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Being confident means having good self esteem and knowing that you are valuable as a person.
Every now and then that inner voice will challenge you, confront you and try to hold you back, and that's when you need to let your heart guide you. When we look at a tree, we overlook how long it took to grow, to become strong, to have leafs, and to be fruitful. Why are we expecting when we start working toward our goals for us to grow fast magically and produce fruits that people would want to eat from. Being confident may come naturally to some, but others will need to change the way that they think about and see themselves in order to gain confidence.

It takes time, it takes a lot of digging first, a lot of dirt work, to plant the seed and than it takes a lot of water, a lot of good food, a lot of nutrition and a lot of sun. Knowing your weaknesses and working hard to overcome these will help you gain confidence in your skills and abilities, and this will be visible to others. If one of those ingredients are missing the tree will not grow strong and standing tall and mighty.
If you feel happy everyday and feel right about what you do toward your goals than you are already successful and you are growing strong.
But if you do actions and it doesn't feel right, you feel you are not learning anything knew anymore, you feel like you are stuck in a dead-end, you don't feel happy in the morning, you don't feel any growth, than you need to change your goals, or the direction that you are taking; the steps and actions that you are taking.

Always reevaluate what you are doing everyday and see if it's leading you to a growth or to stagnation. May God give you wisdom and lead you to the right path for your happiness, strength and success.

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