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Do you believe the catchphrase “fake it until you make it” has any validity?  Well, research has shown that this is true, in relationship to body language and confidence. Even though I didn’t do any research, my understanding of the subconscious mind,  and how it accepts our repetitive actions, words and thoughts as our reality, led me to accept this as truth, 20+ years ago. Her research on body language also revealed  that we can change other people’s perceptions — and even our own body chemistry — simply by changing body positions. If you’re challenged setting and achieving goals – you’ll benefit from my FREE strategy session.
Hello Delyth, I can feel your frustration, I had a fear of public speaking and I left my comfort zone and joined Toastmasters.
When a person’s words and body language are incongruent, the body language speaks the truth.

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I created Confidence is an Inside Job to inspire YOU to be unstoppable with confidence for your personal development and your business success. Confidence comes from within and research has show that it’s one of the keys to living the life of your dreams. That which should distinguish the suffering of believers from unbelievers is the confidence that our suffering is under the control of an all-powerful and all-loving God. There are lots of girls out there who’s beautiful in their own ways, but beauty is uncommon. An open posture reflects how we are feeling, and by sitting up and walking straight it shows our body to be open and exposed.

I help entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams: confidence, clarity, courage and a blueprint for success with your business and personal life.
Our suffering has meaning and purpose in God's eternal plan, and He brings or allows to come into our lives only that which is for His glory and our good. You can consciously use body language to change how people see you until it becomes a habit.

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