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There are plenty of hints and tips on the back of each of the 10 cards about the best colours to select for your wardrobe, including Neutrals, Basics and Accent colours, together with advice on how to choose make-up, jewellery, accessories and hair colours confidently - all based on the relevant Season. This Color Swatch assortment works with your clothing, coloring and makeup for a polished, beautiful appearance.
Building upon over twenty-five years of experience, Color Me Beautiful presents Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful: 4 Seasons of Color, Makeup, and Style, by JoAnne Richmond.
This newest addition to the bestselling Color Me Beautiful Series simplifies and demystifies which seasonal color palette is best for you by offering 40 updated colors, including the more recent concepts of warm and cool. This book was written with a single goal in mind a€” to empower every woman with a wide range of knowledge and options to create a more confident, vibrant, and beautiful attitude.
A note from the author: Many of my empowered readers have asked me how they can become a Color Me Beautiful consultant like me.
Seasons color palettes: Winter, Summer, Autumn, and Spring, to help you better understand and choose the shades for you.
Carole Jackson shows how her clear, detailed application techniques will bring out the beauty in you. I like the softness of this outfit but probably would not wear it again unless I found a blue and yellow scarf to go with it.

The cloud blue cardigan I had on is close to a blue from the soft summer color palette, which is the sister palette for soft autumns. I've been remiss in that I am not remembering to say that the soft seasons can wear each other's colors. I am an author, faerie whisperer, moon priestess, healer and spiritual director who helps women come home to themselves and create the magical, mystical and enchanted lives they are meant to have. Unless I took the picture myself, it is probably not mine & I wouldn't dream of claiming it. The seasonal swatch with 30 of your perfect colors neatly presented in an elegant fan to keep in your handbag. Not every one of them, but because you are a blend of warm and cool, and one palette is more warm and the other more cool, you can choose from both. I think I ended up wearing a little bit of coral blush, and tropical ice lipstick from Color Me Beautiful. In fact, you will see that the palettes seem to harmonize with each other and some of the colors are quite similar. I have some blue eye shadow but it always looks a little bright when I put it on so this time I didn't try it.

It is always my intention to give full credit to the place I found it, but sometimes I forget. The celebrated Queen of Color, Carole Jackson shows how her clear, detailed application techniques will bring out the beauty in you.
So if you see your picture and would like me to either give it credit or remove it completely, let me know and your wish is my command.OTOH, if you see a picture of mine you want to use, please just link back to me. Fully illustrated with vivid color-true palettes and full-color photos showing right and wrong looks for each season, this is the best make-up investment you'll ever make. If it is not of me, however, I cannot guarantee that it is mine (see what I have written above).

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