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Climate change and associated sea level rise present serious challenges to coastal communities around the world. ASR helps governments, corporations, and other organizations effectively adapt to climate change challenges.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore has predicted that Indonesia can become a geothermal super power country. Speaking to the participants of The Climate Project Asia Pacific Summit here on Sunday, Al Gore said that Indonesia could become a super power country in electricity production from geothermal energy and this would benefit its economy.
He said that Indonesia was the world`s third largest electricity producer country from geothermal energy, followed by the Philippines.
Indonesia has a unique carbon emission profile as most of its emissions come from the forest and peat land sectors, he said. Efficient use of land and ground could increase economic values and reduce pollution from green house gas, he said. He said that mitigation efforts such as the termination of burning and opening of peat lands and forest would have a great impact, he said.
Al Gore praised President Yudhoyono because the president had initiated to speak up at a time when there was no initiative coming from G-77 member countries, to break the impasse in the international conference of climate change. There has been improvement in the climate change conference thanks to Yudhoyono`s leadership, he said.
Al Gore also hoped that more and more people in Asia and the Pacific, particularly in Indonesia, would popularize climate change and its handling to the public.
He said that The Climate Project presenters were expected to help provide knowledge and information for the people so that they would play active roles in their respective communities in seeking for solutions to climate change problems. The former US vice president made the remarks in front of about 350 volunteers of The Climate Project (TCP), who were well-known as TCP presenters.

The 350 presenters will be trained how to reduce pollution and to act in the transition period towards clean energy solutions. The summit marks the first time Gore has discussed climate change with audiences in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region.
According to Chief Executive Officer of Alliance for Climate Protection, Maggie L Fox, the presenters will return to their respective community and lead efforts of handling climate change. He said that throughout the world there were about 3,600 presenters from 56 countries, where 900 of them came from the Asia Pacific region and were directly trained by Al Gore.
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The Hawaii State Legislature identified climate change as one of the most urgent and long-term threats to the State’s economy, sustainability, security and way of life over the next century. The DLNR Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands (OCCL) will lead the development of the SLR Report in coordination with the ICAC.
DLNR Chairperson Suzanne Case co-chairs the ICAC with the director of the State Office of Planning.
The webinar will be presented by Pol Hakstege, Technical Manager at Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the Netherlands, also Chairman of the CEDA Working Group on Climate Change Adaptation. Posted on August 20, 2013 with tags Approaches, CEDA, change, climate, dredging, News, Webinar. If no additional steps are taken, flood damage to the European coast could increase by €11 billion a year. IQPC’s Dredging & Reclamation USA Summit is scheduled for March 31st-April 2nd 2014, in Miami, FL. We work collaboratively to understand local impacts of climate change scenarios and apply advanced technology to develop innovative solutions that work in concert with the natural world.

Many people will face high risks in the coming several decades so that they would be forced to leave their places,” he said. They came from 21 countries and are being trained here in The Climate Project Asia-Pacific Summit” program held from January 8 to 10, 2011.
Chris Lee, chair of the Hawaii House of Representatives Energy & Environment Committee was one of the lawmakers instrumental in the passage of Act 83. Chip Fletcher of the University of Hawaii’s School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST).
In addition to trends for a steady rise in global temperature and associated sea level rise it is anticipated that there will be an increase in the frequency of extreme events like storms, surges, floods and droughts.
Provincial and district governments have increased their capacity to plan, develop and implement, inform and coordinate initiatives compatible with sustainable resource management and associated services (with emphasis on water, soil and forestry) and internalize measures to adapt to climate change in tools and regulatory frameworks and programming.2. These changing conditions may induce changes in erosion and sedimentation patterns, with potential consequences for dredging requirements, locations and volumes. The ICAC is tasked with developing a statewide Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Report (SLR Report) to the legislature by the end of 2017. Fletcher is a climate change scientist, who works on predictive models which visually depict the impacts of sea level rise along Hawaii coastlines. Strengthened capacity of producer associations and grassroots organizations in general, to develop, access and apply practices for sustainable natural resource management in a participatory and concerted manner (with emphasis on water, soil and forestry) and related services that relate to their needs and respond to changing conditions.3.
Fletcher explained, “Rising sea levels, exacerbated by stronger storms, will increase coastal flooding and erosion.

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