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Published August 28, 2012 at 500 × 500 in Master Your Mindset and Step into Your Potential. The other day I was talking to a friend who told me, that he had realized how he needed to set smarter goals. An acronym that most people who have already attended more motivational seminars than they have completed desert marathons, will know as one of the staple standard slide-deck elements on such events.
SMARTER goals are the ones that are Specific and Measurable and depending on what version you are applying as the chosen method of choice; Attractive or Attainable.
Like this illustration I snagged from a Hootsuite post on social media marketing monitoring. What if, the thing you are trying to achieve, really cannot be objectively measured at all? A marathon is not a thing, it’s an activity, but it would be a perfect example of a thing where the SMARTER goals idea would make sense. Now imagine, that you are not literally planning to run a marathon or anything of the like. Imagine that you insisted on trying to squeeze a complex problem into a simple framework, that was never designed for dealing with complex problems to begin with. Saying that “starting a business is like running a marathon” essentially means nothing more than that you need to be resilient, and plan ahead. What if, all your SMARTER goals help you achieve, is more of the same kind of stupid thinking that got you into whatever mess you think that you’re in, to begin with? What if – those SMARTER goals just means that you’re doing a dumb thing more effectively? My friend here, had been setting SMARTER goals for something that he, upon deeper reflection, actually didn’t really want at all.
How often do you find yourself talking to a friend or family member about a challenge you have, something you think that “talking about it” will provide you with clarity on? Only to have been at the receiving end of a barrage of suggestions and how-to-guides, feeling even more confused and than you were to begin with. Those who are hell-bent on giving you the solution, before they understand the problem – before you even understand the problem, because if you did – it would not be such a challenging problem – may mean well.
If part of the problem exists on a macro-structural level, you need to understand the structural issues, before you start yammering on about evolutionary psychology and Odysseus only knows what else.
If you’re feeling somewhat stuck, and you think that all you need is to start setting “smarter goals” or SMARTER goals, start with WHY.
Why is this thing or activity or opportunity or scenario or whatever, something you are willing to strive for? Often when people hire a coach to help them “achieve more” in life, only rarely are the goals they start out by stating as their reason for hiring the coach, the actual why. You might have heard me say that “it is not the answer that illuminates, but the question”. Who advised, that one should always own more books than one could ever possibly have time enough to read. Maybe he might interpret that to mean, that a person need only ever own one book, besides The Good Book. Give it time though, and it is likely that algorithms will be able to offer us the answer to a question we did not even ask.
There are plenty of people who in all honesty will claim, that they certainly don’t need no formal education, because on the Internet – you can find anything! Aside from perhaps the kind of skill you can pick up along the way by copy-pasting from Stackoverflow and apply in the world of web-design.
Learning a language, and learning how to translate a complex problem into that language, does. Copy-pasting a script may be useful, but there may also be a few problems with this approach. Likewise with people who decide to start coaching other people, or decide to start hosting “self-improvement” seminars. You need not go to school, not really, this much we know – from reading half-baked wantrepenuerial ramblings on the Internet all about how Steve Jobs was a Stanford drop-out, and therefore … you probably need not even complete high-school, not if you have this awesome idea. You need not pay good money to attend some expensive seminar, which aside from demanding that you get out of the house, probably also is going to require that you wear pants – because The Internet!
You need not even hire a person to listen to you while you try to figure out what it is, really, that you have been looking for and why you have as of yet been unable to find it. Google may be smart, but the results you get from asking the search engine a question, are still based on the quality of the question you ask. The advice you are given from a person, is never going to be better than how well the person giving it knows you, or how well you know yourself. I sometimes joke about the fact, that if I knew my clients search-history, I would understand their problems better than they understand themselves.
You know, like when Facebook logs that long-ass rant you started typing in the app, never posted, but deleted, in the app, because you realized that it actually did not make much sense. This is how things on the Internet find you, while you think that you’re busy finding things on the Internet.
I suppose the good news is, that the advertisements that find you, are quite often totally crap. Perhaps it is because I prefer my clients not to think of me as someone who is going to be there for them, always. I do sometimes have former clients booking single sessions for career- and business counselling. You need not hire anyone to ask you the right questions, but you do need to find someone who is willing to suspend their belief in what they think they already know. She is partial to the pleasures of photography, open air music festivals, the works of Douglas Adams and silly puns about lions. Why wombling about on your social media profiles feels better right now than getting shit done.Published 27. What is it, exactly, that makes wombling about on social media so much of a infinitely more attractive activity than getting shit done?
Don’t feel bad about how much time you actually spend on these marginally useful activities either. Now does social media activity in general and being “on” Facebook in particular make you feel more calm, happy, elated or energized? But blaming social media for your lack of actual productivity is like blaming coke for being fun at parties.
Do you know how to harness that cheeky desire to get more views, impressions, likes, shares on whatever random brainfart you just composed?
Do you know how to avoid the temptation of not wanting to miss out on some potentially brilliant, thoughtprovoking or marginally amusing comment that *might* be lurking just below the fold?
Chris has a background in media & communication, HRM (postgraduate) and business negotiation. While some people seem mostly unaffected by the natural seasonal changes, some even appear to truly shine during Winter – others have it worse. Trying to keep up with all the things you’re lagging behind on by attempting to run faster, is only going to give you burnout.
If there is one thing I know for certain about SAD, it is how it can really mess with your ability to focus. Start with accepting the premise, that during the ”season of SAD” you’re most likely not going to be firing on all cylinders, as it were. I promise you, the longer you wait in dealing with the causes, the worse it is only going to get. Since light-therapy units, or light-boxes, first appeared on the consumer market, prices have decreased massively.
You also want to make sure to adjust the screen brightness on your various Interweb devices, as this too can keep you massively awake during odd hours. For me personally, light-therapy remedies the dark melancholy that arrives in the wake of the steadily diminishing daylight, but not the warped sense of circadian rhythm entirely. I suspect this might have something to do with mostly living in an urban environment, where it never gets truly dark. Whatever you do, whether it be running, swimming, cycling or fencing – make sure to engage in the activity with mindfulness.
Since there is no point in trying to fight the near-constant absence of natural light, you might as well embrace it.
Check out what community observatory Slooh has to offer, in the way of exploring the Universe by gazing at the sky at night. The dark season is the season for deep introspection, reflection, letting go of the old, celebrate what is done, and being ready to embrace the new.
Indulge yourself in a weekend of just not getting out of bed, and read all the books and articles you’ve been meaning to check out all year. Reflect on what you have learnt the past three hundred and fifty-something days, and what you might like to learn during the next hundred or two.
There is a reason why the ancient tradition of feasting on massive meals in the midst of winter has prevailed. Good food, by the way – is NOT squishy, fatty, sugary things of the variety ”fast” or fizzy drinks with the word ”energy” stamped all over the can. If you can combine good food with having good laughs with friends, obviously this is to be preferred.
Melatonin can help you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm during those months where the available natural light provides you with these not terribly useful clues to when is day and what is night. If you don’t like the idea of pharmaceutical medication, there is a specific acupuncture practice that can help you restore a more balanced circadian rhythm. Celebrate Solstice – or call it something else, find your own reasons to rejoice in the light that returns. She is partial to the pleasures of photography, open air music festivals, the works of Douglas Adams and rather bad puns.
If you use social media mainly for socializing, I am betting that you have found it difficult on more than one occasion to simply unplug. What interests me is not so much how social media are massive real-time recommendation engines. If you find it difficult to not be looking at it constantly, and you can’t seem to stop constantly wanting to check your notifications.
This may well be one of the many reasons why wombling about on your social media profiles, feels better right now than getting stuff done.
When it is sometimes said of millenials and other aliens that they are “constantly connected”.
What we are trying to achieve by being constantly available, may have more to do with the desire to feel connected in sync, than we really like to admit. Because those instances of perfect sync are so rare, maybe people chase them – like chasing the elusive big win at the roulette tables. If you ever wondered what was so cool about people posting pictures of their feet, the feet – obviously – are not the point.

This sets the bar very high in terms of the interpersonal communication skills required to use these technologies to deepen, maintain – nevermind create, meaningful relationships. She is partial to the pleasures of photography, open air music festivals, the works of Douglas Adams and rather terrible puns. I took a fairly long break from online social a while ago, and all I can say is – do yourself a favour and TRY THIS. Initially I had disregarded the stylized cartoon-bluebird as my daily go-to platform other than as a sort of personalized newspaper. There is limited amount of options, in terms of what the average user can “do” within the app. Plus there is none of that privacy-theatrics to constantly monitor, since your profile is 100% public by default. As in – how SMS used to feel like back when mobile phones were the size of bricks and would access the Interwebs in the same manner that a brick does not. Why you are sharing it in the first place, what you hope to achieve and what price you were willing to pay for the priviledge.
When I scroll through the news “stream” on that tiny handheld screen known as the smartphone, what I am looking at, is a series of static images. A flickering of thoughts, ideas, news, links to resources, more or less explicit invitations to engage with the content shared. However long or short the delay from the “real time” in which the person composing that tweet was, it is still a static reflection of a movement of thought.
So much of our online lives, if not to say – pretty much all of it, is made up of static images, flickering across devices, screens in and out of our minds. Any video recorded with a frame-rate pr second at and above 24, our minds perceive as “live-action”. If you recorded something using a 24 frame preset, but converted to the 25 frame standard upon exporting your edit. The illusion must not be too visibly an illusion, or we can’t accept the illusion as a virtual reality. Otherwise it would be a bit like watching a shite street magician, whose hands are certainly not quicker than your eyes, and you’ve spotted the mirrors even before you smelled the smoke.
Massively compressed sound through crappy laptop speakers, recorded through a bad mic in a room with horrible acustics, is enough to ruin anyones day. All those static images, flickering across screens needs to appear as seamless as possible, for us to accept the illusion as recorded lived action. I was listening to a presentation the other day, where the founder of Facebook said how he had wanted to create an online social network to to mirror the real world, social networks.
Even the fastest most rapid-response exchange of random small-talk on social media is painfully slow in comparison with the same exchange taking place in a syncronized shared physical space.
We do not percieve it that way, because we may be simulatenously engaged in several exchanges all at once.
Recorded conversations warp time, as our perception of how time passes, is converted from one cognitive format to another.
We may feel that we are somehow more in charge of that flickering, because we are engaged in a form of interactive media consumption.
I say this sense of control is as illusory as the photograph is only a frozen moment of a part of one perspective in time.
Just because a medium is “interactive” it does not mean, that you are the one who is in charge of how that interaction is shaped.
I was talking to a teenage girl the other day who said she simply did not “understand” Twitter. She liked Instagram, like, a LOT – and gave me keen recommendations as to what beauty-bloggers were the best to follow there.
I tend to write in shorter sentence structures when I take to the keyboard straight after having been active on Twitter. Twitter is a demanding medium in this way, and likely one of the reasons why other more long-form friendly mediums have overtaken in terms of number of users. You cannot be very nuanced in commentary, other than by direction attention to external sources that will fascilitate nuances in a debate. As of writing this, all major players in the social media platform industry appear to be competing for the same pool of power-users – trying out all manner of features that were unique to other platforms, not really getting, that no platform is going to be everything to everybody, and why in the name of Odysseus would that be a target to aim for. While Twitter appears to be aiming at snagging users from Instagram, LinkedIn from Facebook, Facebook from Youtube, Google+ seems to – … I have no idea what Google+ is doing.
On social media, users get what the medium was programmed for, and quite often we complain when we realize that our use is being programmed to do something other than we have become accustomed to. All clubs that cater for under age players must do so with a child centred approach and philosophy that recognises that the welfare of the child is paramount.
Clubs must ensure that those chosen to work on the club’s behalf with under age players have been selected following a thorough recruitment, selection, training and coaching procedure and must also provide these people with the necessary supports so as to enable them fulfil their roles. Shane FergusonShane Ferguson is 50% of Wicklow GAA Online, the official Website of Wicklow GAA. Dr Cushion describes CAIS as a modern version of the old pencil and paper version of coach observation. CAIS allows coaching mentors to set up individualised templates for coaching behaviour, code coaching behaviours live or after an event, edit videos, filter behaviours and put together highlight clips. It was launched at Loughborough, in front of 90 organisations and sports bodies, last November and has attracted a lot of interest.
How often have you found yourself setting a “goal”, that upon closer inspection was just another measure for something else. Is an A a good measure for how much you can demonstrate that you understand about a specific subject?
Which means that the first person who comes along and gives you a simple enough sounding method for “propelling massive action” is a person you may well feel compelled to buy from. The thing he really wanted, was related – but was something he had not dared to admit to himself. Sometimes all you need, is to sit down, shut up and poke around a fire for a bit, making grunty sounds to the appraisal of the glorious aspects of ale.
The quote is attributed to Eugene Ionesco, whom I tend to get confused with late author Umberto Eco. It’s about access to knowledge and insight and being curious and not thinking that you can ever know “enough” about anything. When a person who knows you, offers a few words of advice, those words are still going to be more personally tailored to both you and your specific situation, than any algorithm based search will ever be able to provide at the present moment in time. Imagine asking for “doughnuts” and the answer you get is “Did you not already have five today?
There is more to intelligence than automation, no matter what certain machine-learning enthusiasts might want believe. I am trying to build a case for personal coaching here, so bear with me while I work my way into a shamelessly transparent sales-pitch for my own coaching services.
But strangely, the next ad you see in the sidebar, is an advertisement for a mindfulness-based anger-management course. Because that means, that we’re still not entirely there yet, in terms of machines reading minds. Which means, that if you need to think outside of the frame for a second, you do need someone else to ask the questions.
I really much rather prefer that you make use of my services for a loosely predefined limited time only. I like to think that part of my job with any client, is to make my personal coaching services redundant.
It saves them time, because I already have an idea of how they have arrived at where they’re at. Cooper has a background in media & communication, HRM (postgraduate) sociology and business negotiation. Or, you may be the social media manager of some brand, person, event or thing – in which case dropping awful jokes about Trumpvoters may be part of your job-description. Important things, urgent things, urgent AND important things, and things that would sort of just be nice to get done before they become urgent – you know EXACTLY how to accomplish social media wombling-about-activity items. Most people spend far more time on social media than they care to admit and invest more emotional energy than they dare to realize. I’m talking about the compulsive aimless, mindless sharing, liking, checking-for-updates kind of usage.
Obsessively checking the number of things that can be counted against some arbitrary score of awesomeness? Just because you’ve never heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD as its acronym is aptly known, it does not mean that it does not affect you, or someone you may know. You manage to persuade yourself, that this is perfectly fine, totally normal and besides – nights are great for working undisturbed. You’re flailing like a turtle on its back, with nobody around to get it back on its four tiny feet.
Other factors may contribute to your overall lack of well-being, so be careful not to self-diagnose. The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and the suggestions given must not be taken as, or in place of, any officially approved medical professional advice. Focus instead first on dealing with the cause, and the symptoms might just take care of themselves. If someone tells you that Seasonal Affective Disorder is ”not really a thing” or worse, that it’s ”just an excuse for lazy people to be lazy”.
Or, the fact that I do enjoy pulling a massive allnighter at the best of times, but that Winter just isn’t the best time to do this.
That really smells nothing like I imagine Jack Sparrow would smell like in Blow – all I get is Aramis with a leather wristband – allthough I’m actually starting to rather like it.
I find these the most darkest hours of the dark season is good for letting new ideas begin to form. Always important, but for those who suffer from SAD it is most crucial to engage all five senses to avoid the feeling of uncomfortably numb. If you’re already suffering from SAD, screwing with your blood-sugar levels is only going to send you over the edge in a bad way. You may feel like you are dancing with two left feet, and that it is difficult and you feel awkward and you would much rather prefer a cheeky afternoon snooze. Feedburner has a double opt-in, so don’t forget to activate your subscription if you do. Knowing all too well, that this is getting a bit out of hand, and you really should cut down on your daily social media consumption. You can stare at that same message for the rest of the day, and maybe if it came from someone you admired, you could feel great about it for several hours, even days.
The goal is to get more users to post more content, and get more new users to want to get into the game. The online-digital version does not provide us with the same clues as to whether or not our feelings are mutual.

Chris has a background in media & communication, sociology, HRM (postgraduate) and business negotiation. With a little help from a few media theorists, a handful of severely inspired talks and a fair amount of curiosity. But the natives seem quite friendly and most appear to be a fair bit above average in overall levels of intelligence. Assuming that if I found the format of other mediums too fast-paced and fragmented, then surely a format of 140 chars would not even be worth considering. Direct messages are non-public, but since they are limited to 140 chars too, they feel more like old-school SMS than anything else. Aside from the fact, that the content of your SMS messages, as far as I know, was not directly accessible to your telecommunications service provider. Even a half-second lag at the start of the recording, and the entire thing quickly becomes impossible to parse, as the soundtrack progresses nicely, the movements on screen lag progressively behind the voice recording. We may look at a series of still-photos from someone’s vacation, but we still fill in the blanks between those images. The ones that catch our attention as they appear to flicker past, may be examined in closer detail. No more than you would be in charge of what angle the director of a movie has chosen for a specific part of the storyline. The kinds where sentences are not entirely thought through, and the value lies not in the perfect delivery, but rather the open-endedness of the ongoing cognitive process.
You need to embrace the inherent strictness of format, to find any thrill in using it for other than news-updates. Clubs must ensure that those chosen to work with children and young people are at all times competent and confident as to their roles and responsibilities.
Shane is a passionette Wicklow GAA supporter who has worked in conjunction with the Wicklow County Board to develop Wicklow GAA Games Development. But whereas you would need to take the tally sheet away and use a calculator to work out the percentages in the old days, CAIS does it automatically. It is already being used by several high-profile organisations, and some Higher Education establishments also have the software on trial, as do Chelsea FC and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
Alexander, a dual Commonwealth Bank Trophy winner with Melbourne Phoenix, says she is excited and challenged by the new role. We provide World-Class Leadership training and coaching and offer a range of “off-the-shelf” and bespoke solutions to businesses both large and small. But rather just serve to make you go faster in the wrong direction, in place of entirely changing your course?
And then go grab an extra bag of doughnuts as a reward for having set an ambitious goal for yourself.
Possibly even annoyed, because some of their suggestions might not be that far off the mark.
Depends on how many issues they have going on themselves, from which their suggestions are likely to be clouded. It’s not about hoarding paper bound in pretty covers, or having fifteen terrabytes worth of written material stored on a hard-drive somewhere. How would an automated intelligence know what you needed, if you did not even know it yourself?
Shit, redundant activities, that in all likelihood need not in reality NEED to get done at all. You do not control how your attention is being manipulated to get you to pay more attention to the screen, and less time to what is going on behind it.
Until someone comes up with, and managages to engage enough people in, a more ethically designed social media network-application, we’re stuck with the ones that make the truly meaningful interactions rare gems to stumble upon. Social media are as shallow as you allow yourself to be, under the restraints of the format of the media in question. You just manage to stare at the ceiling for three hours before panic of not getting enough sleep sets in.
While during the light season you can re-adjust to a more socially acceptable rhythm within a day or two. If you think that you cannot afford to do this, it is safe to assume that you can much less afford to not.
Unless the arrival of SAD tends to ambush you at the least convenient moment, because you have yet to realize that this might just be the problem. If you work from home on the other hand, no need to worry about ”office appropriate” scents.
Sometimes the feeling of icy cold wind on your face is exactly what you need to wake up and smell the freshly brewed coffee.
Melatonin is also prescribed to frequent travellers to adjust for the kind of jetlag, that might otherwise take weeks to feel fully recovered from. I recently learned, that Mark Zuckerberg had one question for all his employess, whenever an engineeer had a great idea. Wearable tech is still in beta, but so far what we are dealing with are rather one-dimensional experiences.
Your level of productivity is likely to improve, if this is something you currently feel is lacking. But whether the tweet I am reading right this instant was posted 2 seconds or two months ago, it is still a static piece of communication. If you often find yourself feeling mildly to severely annoyed when doing these things, or just feeling utterly exhausted from no more than a half hour meeting without knowing exactly why, bad sound-quality could well be the culprit.
I can’t go off on long rants, bouncing to and from all manner of oddly shaped tangents.
Which you probably know in the format of a pyramid, but actually – Maslow never presented it like that at all. Or, did you get that if a goal cannot be measured objectively – no, that does not mean, that you goal is not “smart”. It’s not going to work unless you make either one of them bigger, or the other one smaller. But is the “A” really the target, that motivates you to be getting to classes and not fall asleep during them?
Until this *points to self* annoying coach-person starts asking him all manner of really annoying questions. But fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on how much you like the idea of an all seeing eye, this is presently not entirely the case. I think that maybe the kind of student who gets into an ivy league university is pretty much already ahead of the curve.
Including those pages on the Interwebs you never visit, unless you think that nobody is watching.
Only in rare cases, do clients need to book extra sessions in addition to the already scheduled and paid.
If you need someone to talk to your employees about digital literacy & productivity, this can be arranged. You can splash away to your hearts content and walk around in a massive cloud of tuberose, patchouli, dirty Oudh or whales armpit if so you desire. Trudging along on a hamsterwheel in a smelly gym, counting miles on a hamster-app, I have never understood, but that’s just me. Ask around for personal recommendation in your local area, if this solution appeals to you. Or just the time it takes you to type out the words you maybe did not think very much about. Stop to zoom in on a detail on a photograph, or simply hit share before moving on to the next. The medium shapes the message, and by association, the way you interact within it, as well as without. All you get is advice on things that may not at all be what you really need to be looking for, right now. But you probably need more than a standard set of fixed phrases to be able to claim that you are fluent in French.
Yes – I am talking about those pages you made sure to delete from your browser history, just in case.
Do you need another goddamn app to tell you that time is up and close your social media apps for you? Too bad for them, they never get to experience a sunrise at 4 AM or a sunset at midnight either. Plus using lightboxes does have side-effects, most noticeably, they can give you massive headaches the first few times you use them. Once you’re back to ”normal” you will need to maintain the balance by healthy living overall.
You don’t even really have to look at it for more than a few seconds, nobody will know the difference.
Not exclusively, but the format favours succinctness and on-point statements of opinion, short observations and of course, bits of breaking news. Just as the cloud is just another word for other peoples computers, the Interwebs is just another word for other peoples thoughts.
You even calculated the amount of time you’d need to accomplish whatever minor goals within time. One comment, little more effort, but your standard knee-jerk reaction autoresponse will probably do just fine. There are no magic fixes, but there are things that can help you get back on your feet, if not thrive. I also recommend using more metrics than just the grade, to measure ones depth of understanding. It is also growing with such a remarkable speed, that we need clever algorithms to help us navigate. Look at any natural language (as oposed to programming languages), and try to make it conform to a binary standard of processing and understanding. Even the slightest out of sync, and the recording appears dis-jointed and weirdly unnerving. Sometimes, just knowing what the correct answer is, does not irrefutably prove that the student fully understands the question.
Which is what the address bar is for, and yet people will actually google-search a web-address.

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