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Project BackgroundThrough the development of a Regional Climate Adaptation Change Strategy, MAPC aims to prepare recommendations for local, regional, and state action to reduce vulnerability to the anticipated impacts of climate change. The federal government has announced $2.49 million in funding for two projects through Both projects are funded through Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives program. Mortimer used this diagram to illustrate the relationship between climate change mitigation and adaptation in our current issue. The first project, led by Engineers Canada, will be carried out by its Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC). The second project, led by the Canadian Institute of Planners, will develop and deliver climate change adaptation tools, resources and training to enhance the ability of Canada’s planners to apply climate change information to their work. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
As I said in my last post, there’s an ongoing debate among lefty wonk types about neoliberalism, its discontents, and possible alternatives (if there are any).
A new paper from Glenn Fieldman, a professor of political science and environmental studies, examines the connection between neoliberalism and climate change adaptation.
Economic insecurity does not refer just to the failure of the neoliberal system to dent global poverty substantially, but also to the increasingly contingent nature of employment. Despite the fond dreams of some neoliberals, civil society is not going to be able to fill this gap. What are Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders' plans to deal with a warming climate?

The Strategy builds on findings of the Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report (2011) and other pertinent publications developed to date, including Climate’s Long-term Impacts on Metro Boston (2004) authored by Tufts University, Boston University, and MAPC.In addition to outlining short and long-term land use changes, the Strategy also includes actions for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation on private and public properties. Through the application of an engineering protocol developed by the PIEVC, the project will build expertise and knowledge about the implications of climate change on infrastructure and the practice of engineering in a changing climate. I want to be that annoying environmental guy and drag climate change into the conversation. Globally, surplus workers from all sectors are forced into competition for a limited number of jobs.
Resilience requires a robust, well-funded state and a citizenry that enjoys some employment stability and asset ownership. She does make a good case, though, that the currently dominant model of global development is pursuing macroeconomic efficiency at the expense of resilience. The project will also help owners and operators plan for climate change in the maintenance and decommissioning of infrastructure. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without prior approval of the publisher. First I’ll discuss a new paper on neoliberalism and climate adaptation, and then, in my next post, try to grapple with the larger, looming issue of growth. Despite the freedom of capital to move, the neoliberal order restricts the mobility of people. States need to be able to marshal their own resources to spend on resilience that benefits local populations.

That doesn’t seem like a wise strategy heading into an age of uncertainty and upheaval. The Strategy builds on previous state efforts and existing best practices to develop recommendations for local, regional, and state action.
Periods of unemployment mean that most people have few opportunities to accumulate assets that would enable them to take anticipatory adaptation measures such as strengthening a house, or to rebuild lives disrupted by a climate-induced disaster. Even the option to migrate to escape climate-induced change is not available to those at the bottom of the global income scale, since most lack the special skills that would permit them to relocate legally.
But neoliberalism, because it encourages capital mobility, leaves states in the position of competing for investment by lowering tax rates and removing tariffs, thus depriving themselves of revenue. It provides a single resource for decision makers in various roles across the region.While forming the Strategy, MAPC reached out to cities and towns in the Boston Metro region to learn more about how climate change adaptation is currently being addressed. To boot, states competing for corporate investment are loathe to constrain private-sector activities that increase vulnerability, like logging in erosion-prone areas or overshrimping for export.

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