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About a piglet named Juliet who knows she has great talent as an actress, but as soon as she steps on stage, her knees tremble, her mouth becomes dry, and she can’t utter a word.
Young Edwin the bear finally gets his first major role at the Farm Theater, but on opening night he forgets his lines. Spider, a Native American boy, has been chosen to be in the school spelling bee but is afraid to participate because he has to get on stage.

About a girl named Howardina Geraldina Paulina Maxina Gardinia Smith who is so excited about singing in her school talent show, but when it is her turn to perform, her voice doesn’t work.
About a girl named Sara who hates to talk in front of large groups but is given a part in her class play which is to be performed in front of her whole school. She wants more than anything to play Eliza Piglittle at the Pigsvill Playhouse but is afraid to audition.

He fears that everyone will look at him, that his legs will freeze together, and that no sound will come from his mouth.

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