not attribute his sensational performances to meditation, but he attributes a great deal of anxiety relief to meditation. Adrian even stayed in a hut in the jungle and studied different meditation techniques in preparation for his Predator 2 role. She claims that it helps her deal with life’s good and bad times, ups and downs and brings her to a central focus. Almost immediately after starting his Transcendental Meditation practice 36 years ago, he quit smoking.

When asked how she did it, she answered that she did yoga, ate right, did kung fu and meditation. He told Howard Stern, a co-meditator that it was through meditation that he met his then-wife, now ex-wife Katy Perry. The next time David Lynch directs another remarkable film, never doubt where that came from – meditation.
Hugh even claims meditation to have changed his life and helped him deal with his obsessive compulsive behavior.

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