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In Canada over 100,000 babies are aborted every year, approximately 280 children every day. Bill C-14, the legislation on assisted-suicide and euthanasia, has had first reading in the House of Commons. Summer School for Liturgical Musicians and Parish Initiation Leaders will be held July 17-20, 2016 at the Diocese of Hamilton Chancery Office, Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King and the Nicholas Mancini Centre and features keynote speaker Dr.
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Many Christians have discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation, but struggle with the Sanskrit chants and Hindu bhajans, or hymns. However, many of these meditation practices are universal, and can be translated to fit the Christian perspective.
The following Christian meditation practice is designed to help Christians feel the inner peace and tranquility enjoyed by those who meditate, while increasing spirituality and oneness with Jesus Christ.
Regardless of religious beliefs, it is important to begin your meditation in a quiet place, where you may practice undisturbed. It is best to practice meditation either early in the morning before others awake, or in the evening after others have retired to ensure you will not be disturbed. Spend as much as five minutes breathing deeply, allowing the body and mind to relax completely.
Once your breathing has slowed to an even, steady pace, start to relax each muscle in the body one at a time. Repeat this process for each group of muscles from the feet, to the calves and legs, onto the hips and pelvis, up to the abdomen and torso, next moving to the upper back and chest, including the arms, hands and fingers, and lastly relaxing the neck, face and scalp muscles.
With each muscle, take a deep breath in, and relax the muscle as you exhale.Allow yourself up to five to 10 minutes to complete this exercise, giving each muscle time to relax. Spend at least 10 minutes chanting softly to reach a state of deep meditation and relaxation. The word meditation is derived from 2 primary Hebrew word: haga, which means ponder and Sihach, meaning contemplate or rehearse in one’s mind. Literally means “time together”, contemplation techniques require peaceful areas in order to contemplate and connect with God. This entry was posted in Meditation Techniques and tagged christian meditation on April 18, 2011 by Admin.
Christian meditation may not be part of every Catholic’s spirituality, but in church halls throughout the archdiocese parishioners are meeting in small groups to go silent together in this ancient practice. Its members look no different than any cross section of Catholics you’d see at Mass on Sunday because that’s where you’ll see them. Parishioner Teresa Au was active on the parish’s Formation Committee when she signed up for one of the parish’s earliest Christian meditation groups facilitated by Main.
She admits it can be hard to understand or explain Christian meditation until you practice it. Father John Main taught that meditation is as natural to the spirit as breathing is to the body. Get Michael's new book The Mindful Geek, and learn to meditate without religion or beliefs.
Donate to DYDeconstructing Yourself brings you some of the finest meditation writing on the Internet, all without ads or subscriptions. Christian monks and nuns have been practices meditation, leading its simple life of frugality and following all its principles. The practice of this kind of meditation everyday will help you become a better person and handle your problems better. Meditation whether Christian or of some other form helps bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds. At Apprising Ministries you will have heard me talking more and more about the new spirituality which has now slithered its way deep into mainstream evangelicalism from its den in the neo-liberal cult of the Emerging Church.
The most dangerous aspect of the new spirituality is this idea of some supposed “spiritual disciplines,” which must be performed in order to more fully “experience” God.
It should also be noted that those who are following the blind guides in the Emerging Church will insist that these disciplines are not necessarily all the same. As a Christian practice [meditation is] inextricably bound up with…silence, the Jesus Prayer, and Centering Prayer,… Further, it’s linked with the recent popularity in the West of Eastern religions, resulting in books with such titles as Christian Zen and Christian Yoga.
Since Jones himself has now introduced the book Christian Zen (CZ) by the late William Johnston, a priest of apostate Roman Catholicism who wrote “numerous articles on Zen and Christianity, [and] on mysticism East and West,” let us turn to it.
Turning to Christian mystics,…[h]ere are men and women whose meditation (or contemplation) is more akin to that of the Zen Masters… [Thomas] Merton, too, belongs to the same tradition, and that is why he has such sympathy for Zen. The problem is this just isn’t true as you have seen from CZ and from what Tony Jones himself admits in SW.
Islam is much more gracious towards evangelical Christians who are faithful to the New Testament, than Christians are towards Islamic people who are faithful to the Koran.
I think there are Muslim brothers and sisters who are willing to say, “You live up to the truth as you understand it. But this kind of universal foolishness is the direct result of the deception which comes when one continually practices this unbiblical form of transcendental meditation for the Christian (see—2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). Obviously, their whole shtick is spreading sinfully ecumenical spurious spirituality as so-called Spiritual Formation. But despite his doctrinal views and New Age leanings Foster considers Merton’s Contemplative Prayer, “A must book,” and says of Merton, “[He] has perhaps done more than any other twentieth-century figure to make the life of prayer widely known and understood.” Merton wrote, “If only [people] could see themselves as they really are. He takes people into deep places within themselves… At the core of Thomas Merton’s spiritual writings is the search for the “true self” and our need for relationship with God, other people and all of creation… Merton believes that we must discover God as the center of our being. What is happening here with men like Richard Foster, and others who teach and practice this neo-pagan Gnostic new spirituality, is they are equivocating with words i.e.
And it is precisely this “transformation of consciousness” that is a major source of concern in my work right now at AM.
In this generation it has become critical that the American Christian Church repent of virtually ignoring the spiritual side of our relationship with the one true and living God as revealed in the Bible. And the sooner we get over our fear of this the better, because what has happened now in our pagan “postmodern” nation is that some people have been quickened by God to become spiritually hungry for more of Him, which is a good thing. Best Of Christian Meditation And Relaxation created by Rhonda Jones is a new program that reveals to people Christian meditation techniques, exercises, and detailed instructions on how to follow these techniques with ease.
Best Of Christian Meditation And Relaxation program developed by Rhonda Jones introduces to people Christian meditation techniques and exercises that help them reduce stress and anxiety naturally and quickly. Best Of Christian Meditation And Relaxation program helps people discover their purpose, overcome negative thoughts, reduce the stress in their life, and live with more joy.
To know more information about Best Of Christian Meditation And Relaxation program, get a direct access to the official site.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Let that mind of yours, that's so busy God can't get a word in edgewise, and still that thing down.
Catholic Education Week 2016 combines both the theme of mercy and the act of opening doors of reconciliation, mercy and forgiveness to all around us.
On Thursday, May 12, 2016 more than 10,000 people will take part in a peaceful march on Parliament Hill, reminding government leaders that life matters. It is not too late for people to speak out against the legislation and to keep proposed changes to Bill C-14 from going against the support of life. We pray that you may also find tools to assist in your faith journey with our Saviour Jesus Christ.
It is not surprising that many strictly monotheistic Christians may feel uncomfortable with references to different deities used in some yogic meditation practices. Remember the goal of meditation is not worship, but to increase one’s connection with the Divine. If this is not practical, let your family or those in your household know that you are about to begin your meditation and do not wish to be disturbed for 20 or 30 minutes.
You may want to either sit in a comfortable chair or upright on the floor, seated on a cushion or folded blanket. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose, allowing the exhalation to be twice as long as the inhalation.
This may be an image of Jesus Christ on the cross, a picture of Jesus with open arms, or another statue or image you are familiar with.
In Joshua 1:8, God said to His people to meditate His words daily – day and night, for them to obey Him.
Thus, the word meditate is the process of focusing specific thoughts and pondering its meaning in the context of God’s love. Also known as recollection, these are the primary means of preparing yourself for Christian meditation. Focus you mind on something that is outside of you like wind, sound of water, traffic, icon, painting, trees, sky, etc. This Christian Meditation is done by progressively relaxing and tensing a group of muscle in your body. This combines the focusing techniques described above for the initial part then provide the mediator a deeper kind of experience from God. Imagination is important in Christian meditation in order to achieve the desired spiritual experience. Also knows as the “art of spiritual presence”, it is a form of Christian meditation wherein the mediator can experience spiritual connection with God, the saints, your friends and others. Commonly practiced by various Catholic circles, centering prayer is a specific contemplative technique that uses short words as prayers like “Jesus”, “Spirit”, “love” and “God” in order to put the mind away from distractions.
Known as the “spiritual reading”, lectio divina is done by reading the scriptures or any other spiritual writings. Dominic Church in San Francisco, where the first Christian meditation group was formed 8 years ago by Donald Main.
For practitioners, the stillness is an expression of the desire to be united in the loving prayer with Jesus.
With the help of meditation you can clear your mind of all its worries for a little while and give it the rebooting that it desperately requires.
The tradition of using meditation to apply the radicals and gospels of Jesus has been brought down to our generation by the Christian monks, Desert Fathers and Mothers. When practiced in the morning it will make you feel more refreshed and more positive about the rest of your day. When you really think of it, this is one of those questions whose answers are staring us in our faces.
Space does not allow a discussion of “the deeper life” that orthodox Christians such as A.W.
While this makes some Christians nervous, others revel in the fact that God is revealed in all truth, no matter the religion of origin.
In this book Johnston “suggests techniques of Zen meditation” will “heighten Christian meditation.” In fact, Johnson “discovered in Zen a pool of quiet energy which transforms the Western intellectualized experience of meditation into a full-bodied, intuitive communion with God” (front flap). As we progress with this you will come to understand the dangerous spiritual reality about what Foster tells us concerning the eventual effect that arrived at through the meditation “of this kind [which] transforms the inner personality.” Indeed, it does. The Islamic faith will ask, “Are you faithful to the book that you have?” Mohammad was very understanding that there was great truth in Christianity. And the most prominent purveyor of this so-called “Christian” mysticism is Richard Foster, whom I mentioned earlier.
He was a twentieth-century Roman Catholic who had so immersed himself in Buddhism that he claimed he saw no contradiction between Buddhism and Christianity and intended to become as good a Buddhist as he could. In this book Merton also denies the doctrine of original sin when he says at, “the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and by illusion, a point of pure truth.” [10] Here’s some more information on the theology that Thomas Merton “received” as a result of his years of practicing transcendental meditation. Because what we have just read from a website promoting Merton’s ill-fated works could be agreed upon by virtually anyone from any spiritual background, and this is precisely my point. However, at the same time Satan has now rushed into this vacuum with his new, but really very old, spirituality. After Rhonda Jones launched this program, a lot of customers have used it for learning how to get rid of stress quickly and naturally.
The program also is designed for people who desire a deeper relationship with god, and who want to restore and increase their peace and joy. The program also reveals to people the greatest battle of every believer, ways to sleep like a baby, techniques to become a Christian meditator, and ways to meditate on God. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. That's what meditation actually means, to ponder, think about, speak, murmur to one's self, speak softly, etc.
Leave a tasteful comment or question below and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner.
I may also have received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. During yogic meditation, the practitioner focuses on their “ishta-devata”, or chosen deity. In the beginning you may try inhaling for the count of four, and exhaling for the count of eight.
Repeating this sound or vibration helps to create a connection with the universe, and enhance inner peace.

You may want to have it on the beach, a peaceful park, church, waterfall or any other tranquil environment.
Take note of the air coming in and out of your nostrils while feeling on the rise and the fall of your chest and abdomen. This includes direct message and love of God and the feeling of touching another in the communion of saints. The calm repetition of a words or sounds allows a person to calm his or her mind in preparation for a deeper spiritual experience. It is followed by prayer, visualization and contemplation to complete the Christian meditation.
Main is a nephew of the late Benedictine monk Father John Main, who is credited with reviving interest in Christian meditation worldwide. Practitioners close their eyes, sit still and upright and for 20 to 30 minutes and silently recite a prayer-phrase or mantra, either alone or in a group.
After his death, his legacy was continued by The World Community for Christian Meditation, which was founded in 1991. John Main the primary reviver of this tradition taught from the scriptures and teachings of these very monks. Then meditate again at night and it will allow you to enjoy the most peaceful and calming sleep which will allow you to wake up feeling all the more rejuvenated. It changes the way you live, the way you view the world.  Thus, the only conclusion that we can draw here is that John Main was a great man to have brought back this holy and wonderful tradition back to us. Tozer would speak of, but we are clearly not talking about the same thing—nor am I necessarily endorsing it. He differed with us in that he felt he had a more complete truth, and Islam would hold to that, but Mohammad contended that we would ultimately be judged in terms of the truth that we had at our disposal. A member of the The Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers) Foster is quite familiar with mysticism and very well versed in “the silence” aka meditation, and none other than Emergent guru Brian McLaren himself calls Foster and his disciple Dallas Willard “key mentors” in the Emerging Church. Gary Gilley did great job whittling down this massive subject to its most important elements. It is exactly this same message of New Age spirituality that comes through the “transformation of consciousness” to all those who practice this transcendental meditation long enough to anger God until He finally abandons them to their reprobate mind. The goal of CSM, which as I have shown you is actually meditation for the “Christian” every bit as consistent as that practiced in Zen, is clearly spelled out here in Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience.
For that matter it seems we have very few leaders within the evangelical camp itself who appear capable of recognizing just how deeply the Devil has now penetrated into the Church of our Lord all over again with his repainted Gnosticism. And since Jesus of Nazareth—the LORD God Almighty Himself in human flesh—explains that God is Spirit, then it logically follows that we’re going to have to be involved in a spiritual life. As difficult as it is, we need to pray for a balance between a very real dead orthodoxy within much of the contemporary Christian church and the proper spirituality rooted in Sola Scriptura. In addition, when ordering this program, people will receive manuals and audio recordings that allow them to experience the benefits of meditation. In addition, in this program, people will discover how Christian affirmations can help them displace unhealthy thoughts, how biblical meditation can help them win the battle over their mind, and how their mind interferes with their relationship with God.
I'll start by getting into a comfortable position, and then tensing and releasing my muscles. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. As your breathing progresses and your body relaxes more and more, try to inhale for the count of six and exhale for the count of 12. If external thoughts begin to creep into your mind, try to redirect your focus back to your breath and your mental image. Given these reasons, Christian meditation therefore should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you choose a place that’s really quiet, you may be able to hear your own heart beat as well. Main favored “Maranatha,” an Aramaic phrase meaning “Come Lord” and spoken in four distinct syllables – MAR-AH-NAH-THA. If you wish you can play some soft music in the background.  Then you have to chant a mantra or word, preferably the Christian prayer word – maranatha.
In this manner, a few minutes of everyday devoted to meditation will help balance your body and soul better and will thus, allow you to face all the problems of your life with a stronger mind. It opens common grounds between all kinds of cultures and faith.  It helps us take our attentions off ourselves, which is what every religion especially Christianity preaches. Here I am simply discussing the heterodox practices culled from so-called “Christian” mystics that they in turn adopted from Eastern religions and then passed off as consistent with the historic orthodox Christian faith. You will also find it interesting to note that in CoD Foster personally recommends another book called The Living Testament: The Essential Writings of Christianity Since the Bible, which just happens to be edited by Pennington and one Alan Jones—another name that should be familiar to those following this work. Tragically this has now given rise to a postevangelicalism and the Emerging Church, which are both rooted in a neo-orthodox, and highly subjective, “experience interprets Scripture” approach to the Bible that has rapidly coalesced into what is becoming the Ecumenical Church of Deceit.
Firstly, people will get the “In His Presence Meditation” audio CD, the “Morning Devotion Meditation” audio CD, and the “Quieting a Restless Mind Meditation” audio CD. Furthermore, people also find out lessons about Christian meditation and depression, knowledge about abundantly blessed meditation, and the reasons why just hearing a sermon or lecture is not enough. It's thoughts, ideas, words, and images, stories we tell ourselves about the past, present, and future. Make Christian Meditation a part of your daily routine at least three to five times per week. Like many other religions, meditation has appeared plenty of times in Christian rituals too.  However these practices have slowly faded from the memories of priests today. It inspired people to improve their state of mind and it even helped bring together communities! Secondly, people will receive the “Taking Control of Your Thought Life” audio CD, the “Secret Place” audio CD, and the “Eliminating Toxic Emotions and Stress” audio CD.
I don't know a single human on earth who hasn't spoke, out loud, to no-one-in-particular when they were alone in a room, or thought they were alone.
John Main is thus, a true hero in today’s world and Christian meditation is the movement with which he improved the world. Finally, Rhonda Jones will offer people the “7 Abundantly Blessed” audio CD, the “Daily Christian Meditations” guide, and the “Guide to Christian Meditation” book. Feel all its syllables as you say it again and again till every thought, good or bad, has forsaken your mind.  And in this manner you will achieve silence, stillness and simplicity which are the three key S’s of meditation.

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