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Bring in a note this week about how you have demonstrated self-confidence this week and an instructor will give you a stripe for your belt! By David HamiltonSelf confidence is one of the biggest things most people want for prosperity and success. So how do we generate that kind of confidence, that we see those “successful” people have? I look back at my information technology career in New York City, and how I started knowing very little about technology. I worked my way up to the manager level because of my drive and work ethic from ground zero. This definitely helps for reducing resistance to taking action in starting a business, advancing our career.
We often mistake confidence for the feeling of shining valiance and courage, that we think should be in place before taking action.
They just did it, and then later noticed they were confident, but it wasn’t a second thought either way, whether they actually felt confident. If so, try allowing them to be there instead of controlling them, this should free your energy up to act, instead of fighting with yourself.

You see the feeling of confidence and real self-confidence don’t have to be there together. And practicing doing this will make you pretty much unstoppable with everything but the most extreme fears.
Awareness and mindfulness practice of allowing those fearful thoughts and emotions to be there, acknowledging them is one of the most powerful ways to have self-confidence in any situation.
It’s building up a new relationship with fear, transforming it even to a fuel that can help propel you into action, is truly a wonderful thing. To create a story of how you want to show up in the world based on what matters most to you, and the kind of life you want to lead and the kind of person you want to be, deep down, every day.
This gives us a solid guidance system to making sure we focus on what’s really important to do, regardless of the fear that is there.
For years, and years, and years I tried to get rid of fears first, tried to get self-confidence first and searched for countless ways on how to improve self confidence. Don’t be a technique chaser, trying to find that magic technique of how to increase self confidence.
It’s all part of the skillset of learning how to build the muscle of change, anyways.

Read previous post:How To Control Your EmotionsEmotion is at the root of being human, whether we like it or not. Confidence is the fuel that motivates an individual to travel in the selected direction, even when the wave is against them.
Ways that you can demonstrate self confidence are through facing your fears, standing up for what you believe in, and believing in what you can do. You can bring in a note about how you have been practicing your karate form, how you have been studying for your classes in school, or how you started a new school.
Such quotes assist a person to know the difference between low self-respect and high self-worth.

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