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Respecting and valuing others is a key factor in growing up to be a confident and poised adult. This 3 week series is a great way to give your children the skills they need to succeed in the world today! This one of a kind workshop offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn about proper social skills in any dining situation. Whether you are interviewing for a private school, college or your first job, knowing how to present yourself is key. During this workshop, teens learn essential life skills needed to succeed in school, college and throughout their careers. Monday Mornings 9a-11a"The Book of Revelation" with Dr, Bill CreasyMarch 28 - June 20, 2016St.
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Get your child excited about learning important life skills and staying fit by joining our Kids Martial Arts program. Warrior Martial Arts also shows kids that physical fitness and fun aren’t mutually exclusive.
Warrior Martial Arts Academy teaches children practical ways of applying the values of leadership, discipline, confidence and respect both on and off the mat. Parents use the Winning Warrior Chart to track their child’s positive actions such as finishing their homework. If you’re interested in learning more about our Kids Martial Arts or our Winning Warrior program, contact us today. Martial Arts Classes Mixed Martial Arts and Karate Frisco & Little Elm - Warrior Martial Arts Academy has classes for kids, adults and families. The syllabus also covers group discussions where the students discuss certain burning issues of the country. Social skills need to be cultivated at a young age and reinforced throughout young adulthood. Old world manners are no longer required today, but the basic principals of etiquette still hold strong and true.

Through interactive games and role-playing, kids learn amongst their peers the importance of good behavior, confident body language, proper handshake, and much more.
During this class they will learn the importance of proper dining, dinner conversation and other simple courtesies that will help them become more confident at any table. This one of a kind workshop offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn the social skills that will help them become confident and self assured young adults. These 1 hour workshops are designed to teach the basics of good social skills through interactive games and role-playing.
The goal is for you to gain a working knowledge of how to apply these tools in standard situations.
The different species are combined into a single array.species - a cell column vector containing the species designation for the speciman given in the corresponding row of meas. Regardless of what level of ability each child starts with, our instructors guide each student to achieve their highest potential. Our curriculum based in leadership, discipline, confidence and respect fosters a sense of responsibility in our students. This helps their son or daughter keep track of the progress they’re making towards their goals. This enables them to increase their knowledge and enhance their reading skills as they read news papers to prepare before the group discussions. That’s not easy for parents to do when there’s school, homework and extra curricular activities. Good table manners, pleasant conversation skills and making a positive impression never go out of style. The class concludes with an in class “dinner party” where their dining skills are put to the test. In addition the kids will be instructed on how to place their own orders and will be guided on proper setting and use of their utensils.
During this lesson, they will learn the importance of handshakes, introductions, making eye contact and other simple courtesies that go a long with making friends.
Before you are admitted into a school or hired anywhere, you’ll have to ace the interviewing process.

During the workshop, students will participate in interactive, engaging lessons and activities, including making a good first impression, how to have a conversations without words such as “um, like and you know,” showing appreciation, mobile device dos and don’ts, dining skills and more.
Many parents also find that our martial arts classes help their children develop essential social skills.
Our goal is to help children develop healthy habits that stick with them for years to come.
Additionally, our Bully Defense lessons give our Warrior Martial Arts kids practical skills for dealing with bullying situations.
It’s an easy way to help kids achieve their full potential at home, in school and with their family. Once a student accomplishes enough tasks on the Winning Warrior chart, our instructors reward them with a special blue stripe on their belt. Good manners make life more pleasant for everyone, so why not give your child the social tools they will use everyday for the rest of their lives.
This event also includes a light lunch, where they will put their table manners into motion. This training program is designed to give you the skills and the tools to make you stand out above the rest.
Our students are taught in an environment emphasizing cooperation and teamwork, but are given the opportunity to achieve as individuals through belt testing, participation in tournaments and more. Kids also learn important lessons about accountability, as their parents must sign this chart before it’s turned in.
Our classes are geared to improve their attitude and self-confidence- and they have fun doing it!

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