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Showing that you have faith in someone’s ability will always help to build their confidence. When you are building confidence it is important that the individual knows they can rely on you for support if they need it. When you are trying to boost someone’s confidence you should try to exceed this ratio. If you weren’t present ask individuals how they feel they handled situations and praise the elements they did well. It may make you feel uncomfortable praising on such a frequent basis but it will do miracles for your team members’ confidence levels! Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and they need to take time to work out what the learning is (you can help them do this. Give 7 pieces of praise for every piece of developmental feedback if you don’t want to appear overly critical. Building self confidence is not something that one day falls from the sky, or a lottery that a lucky person wins. Those who don’t they lack one of the most important, priceless assets of our lives: self-confidence. It is for our self that has weaknesses and abilities, moments of desperation and moments of joy and euphoria.Self Confidence means that we accept every moment as it is and appreciate the good and the bad from it.
The failures discourage us, because we almost always attach them to our own inadequacy and incompetence (“I cannot manage anything!”).

This leads to easily give up and not to trust us for anything.We prefer to be «popular» instead of being really appreciated and liked, so we do not show what we are and what we can do. We even come to the point were we doubt their confirmation even for their love and that makes relationships very difficult and painful.Anyone who denies himself and undermines its capabilities and abilities, remains in “shadow”, unnoticed, and has a more rare opportunity to witness successes. Scientists suggest that apart from disturbances that have biological background, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem is the main reason for psychological problems.Self Confidence does not have a priceIt is not as important to have big self confidence as we have a big car, but to drive smart and well with what we have in order to go where we want when we want. We can have a fragile self-esteem often hit and questioned but nevertheless to live quite well with it. Our goal is not to stop making mistakes but to avoid converting the inferiority feelings in obsessions.
We need to be able to see our weaknesses without blaming and punishing ourselves but trying to calmly and slowly improve without forgetting our “strong cards” (we all have one).Exercises on building self confidenceThe road to the conquest of self-esteem and positive self-confidence is no magic way, we do not just wake up one day and we have succeeded. Putting this in the future, many times you will find that almost nothing is worth the confusion caused you at the beginning.There is no reason to magnify the problems. Try to solve them, rather than feeling disappointed and desperate.Not everything is laid out “in your hands!”When you feel that you lose ground and that you cannot control a situation, remind yourself of the reasons to continue to have faith. Keep these moments of your life alive and revoke them in your memory when you feel that things did not turned out as you would like. Relax and take control of the situation.Believe in your strengths, move ahead and accept that some things are not «in your hand». Try not to start immediately to justify yourself, but listen and leave little time to think what you hear.Learn to ask the opinion of others, which is necessary to understand yourself better.

Yet all of us without exception have self-confidence in things we do in our lives as irrelevant they may seem.Experiment with your limitsMake every day an effort to try things you want, even small and not so important without the need to be successful.
If for example you prefer another table from what they gave you at a restaurant, get it.If you believe that they should make you discount because you find the price a little too much, tell them and ask for a discount. To deny trying these simple things, this does not show you anything else but your own limits.The purpose of your actions must be experience, discovery, expansion of your understanding, «Look, this can be done too».
Do not put yourself under the pressure of success, except in exceptional cases when necessary.It’s the journey that countsEach time you make a mistake, each time you start doubting and having negative thoughts try not to be disappointed and especially not to blame yourself about it. Show your self-mercy, as you would do for a good friend who came to ask for your help when he is experiencing a difficult situation.In such a case wouldn’t you try to stand by him and to encourage him? What is the reason to punish someone who learns and has difficulties?To believe in your self is like a long journey.
You will be many times lost in the way, you will wonder if you are made about this and sometimes you will lose your faith. You can also contact Alex for any comments or suggestions about the web site.1 CommentClick here to post a comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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