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Whether you like basketball or even know what a basketball is — chances are you will love this man! At God’s footstool, to confess, ?A poor soul knelt and bowed his head.?”I failed,” he cried. Widely regarded as the best college basketball coach of all time and recently named the “Coach of the Century” by ESPN. Wooden exemplified this on the court and off with his simple demeanor and tremendous humility.
Knowing that practicing fundamentals takes time, he was concerned solely with effort and commitment, understanding that success is a bi-product of said constant effort.
So, when you combine all his methods, it becomes fairly easy to see why he has been so successful on and off the basketball court.
The traditional project coaching takes place mostly in a number of face-to-face coaching sessions. At 98, John Wooden is still regarded a quick wit and sage to many players, coaches and friends seek his friendship and counsel. Based on the above statements, I think it’s obvious why I’ve taken some time to spotlight the “Wizard of Westwood”. In fact, you’ll recall that in “The 3 C’s of Succcess” he is referenced for his storied commitment and direct study of success as well as his 14 year refinement of his “SUCCESS PYRAMID”.

At a relatively young age the Coach started to ASK questions — he wanted to understand SUCCESS better. He thought long and hard about success and what it ought to be — what the definition should be. John Wooden had a knack for cutting to the core issue, focusing on fundamentals and expertly dealing with different and difficult players – their unique personalities, star egos and all the while forging character. If you become what you think about most of the time — what better concept to focus upon, contemplate and learn about then success? He knew they could do fancy dunks — but could they hit a clutch free throw or bank shot when it counted? He used to say “the purpose of discipline isn’t to punish but to correct.” With love in his heart and by always seeking to measure intent and effort first, his players would quickly align with the teams goal — a national championship. However, under conditions of time pressure in IT projects, a physical presence of coaches could form a bottleneck.
Certainly, a site like this, dedicated to success philosophy is going to harmonize with so many of coach’s philosophies. In fact, he cites a story where his math teacher forced the class to consider what success meant to them. Even today, ex-players recall his impact because he cared and took the time to listen and teach.

Thanks so much for your tremendous gifts — your thoughtful consideration and study of SUCCESS has no doubt made many a persons’ path more swift and assured.
These facts led to the idea of using Internet technologies to supportA  the project coaching. You’ve left us all a little wiser and we can never repay you (the way you would have wanted it- see #10 below).
The benefits of the web based project coachingA  reside in the ubiquitous availability of coaches.
If I could only possess that type of presence, that type of awareness – to make each encounter, each moment of each day a masterpiece.
The elaboration of requirements, design, implementation and evaluation of such a platform is the goal of this dissertation.
As a young teacher he became disillusioned by seeing the pressures and expectations certain parents put on their kids if they didn’t receive an “A” or a “B”.

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