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When we meditate, what usually occurs is that we find a mind that is running riot with our attention and mental energy. Our feelings of impatience and frustration with ourselves in meditation are certainly understandable, especially when they persist in spite of our best efforts to overcome them.
What’s almost as magical as learning not to beat ourselves up when encountering our distractions and inattention is that as we progress in our exploration of the mind and its habits through the practice of meditation, we begin to realize that not just us, but everyone has this same kind of desire to be free from the suffering of their mind and to be happy in the peaceful and calmly abiding attention that goes with a meditative or non-distracted mind. The meditation and mindfulness that we’re aiming our minds toward and that we want to cultivate as health-care professionals or even as parents or partners has to be based on the single goal of alleviating others’ suffering through changing the way that our mind works, becoming mindfully aware ourselves. The compassion that comes with a deep mindful presence is based on the realization that the person in front of me is no other than another me, another human who wishes to have happiness and to avoid suffering. To support you in your practice, I’ve posted below a script for an exercise in compassionate intention. Ebook and two chapters from the book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind, on how to meditate. Here’s a pitch for my book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind.
As always, please feel free to share your comments on meditation and contact me if you’d like to see additional content or other discussions on this site. Jerome Stone is a Registered Nurse and the author of the book Minding The Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind. Download TWO FREE CHAPTERS of Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind and a FREE E-Book! Selon Joan, la compassion est faite de cette capacite de voir clairement la nature de la souffrance.
Je vous invite a regarder cette poignante presentation faite par Joan Halifax au Ted Theater. A propos de Joan :Joan Halifax, bouddhiste roshi travaille avec des personnes en fin de vie dans des hospices et en prison, dans le couloir de la mort. Meditation Enfant avec Malory MalmassonDecouvrez une meditation guidee pour votre enfant sur le theme de la feerie (lien sous la video) mais avant cela je vous invite a ecouter Malory, la creatrice de cette meditation guidee. Meditation Definition : Entre Traditions et ScienceLa meditation qui consiste a preter attention a la realite est souvent associee a des traditions, religions et philosophies.
Compassion Definition : La Compassion et le Vrai Sens de l’EmpathieLa compassion est souvent associee a la meditation. It's no secret that doing good makes others happy -- but did you know it can make you happy as well? According to a study conducted by psychologists at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, people participating in meaningful activities were happier and felt that their lives had more purpose than people who only engaged in pleasure-seeking behaviors. Giving doesn't just feel good, it's also good for our health, according to two different studies -- one led by Doug Oman at the University of California in Berkeley, and the other by Stephanie Brown of the University of Michigan.
Try giving these four things to others to embark on your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Let it be known, however, that volunteering offers the most benefits to people who are truly in it to help other people. Most of us think we're good listeners, but according to psychologist Paul Donoghue, co-author of Are You Really Listening?
One of the simplest and most powerful things you can do for another person is to listen to them. When practicing mindfulness meditation, you focus on what you experience in the moment and let your thoughts and emotions pass through without judgment.
The psychological definition of compassion is the ability to understand another person's emotional state. Neuroscientist Jordan Grafman from the National Institutes of Health conducted a brain-imaging study. Giving another person your compassion is a little less concrete than giving something physical, but it's not particularly difficult, and the benefits are huge. According to an experiment by Michael Norton of Harvard Business School, those who spend money on other people are significantly happier than those who spend the same quantity of money on themselves. Currently, four-fifths of companies that already give charitable donations to international organizations plan to either sustain or increase their budget size. Whether or not you can offer other gifts, donating funds helps make real change happen for disenfranchised people all over the world. The butterflies, light-headedness, sweaty palms, fidgety legs, shaky knees, and incoherent mumbling?
A few years later, I had become one of the best public speakers – in my high-school, and then in my college. Whether it was mock trial, monetary policy, or business presentation, I went from being one of the worst to usually the best or second-best.
There was no chance encounter that fortuitously changed my fate – no girl I was trying to impress or mentor who pushed me to reach my full potential. Repeated a few dozen times over the course of a few years, and I had slowly turned my weaknesses into strengths. Until a month ago, I didn’t know why. What was it that made that personal responsibility so natural?
For which I’m glad, because that advice is a form of shifting responsibility from oneself onto others in order to promote artificial self-esteem.
There’s no reason to modify the entirety of our individuality in response to social pressure, but our bad habits?
Another potential consequence of excessive, unconditional praise is the tendency to view failure as evidence of stupidity, rather than as normal human experience. My parents didn’t congratulate me when I drew random colored lines on a piece of paper and called it a painting. A great meta-analysis of the self-esteem research: Does High Self-Esteem Cause Better Performance, Interpersonal Success, Happiness, or Healthier Lifestyles? As I’ve become more American (I was raised by Indian immigrants), its started hurting for me too.
Americans tend to over-estimate their ability to drive, the value of their contributions to team projects, and their academic and job performance.
Easterners tend to over-estimate their ability to get along with others and fit in (they think they have above average ability in appearing to be average).
There was no need for me to search for excuses, for reasons to pass on responsibility or to stop caring. Just like with optimism, too much self-compassion can be a problem, but you’re probably not anywhere close to reaching that point. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
Three studies which increased levels of self-compassion were found to positively affect several measures of mood and well-being. In the 2008 study, the authors did not actually mention the % increase in life satisfaction, only that there was a statistically significant increase. In the 2007 study, the negative correlation between self-compassion and negative mental patterns like anxiety and rumination is strong (see here), but the absolute increase in compassion and well-being is not reported, again suggesting the increases may have been small. In two studies which measured biological markers of stress like blood pressure, those with higher levels of self-compassion were better able to deal with mental and social pressure. Replace nagging self-criticism with some self-love and it’s no surprise that anxiety and depression stand a chance of going away.
The six week experimental study which trained participants in compassion meditation had a terrible control. Across five studies, self-compassion was found to increase prosocial behavior, attitudes, and feelings.
Four 2011 studies of college students and newlyweds, two correlational, one experimental, and one longitudinal, found self-compassion to be associated with greater motivation to correct interpersonal mistakes, more constructive problem-solving behaviors, reports of more accommodation, and fewer declines in marital satisfaction.

There are dozens of exercises you can use, many of which have already been empirically tested. In a 2012 study of an eight week compassion meditation program, the self-compassion levels of participants increased, on average, by 30%.13 Over the course of the eight weeks, participants meditated for a total of approximately 13 hours.
One easy way to soothe and comfort yourself when you’re feeling badly is to give yourself a gentle hug.
The next time you are aware of having a self-critical thought, try to dampen or even replace it with a more compassionate one.
Loving-kindness meditation is the most empirically validated technique for enhancing compassion. Probably not as effective, but I don’t like chanting mantras or listening to guided meditations.
I dig what they do, but your emphasis is different: on scientifically researched and vetted sources. Yes, I plan on using this, my gratitude posts, and many of my future posts as the backbone of my first paid product. Wonderful post Amit – so nice to read the scientific evidence of what I stumbled upon in talks by the late theosopher, Sydney Banks!
The tracking guide is a great way to incorporate all that juicy information into a valuable action that we can follow up on. But what I’ve seen is that it takes dozens of exposures to the same idea before any action gets taken, which indicates a problem with the bloggers.
Wow, I have to agree with the gang here: I’m blown away by the thoroughness and abundance of research in this post! I’ve been coming across the metta loving-kindness meditation just about every day from different sources.
Scientists have known for a while that both of these activities alone can help with depression," says Tracey Shors.
The meditation for the cultivation of compassion: begin by bringing to mind a person you know who is suffering adversity, whether physically or mentally. All kinds of discomforts disappear when we’re asleep, and changing our attitudes and thinking—our consciousness—can completely change our experience of living.
We need the mental plane, and it can be our greatest ally; but it can be our biggest enemy. Even brief sessions of mindfulness meditation—25 minutes for three consecutive days—can alleviate stress, new research suggests. Very few people are sleeping well, so when you have not slept well in the night you are a little tired during the day.
Although meditation is independent of any particular lifestyle or diet, I would be remiss if I did not point out that what you put into your body will make a difference in the quality of your meditation and how quickly you advance in your inner experience. Your ancestry and your family tree extend beyond your biological family; every human has a spiritual, multidimensional soul lineage as well. Clearing and opening the heart chakra releases emotional blocks and attachments as well as selfishness. Similar to getting an oil change every 3,000 miles, you benefit from doing some sort of Chakra Meditation regularly. I suggest clients use the Light Work - Space Clearing Meditation when there is discord in the house, yet remind them that to clear someone else’s space is unethical.
Many people have misconceptions about meditation and these can sabotage your ability to enjoy the benefits of it. When you do a meditation on compassion, reflect upon the manner in which sentient beings undergo the experience of suffering. To help us embrace mystifying messages that flow through our own inner wisdom and the divine mystery, the following exercises activate four of our seven chakras — the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Throat, and the Third Eye.
The magic of the practice of meditation is that slowly and gradually, we gain perspective into how ridiculous our wild mind can be, how impermanent our thoughts are, and how compassionately we need to deal with ourselves when working with our mind.
While it is not necessary to have a religious or spiritual basis or foundation for one’s meditation, most of what is written on meditation and compassion springs from these sources. But as we sit in meditation we can begin to recognize the subtle violence inherent in our impatience with ourselves. Conceptually, compassionate mindfulness is a focused and attentive desire or intention to help another person due to a compassionate impulse based upon the realization that our patients suffer due to the very same mind “dynamics” that we encounter as we begin to practice mindfully aware.
You may also wish to view other posts within this site to find additional relevant articles on this topic.
He also has over thirty years in a variety of health-care settings and is a long-time practitioner in meditation, with an emphasis in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and Christian and Kabbalistic Contemplation.
Dans le bouddhisme, mediter offre une voie pour se liberer de la souffrance et pour developper la compassion. Elle partage ce qu’elle a appris sur la compassion face a la mort, et un apercu approfondi sur la nature de l’empathie.
Mais, comme nous allons le decouvrir, ces 2 lectures de la meditation sont complementaires. The researchers also found that respondents' happiness came after they did something good for another person. These studies showed that elderly couples and individuals who provided help to neighbors and friends or volunteered for at least two organizations had a significantly lower risk of dying over the course of five years.
However, volunteering your time has enormous benefits, including making new friends and connections, learning new skills and even advancing your career. Suzanne Richards and her team at the University of Exeter published a paper in 2013 that reviewed 20 years of studies about the link between health and volunteering. Keys to Successful Communication, most people are aware that others don't listen as well as they could.
Giving someone your attention shows that you respect them and can also improve the quality of your relationship with that person.
Compassion differs from empathy in that those who experience compassion not only put themselves in another person's shoes, but also want to alleviate that person's suffering. The study showed that the brain's pleasure centers are equally active when we give money to charity as when we receive money ourselves. Both places have long dining tables and endless delicious food -- but the forks are too long for one person to eat with. Participants even predicted that spending money on themselves would improve their own pleasure -- but they were proven wrong. These organizations range drastically in size and in the services they offer, but all of them -- especially nongovernment organizations -- rely heavily on donors to function. Of what a person can accomplish when they have the courage to look bleak reality in its face. Twice, my public speaking skills bought me entry to The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, where I got to meet Ben Bernanke, the sexy bald guy that tries to control the American economy. I told myself, “no matter how unfair the judge or good the opponents, if I had done things differently, I could have won. The difference is that different cultures value different things – on being above average in different areas. However, a number of other studies have found that self-compassion and self-esteem are positively correlated. In addition, the stress buffering effects of self-compassion were only found when the participants perceived the presence of social support. It’s possible that the positive effects could have been the results of the meditation in general, and not the compassion meditation in particular. It involves focusing on deliberately generating feelings of compassion, first for oneself, then loved ones, then friends, strangers, and finally for enemies. They include the simple, but nice PDF at the end for people to type up their own goals without having to create their own tracking sheet.

Are there any currently widely held and practiced ideas which, in a few years or decades will turn out to have been harmful or useless? I thought your emphasis on self compassion was great, as well as the practical advice it generated. Thank you for putting the time and effort into this article and allowing for hierarchical study if needed. The only way to accomplish this is through meditation — by silencing the mind and listening inward. Everything you learn in school, by analysis or by study, will be expo­nentially deepened because you meditate. Find time every day to stop, detach yourself momentarily from the hectic pace of ticking things off of to-do lists, and take part in a relaxing or meditative activity. It has its routines, and it continues with them until something calls forth other reactions. As a teacher of workshops on happiness and spirituality, I’ve looked for quick ways to help people to quiet their minds. When this chakra is not clear, you may experience great ups and downs in your feelings and be subject to emotional drama. First, in order to have a very strong force of compassion, visualize a being undergoing active sufferings.
How do we really bring it alive in the world, make it acceptable to our friends, co-workers, and clients?
As our awareness and understanding of our limitations in meditation continue to deepen, we begin to gain greater insight into what is happening.
Finley’s quote beautifully describes the compassionately spacious quality that we need to have with ourselves in order to learn how to mindfully attend to ourselves as well as others. Profoundly, the only difference between my patients and me is that they’re there and I’m here.
Il est en effet saisissant que le fait de mediter developpe naturellement en soi ce sentiment d’ouverture envers les autres. According to the paper, volunteering correlates with lower instances of depression and reduces the risk of dying by 22 percent. When done well, active listening strengthens your focus -- which is a major component of good meditation. Those in hell sit with never-ending hunger and frustration because they cannot figure out how to partake in the banquet.
However, this study had a poor control, for which reason I believe self-compassion may buffer against stress both when social support is perceived and in neutral situations. The only requirement is that you remind yourself, perhaps once a week or once a month, of what you are trying to accomplish.
You can read meditation instructions here, or download for free six guided meditations here. Then, instead of verbalizing a mantra, I just focus on generating the emotions of compassion. Rosenberg, Joel Finkelstein, Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Margaret Cullen, James Doty, James Gross, Philippe Goldin (2012). The field of psychology went astray when they thought you have to give people self-esteem from the outside-in, when in fact they already have all they need when they’re not thinking against themselves.
Where do you draw the line between really being true to yourself versus running away from things because it’s the easy way out? If you have meditated before, especially on a regular basis, you know how much the practice can improve your mental fortitude.
After my second eloquent sentence, she burst out, “Oh, I don’t have time to be spiritual!” I started to clarify but she changed the subject to her impossible office job. It can also take us to the future, but the mind needs to be trained or it will go right back to what is familiar—memories from the past. It is listening not only with the ear, but with the soul—not only to sound, but to the silent language of inspiration. We realize we are catching ourselves in the act of perpetuating violence towards our wandering mind, our wayward will, or our sleepiness—in short, toward those very aspects of our self that need to be loved the most. In fact, at some point in our lives, many of us end up there and find out what it’s like to be there! Mais comment definir la compassion pour qu’on puisse la reconnaitre lorsqu’elle surgit en soi ?  Dans la video qui va suivre, Joan Halifax, qui travaille avec des personnes en fin de vie, partage ce qu’elle a appris sur la profonde nature de ce sentiment. Joan ajoute qu’il y a un autre element essentiel : nous ne pouvons pas nous attacher au resultat. However, those in heaven use the long forks to feed each other, allowing everyone to enjoy the delicious food. As both self-compassion and self-esteem correlate with well-being, the effect of self-compassion after controlling for self-esteem is likely smaller – perhaps half as much. Unlike hugging yourself, which is an easy habit to pick up, directly modifying thought patterns requires frequent refocus.
Once I’ve got a good feel for those emotions, I imagine myself and once again try to generate feelings of compassion. Enhancing compassion: A randomized controlled trial of a compassion cultivation training program.
I also enjoyed this because it feels like the scientific version of a lot of what Bobbi, Lori, and other A-List Blogging Bootcamps people generate.
The word vitality stems from its root, “vital,” its two meanings applicable to our life faculty. Why should I waste my precious time sitting quietly doing nothing when there is so much to do, so much to accomplish and achieve?
We realize that to stop meditating simply because we feel we are not good at it amounts to abandoning the very aspects of our self that need patience and loving encouragement. Car, elle precise, l’attachement risque d’affecter notre capacite a etre present a la personne qui souffre.
Research indicates that physical touch releases oxytocin, provides a sense of security, soothes distressing emotions, and calms cardiovascular stress.
Attachment, self-compassion, empathy, and subjective well-being among college students and community adults. In this type of meditation, you are making a specific request to the Higher and then receiving the blessing that the divine wishes to give you. The only way it can get a rest is when we sit down and concentrate on a meditation subject. We see that the whole venture in meditation is going to be a rough ride unless we can learn not to invade and abandon ourselves in response to all the ways in which meditation exposes our limitations and shortcomings.
And, because it has EVERYTHING that you need to learn how to meditate and to use your practice at the bedside.
But, you say, tell a kid that the reason they can’t get dates is that their appearance needs an upgrade, and their self-esteem is likely going to nosedive.
Self-compassion is a better predictor than mindfulness of symptom severity and quality of life in mixed anxiety and depression. Open Hearts Build Lives: Positive Emotions, Induced Through Loving-Kindness Meditation, Build Consequential Personal Resources.
Effect of compassion meditation on neuroendocrine, innate immune and behavioral responses to psychosocial stress.

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