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Lead by Example- As coaches, it is our responsibility to model the kind of behavior we as coaches expect from our players. Youth Football Safety Matters- Be informed about the importance of proper hydration and nutrition. Children- A main objective of every coach should be to develop his players into fine young football players. About Us Youth Football Online is the premier website for the instruction and promotion of youth football. All children, especially those considered “high risk”, will learn life lessons from participating in youth football. The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the American Football Coaches Foundation (AFCF) have partnered with Michigan State University (MSU) and the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) to offer AFCA coaches the opportunity to participate in online professional development courses for continuing education units (CEUs) through the AFCA Coaches Education Program.
Through the program, coaches can take the ASEP online courses Coaching Principles and Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills and earn MSU College of Education continuing education units (CEUs) and Michigan Department of Education CEUs. Through the program, AFCA members receive $55 off the price of MSU Coaching Principles and $50 off the price of the MSU Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills online course. To receive your discount, visit the members-only section of the AFCA Web site to retrieve the course discount code. Below is a listing of courses available through the program, including course descriptions, prices, and CEUs.
Please note: The course title links below take you to the Web site of Human Kinetics, where you'll purchase and take your online courses. Identify your coaching philosophy, objectives, and style; coach for character and coach diverse athletes (units 1 to 5).
Train your athletes for energy and muscular fitness, fuel your athletes, and battle drug use (units 13 to 17). MSU Coaching Principles earns coaches 4.0 CEUs from MSU and the Michigan Department of Education. MSU follows CEU guidelines developed by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) in awarding CEUs. Unlike general first aid courses offered by local organizations, ASEP Sport First Aid specifically addresses conditions coaches encounter on the playing field. Guidelines for using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the Heimlich maneuver, and automated external defibrillators (AED) have been updated. A revised and expanded section on anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs assists coaches in recognizing the effects of performance enhancers and in educating their athletes on the dangers of steroid use. Sport First Aid is a potentially life-saving resource that coaches can rely on to make smart decisions when encountering emergency situations with athletes. MSU Sport First Aid earns coaches 3.5 CEUs from MSU and the Michigan Department of Education.
The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) brings the gridiron to the desktop with Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills online course. The course is designed to help coaches learn how to teach the technical and tactical skills of football. As coaches progress through the course, they are asked to read portions of the Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills book and view video clips housed on CD-ROM to complete course units. The course concludes with The Big Game, an interactive exercise designed to simulate game situations. Other features include Coaching Aids, a storehouse of printable PDF documents that are incorporated throughout the course. After completing the course units, coaches take the 40-question course test online and receive immediate results. MSU Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills earns coaches 3.5 CEUs from MSU and the Michigan Department of Education. AFCA Coaching Orientation is a new online course from ASEP gleaning material from the ASEP Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and Coaching [Sport] Technical and Tactical Skills courses. Comparable to other nationally recognized and approved courses for credentialing high school coaches, Coaching Orientation is also ideal for training middle and elementary school coaches. Describe how to build team chemistry and manage athletes’ behavior using positive discipline and team rules.
Recognize what motivates high school athletes, and explain how to integrate this knowledge with innovative approaches to learning in order to be an effective teacher. Create plans for teaching technical and tactical skills, and describe how to teach and practice these skills.
Identify educational resources for learning about and keeping abreast of sport-specific skills and the latest technological advances in a sport. Explain responsibilities for ensuring the safety of athletes, including working with other members of the athletic health care team, handling medical and weather emergencies, providing safe athletic facilities and equipment, and coordinating physical exams and medical records. John Kuntz, The Plain DealerUrban Meyer watches as his team warms up before the spring game in April. There are new captains: Defensive lineman John Simon, defensive lineman Garrett Goebel, linebacker Etienne Sabino, fullback Zach Boren and running back Jordan Hall. Also, the Buckeyes on this year's squad will have the new experience of being banned from a bowl game and the Big Ten Championship game because of NCAA sanctions stemming from the tattoo scandal and coverup during coach Jim Tressel's tenure. With all that as a backdrop, how many games do you think the Buckeyes will win this season? Reporters watched a bit of practice this morning, with John Simon one of the Buckeyes not out there. COLUMBUS – Reporters took in about the first half hour of Ohio State football practice this morning.
Buckeyes open first season with Urban Meyer as coach in 11 days, at home against the RedHawks.
Marvin Fong, The Plain DealerCorey Linsley (71) moves from guard to center this season, taking over for four-year Buckeyes' standout Mike Brewster (50).CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The countdown for the Ohio State Buckeyes' season opener is down to 11 days. The countdown of the 20 Buckeyes who might be most imprortant to the team's hopes this season continues.

Bud says Perez should be fined immediately and it's disturbing to hear some of the things he said. And finally, Bud commented on whether Brandon Weeden should see the same amount of playing time Friday as he did last week against the Packers. Browns RB Trent Richardson is one of five NFL rookies featured in GQ Magazine's NFL Kickoff issue.
APMichigan Wolverines football coach Brady Hoke answers questions during the team's media day this month. Michigan has restored some of its lost luster and just three years after losing a school-record nine games, college football's winningest program is nationally relevant again.
When he was hired to replace Rich Rodriguez, Hoke scoffed, "This is Michigan for God's sake," after being asked about the Wolverines slipping. While many praised the Wolverines during the 11-2 season capped by a Sugar Bowl win, the players are still beating themselves up about losing to Michigan State and Iowa to spoil their chances of competing for the league title they covet. The Wolverines will improve their chances in those key games if Robinson can strike a balance with the running game that he's a big part of by making defenses respect his arm and the defensive line exceeds expectations.
APDenard Robinson wants to cut down on his interceptions in 2012 after throwing 15 a year ago. Toussaint, however, was suspended for the first week of practice because of a DUI charge, and Hoke hasn't said if he'll play against defending champion Alabama on Sept. Returning reserve running backs Thomas Rawls, Vincent Smith, Justice Hayes, along with freshmen Dennis Norfleet and Drake Johnson, will get a chance to play more than anticipated if Hoke benches Toussaint longer than a game.
Michigan's receiving game, which relied on senior Junior Hemingway last season, took a couple hits in the offseason. The Lewan-led offensive line is hoping some candidates emerge to replace All-American center David Molk and offensive tackle Mark Huyge. Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen and Will Heininger left big voids on the defensive line, so the Wolverines are counting on Will Campbell, Craig Roh and Jibreel Black to fill them. Michigan's top players in the back seven are linebacker Kenny Demens, who easily led the team in tackles last year, along with cornerback Blake Countess and safety Jordan Kovacs. Kicker Brendan Gibbons returns after making 13 of 17 field goals, including one in overtime to beat Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. With the Crimson Tide up first, it won't take long for Michigan to find out how good it is this year. Two-way honesty is just fine with Miles, who is so excited to be part of the Cavs that he showed up at the team's 27th annual Youth Fund Golf Classic at Firestone Country Club on Tuesday even though he doesn't play the game. Scott thinks Miles can play shooting guard or small forward, and believes he will blossom in a different system than Utah's, which emphasizes the point guard and power forward. Injury updates: Trainer Max Benton said Irving's broken right hand is coming along just fine, and Scott agreed.
Grant also expects guard Kelenna Azubuike, obtained from Dallas in the draft night trade that brought in Tyler Zeller, to be in training camp. The courses offer coaches anytime-anywhere convenience for furthering professional development, satisfying recertification requirements, or earning credit toward teaching certification. If you're not currently a member of AFCA, join today and take advantage of these course discounts!
If you are an AFCA member, prior to purchasing your courses be sure to access the course discount codes available through the members-only section of the AFCA Web site. Drawing from the text Successful Coaching, written by ASEP founder Rainer Martens, Coaching Principles provides coaches with essential instruction on the principles of coaching, behavior, teaching, physical training, and management. In order for you to be awarded the CEUs, you must verify that you expended a minimum of 40 hours (which includes required reading) to complete the course. Given that each state board has different requirements for teacher licensure, certification, and CEU courses, we encourage you to check with your state Department of Education to ensure CEUs from MSU and the Michigan Department of Education are accepted by your organization.
Newly revised and updated, this fourth edition provides students with clear guidelines on what's expected of them as first responders, as well as action steps for the care and prevention of more than 110 athletic injuries and illnesses. Revisions reflect the latest research and best practices from the American Heart Association and the American Safety and Health Institute. The course also covers the latest information on controlling bleeding, treating concussions, and preventing and recognizing methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infections (MRSA). In order for you to be awarded the CEUs, you must verify that you expended a minimum of 35 hours (which includes required reading) to complete the course.
The course draws content from the book Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills written by ASEP in conjunction with the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and Rob Ash, head football coach at Montana State University. Coaches will learn about different approaches to coaching, including the games approach (an alternative to drills-based coaching), develop a season plan and a series of practice plans, and improve their ability to coach during games. Through a partnership with Dartfish, ASEP has incorporated aspects of the Dartish video technology into the course. Coaches are taken through game sequencesspecial teams, offense, and defense-illustrating techniques and tactics stressed throughout the course.
Coaching Orientation provides up-and-coming football coaches with the essentials to step on the field for the first time. As a decision maker for your association, school district, or school, consider adopting Coaching Orientation for training coaches in your elementary and middle school programs too. Even the most seasoned coach can use a refresher from time to time, and this course serves that purpose conveniently and cost effectively. Be part of a truly great organization—and tap into an all-star lineup of membership benefits. Those familiar with football may equate the letters to designations of wide receivers on a chalk board. Sabino, Boren and Simon represented Ohio State at the Big Ten meetings in Chicago, while Hall, who was suspended for the first two games last season for taking impermissible benefits at a charity event, has received lots of praise from Meyer. Star defensive lineman John Simon was not out at practice today, but the word from the Buckeyes was that it's nothing serious that would keep him out of game action. 1 receiver on Monday, was working on the side early on after getting extra tape on his right ankle.

Again, the Buckeyes aren't reporting anything serious with new injuries that would keep any of their main guys out on Sept. As we know, Hall is out for at least the first week after foot surgery, while Williams continues to come back after missing virtually all of last season with serious microfracture knee surgery. Christian Bryant seems like an ideal guy to fit into that "star" position as the fifth defensive back, where he can get closer to the line of scrimmage and make some big hits. There is more upside to McCoy, the cost is low, and he has a leadership and team quality that you have to like in this time of big money and big heads.
The Buckeyes, with Urban Meyer making his debut as their coach, play the Miami (Ohio) RedHawks in Columbus on Sept. Gone are the grueling practices intended to weed out major contributors from those merely content to be along for the ride.
The competition at right tackle between converted tight end Reid Fragel and freshman Taylor Decker remains up for grabs.
Nineteen months later, he couldn't fathom the idea that more people hold the program in a higher regard now than they did during the Rodriguez era. That is the longest drought since the program went from 1950 to 1964 without winning a title. But he had 15 interceptions with his 20 throwing TDs, and his completion percentage slipped to 55 percent.
Darryl Stonum was dismissed for breaking one too many team rules, and Roy Roundtree needed knee surgery this month.
Campbell has lost about 20 pounds to get down to 308, trying to live up to the hype he had arriving on campus three years ago. He liked what he saw going on in Cleveland with its young core of Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters, and he welcomed a chance to play for Scott.
Coaches need to look the part, be professional, and always be humble throughout victory or defeat.
As youth football coaches,  it is our job to encourage and be positive with all players and coaching colleagues. Also, if your players are not hydrated they will dehydrate, overheat, get sick, cramp, and their overall body function will be weak.
Coaching Principles features sections on coaching for character, coaching diverse athletes, managing problem behaviors in athletes, battling drugs in sports, and teaching the games approach to coaching. Coaches can break down football technical and tactical skills by viewing Dartfish football media books that allow users to view video frame by frame. Coaches view video clips as they progress through the exercise to enhance the concepts being taught. Coaches have access to the clipboard even after they've completed the course for up to one year. Goebel, a low-key but steadying force on the interior of the defense, is perhaps the most surprising choice, but he's also a player who has always done his job -- on and off the field -- without much fanfare. But during a bit of what we saw, it seemed that Bryant was staying at safety, with Corey Brown see more reps at the star position.
His response was not becoming of a professional and he did more to embarrass the tribe faithful in this horrific season. I do not think he is a distraction and as a matter of fact I think he will give Brandon lot's of help during game time as to what he sees on the sideline. He stayed healthy, unlike the previous year, because Fitzgerald Toussaint ran for more than 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns. Playing the defending national champs is always something that is a great challenge and a great opportunity. The parents will also know it and it will ultimately lead to an overall positive football environment. We must always put the team first; always stick together as a team throughout both positive and negative occurrences. Coaching Principles provides the underpinnings of being a successful coach-beyond the Xs and Os. When the Oakland fan addressed the issue of standings with Perez, he responded that he didn't care and then went on to ask the fan if he knew what his salary was. Going to play the game in a venue like the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, I think is going to be a lot of fun.
Football is about building confidence in the children while developing their physical conditioning. Did the Miami Dolphins make the right choice to name Ryan Tannehill the starter (Miami Herald)?Colt McCoy may want to stay, but he could be on the Eagles' radar (The Pigskin Report).There are a few concerns about rookie Brandon Weeden (ESPN). Perhaps this is the downfall of the 2012 Indians, neither the players, front office, or ownership cares about the standings, only about their salary and profit margins. The traditional final game of the regular season is, of course, against Michigan's Wolverines, on Nov. Good coaches get their players to compete during all practices and games.  Condition those kids! Football is a physically demanding game; these kids need to be ready for four quarters of contact and cardiovascular exercise. Last season, at Ann Arbor, Michigan defeated Ohio State, 40-34, snapping OSU's seven-game win streak against its biggest rival.
Here are some of the Plain Dealer stories from coverage of that game, including Doug Lesmerises' game story.Ohio State ended the 2011 season with a 24-17 loss to Florida in the Gator Bowl on Jan. The loss gave the Buckeyes a 6-7 record, their first losing campaign since 1988.Since then, the attention has turned to how quickly Meyer, his staff and the players can restore the Buckeyes' program to its elite status.

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