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Regal Realness is about staying true to your self—the real you (culture, identity, heritage) while empowering you for the throne as the regal (empowered, educated, motivated, and determined) woman you are.
One of my daily affirmations: I have a vision, determination, and inspiration, as well as massive amounts of self-esteem and self-confidence.
Audre Lorde said it best, “When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. In addition to your FREE book, you will also get weekly empowerment e-mails to keep you motivated and inspired to become the REGAL woman you desire to be!
It is about staying true to yourself but becoming a women of excellence all at the same time.  We believe that you don’t have to give up who you are or where you are from to become a woman of great character, of great morals, of great presence, of great intelligence, and of great success. If you can control your thinking you can be anything you want to be and have anything you want to have.

Why do you think there are some people who are billionaires at 14 like Farrah Gray while others are 68 and still struggling to make a dollar. She helps women of color build & radiate confidence, discover their greatness, and come into their own. Circumstance, socio-economic status, race, gender, disability, neglectful or absent parents, etc—none of those are excuses!
If you are doing everything you can to be happy, to succeed in school or work, to get a boyfriend who loves you for you and makes you happy, to get the healthy hair you want, to be fit and go to the gym but none of these things ever seem to happen then it is time you ask for help. Sit down one night or day, grab a couple of magazines or pictures from the internet and cut out images that represent the life you envision yourself having.
If you have a law of attraction story, I’d love to post it on my site (with a link back to yours).

If you want to master your thoughts you need to create daily affirmations to tell yourself daily.
Essentially, you want to “fake it till you make it.” Your mind doesn’t know the difference. Put the images on a poster board, cork board, or any other space (even on your computer background) you have to make it visible daily. Real Talk: You wouldn’t believe all of the good things that will begin to happen as a result of saying affirmations daily.

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