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On 10th, 11th and 12th of February, Ballymacrickett’s budding stars took to the stage to showcase their talents in a rip-roaring production of ‘Oliver!’.
This all-singing, all-dancing production featured impressive renditions of all the show’s big numbers, along with a magnificent display of acting talent! If we are to celebrate the success of the show, we must celebrate beyond what happened on the night. Long hours and hard work, but the fruits of their labours certainly paid off, and the children of Ballymacrickett, once again, did themselves proud.
All this, complemented by an array of creative costumes, scenery and props, artistic hair and makeup, tied together the weeks of rigorous rehearsals – what a display!
From auditions in November, right through to late evenings in February, the dedication of the children and the staff was commendable; the lyrics of the song ring true… we really would ‘do anything’! An outstanding production of ‘Oliver!’ where, just like its title character, the audience was left hungry for more!

The emphasis is on developing fluency and building confidence in speaking and understanding. Each play is introduced with a summary (and pictures) of the characters, so they can be followed throughout the story.
Everyone was determined to ‘wow’ the audience, just as we had done in our previous two school productions.
The gifted cast were supported by equally talented Front of House and Backstage crews and a Primary 5 choir surely fit for the West End! It is about building relationships, building confidence, learning to work as a team, discovering talents which you never knew you had, and, of course, testing your stamina (staff and children alike!). Twelfth Night, Macbeth, The Tempest, Hamlet, Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet are included. The use of extracts from the original work gives children a feel for Shakespeare's language without being daunting. Activity types include controlled oral practice, speed-learning techniques, memory skills, and timed activities.

Each lesson has clear objectives, motivating students and giving them the feeling of measurable, focused progress. There is an emphasis on 'real English', ensuring that what students learn is directly relevant to what they will hear on the streets. Language is generated through a wide variety of interesting topics with a strong international flavour. Each level offers a coherent course of study, but is structured so that the lessons can be used in any order. Teachers can dip in and out of the course as needed, making it ideal for short courses with rolling enrolment.

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