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The confidence interval allows us to quantify how confident we can feel a group of data is from its mean value. For example, let's say we have a sample size of 32, with a mean of 33.4 and a standard deviation of 42. A confidence of 50% will yield the shortest interval because it is the smallest and the least precise of all the confidence levels. The confidence interval of 99.9% will yield the largest range of all the confidence intervals.
Calculating the confidence interval for a given group can be useful for any science, including electronics.
Since the sample size is small (below 30), we take the sample size and subtract 1 to get the degrees of freedom (df).

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95th percentile of one-tailed distribution is the distance in standard deviations from the mean to the point in either one end of the axis that separates the values in one region (1 tail) having total probability of 5% and the remainder with 95%.
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How do I calculate required Sample Size to get useful confidence interval length for Bernoulli random variables? Completely understanding the Confidence Interval - how is it not a probability of containing a population parameter? In a formal paper, should I censor "brainf**k", the name of a programming language?

We calculate the lower estimate by the formula, lower estimate= mean - (standard deviation)(value of t?). You can find it (actually 1.645 in the table) in the table above in the bottom row and the column labeled (at the bottom) 90%. For a two-tailed version that same distance (1.645) would result in two same regions at both ends of the axis, summing to 10% and leaving 90% in the middle.

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