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Therapy and unique interactive techniques to help build upon teenagers natural confidence and send it soaring! The Workshop will help you devise or hone your very own visual tools needed to express your own photographic choices and ideas.
Your instructor, Casimir Bart will guide in the process of capturing the beauty and the meaning of this extraordinary region, so the final outcome will be a gallery of shots that provoke emotions and successfully communicate through a complex language of visual imagery. You will be based in Cortona. We shall take day trips to a variety of field locations - Valdichiana, Val d'Orcia, Crete Senese. The Workshop will give you an opportunity to photograph people and places, monuments, architecture and the breathtaking landscapes – rolling hills, winding roads, lush greenery, colourful fields or clay formations. At dawn or twilight, we will explore composition, color, contrast, shape and texture in order to catch the magic moment. Before a shoot, we shall briefly review the key considerations – the light, the equipment, the set-up.
Participants will learn from the work of each other and critiques as much as from the instructor’s coaching and teaching.

Aperture, Angle of view, Colour Temperature, Depth of Field, Exposure, film Speed, Focal Length, Metering Mode, perspective Distortion, Shuter Speed. We shall explore the rules of a successful photograph - proper balance and harmony, focal point, the use of foreground & background, lines, movement, direction, colour, tonal range, light and dark, movement, rhythm, shape. Depending on the photographic experience and expertise of the group, we shall tailor the topics to individual needs. The Workshop is designed for those wishing to increase their skills and creative vision as well as for those whose idea of a fine vacation is a magic place, where great art meets fine food and wine and knowledgeable guides help you ponder that magic. Sign up for one of our girls self esteem workshops and make some new friends while having fun! Blooming Girls mission is to provide a safe and inspiring environment for girl’s ages 5-12 years old, where they can develop the life skills needed to reach their highest potential. Our experienced counsellors can provide a one to one programme helping you identify the origins of self esteem issues and overcome a lack of confidence.
Our one day courses in self-confidence and assertiveness can help you discover the language and tools to break free of the negative self-image that holds you back.

If it feels too soon to be attending a course or counselling or if your busy life means that it is just too difficult to get away, our Unstoppable Confidence Programme includes a CD and extensive notes and workbook to help you rediscover your self-   confidence and rebuild self esteem from the comfort of your own home. Remember your low self-esteem and lack of confidence can be a belief and not a fact and many people find that they can overcome both of these with the right support. Critiques, discussions and digital projector presentations of the daily output will follow the shooting sessions. Light is a prerequisite of a successful photograph, and understanding the nature of light is fundamental to photography. Our instructor provides confidence building classes for girls and workshops to build self esteem, in Fort Collins.
Some people even end up with reckless behaviour or, at the other end of the scale, excessive shyness.

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