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The word meditation is derived from 2 primary Hebrew word: haga, which means ponder and Sihach, meaning contemplate or rehearse in one’s mind. Literally means “time together”, contemplation techniques require peaceful areas in order to contemplate and connect with God. This entry was posted in Meditation Techniques and tagged christian meditation on April 18, 2011 by Admin. In this article I would like to take some time to point you in the direction for the best Christian Meditations on the web today. For many years I've been developing Guided Meditations, producing relaxation and beautiful music. I have created many meditations and even sell music created by composers  for both eastern religions and Christians, such as Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke. For now, I feel it is my obligation to point you in the direction to one of the best Christian sources for meditation on the web today.
The package also comes with a bonus 21 page e-book packed with tips on Christian Meditations. This is a beautiful guided meditation where you will be walking aside a beautiful flowing stream. Allow Jesus to guide you to his secret place.This is where you will be safe and secure and always guided and loved.
In this meditation, Rhonda brings to light to remind us to always keeping and focusing on the positive thoughts and not allowing the negative thoughts to override our thinking. All of these guided meditation will not only help you to solidify your relationship with God, but they can assist in the aid of anxiety, depression and to help you to have a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.
I really do believe that this is the best Christian meditation you will find on the world wide web to date. Hello, many are suitable for all religions,however, I am in the process of doing a meditation specifically for Christians. We love discovering and promoting other Christian artists who are spreading the gospel while simultaneously creating great music, and in turn we hope you discover some great songs! In Joshua 1:8, God said to His people to meditate His words daily – day and night, for them to obey Him.
Thus, the word meditate is the process of focusing specific thoughts and pondering its meaning in the context of God’s love.
Also known as recollection, these are the primary means of preparing yourself for Christian meditation.

Focus you mind on something that is outside of you like wind, sound of water, traffic, icon, painting, trees, sky, etc. This Christian Meditation is done by progressively relaxing and tensing a group of muscle in your body. This combines the focusing techniques described above for the initial part then provide the mediator a deeper kind of experience from God.
Imagination is important in Christian meditation in order to achieve the desired spiritual experience.
Also knows as the “art of spiritual presence”, it is a form of Christian meditation wherein the mediator can experience spiritual connection with God, the saints, your friends and others. Commonly practiced by various Catholic circles, centering prayer is a specific contemplative technique that uses short words as prayers like “Jesus”, “Spirit”, “love” and “God” in order to put the mind away from distractions. Known as the “spiritual reading”, lectio divina is done by reading the scriptures or any other spiritual writings. However, upon reflection I feel like I've failed when it comes to creating a Christian meditation. Rhonda Jones speaks her guided meditations with a beautiful soothing voice, and the music is sublime. Here you can meet guide and enter into his presence and be surrounded by love each and every day. It's time now to turn your cares and worries over to the Lord Jesus Christ and stop trying to control things yourself. I do promise as soon as I record some this year, i will be putting them up here on my site too. If you do happen to purchase the course through clicking on my links, I will let you know that I will receive a small commission.
Worship songs: the best of 2016posted by Anita Tatlow on March 28, 2016 Finding the best in worship music is not always easy.
You may want to have it on the beach, a peaceful park, church, waterfall or any other tranquil environment.
Take note of the air coming in and out of your nostrils while feeling on the rise and the fall of your chest and abdomen.
This includes direct message and love of God and the feeling of touching another in the communion of saints.
The calm repetition of a words or sounds allows a person to calm his or her mind in preparation for a deeper spiritual experience.

It is followed by prayer, visualization and contemplation to complete the Christian meditation. The majority of the meditation music is by inspiring Christians artists and bands who we love listening to, and a few of the songs are from our recent instrumental album, Meditations Vol. When we trust in the Lord with faith in our hearts, we are rewarded with so much love from God.
This also helps me to keep doing my reviews and to offer free meditation music each month to my subscribers.
Given these reasons, Christian meditation therefore should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you choose a place that’s really quiet, you may be able to hear your own heart beat as well. Carinthia - All My Fountains Are In You Genre: Ambient A beautiful and meditative meshing together of piano, guitar and organic soundscapes, the music of Carinthia is both calming and musically enchanting. 1 is our instrumental album, intended as meditation music for times of prayer and reflection. Plus - we've also included are a couple of instrumental tracks from our latest album Echoes Of Wonder! Tony Anderson - Ember & Spiriteaux Genre: Cinematic Fantastically cinematic yet still emanating a sense of calm reflection, Tony Anderson's 2014 single Ember and 2015 single Spiriteaux are truly beautiful additions to this selection. Port Blue - The Albatross (EP) Genre: Ambient Port Blue is a side project of Adam Young (better known as Owl City) - this ambient release is a beautiful introduction to a more meditational side of his music making. A beautiful piano performance with a gentle backing synth - perfect to foster a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
This album, Atlas: Year One, is compiled of 30 songs, not all of which are as meditative as Moon and Uranus - which we've included in our Spotify playlist - but all well worth checking out! Bayside Worship - Selah Genre: Instrumental Just the one song from Bayside Worship concludes this list of our favourite Christian meditation music, and it's a beautiful instrumental piece that invites the listener into a time of reflection and contemplation. Buy now (iTunes)We really hope you have found or will find this music to be helpful in times of meditation and prayer. If you have any other suggestions (or maybe you write meditative music yourself), do let us know below!

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