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Since 1985, CCAP has been a recognized world leader in climate and air quality policy and is the only independent, nonprofit think tank working exclusively on those issues at the local, U.S.
The figure above, adapted from Penney 2008, demonstrates the overlap between adaptation and mitigation.
The “What does climate resilience look like?” blog series highlights adaptation images from around the world.
This method involves community-led replanting of frequently degraded indigenous dune plants that have adapted over millennia to flourish and function in the treacherous coastal zone, that band of sand between the sea and the land.
CCAP's latest insights on cost-effective and pragmatic air quality and climate policy solutions. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Mitigation (to climate change) is an anthropogenic intervention to reduce the sources or enhance the sinks of greenhouse gases. Some of these examples require large scale effort by the government, while others can be employed by individual homeowners based on their risk tolerance levels. I have some sustainable beach restoration information researched in New Zealand that should be more widely implemented.
This researched technique has yielded very successful results here, resulting in major accumulations of sand on our beaches, and so reversing previous trends of erosion. Adaptation (to climate change) is an adjustment in response to climate change impacts, which moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities.
FEMA and other emergency managers might call this hardening, preparedness, or hazard mitigation.

For instance, adaptation techniques that also mitigate greenhouse gas emissions often save stakeholders money now, which reduces the payback period. Through adaptation, communities can achieve climate resilience, the capacity to respond to a perturbation or disturbance by resisting damage and recovering quickly.

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