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So, I loved this Billboard video of Demi Lovato at the iHeart Radio Fest 2015 talking about her new album Confident.
Confident people know that they are correct what they are saying and they stand for it and prove it. Since confident people know their strengths and weaknesses so if they talk to people they always ask about their strengths and look at the positive sides rather wasting their and someone else time and energy.
It’s like a give n take relationship if you get respect then only you want to give respect in that ways you don’t disrespect anyone so nobody will like if they will get disrespected.
If someone criticizes you, don’t feel sad take it is an opportunity to improve if somebody is saying something they are saying for your good.

You are excellent in decision making are very decisive in nature and are able to take wise decision in terms of everything. It’s not like initiative comes from confidence but its other way round which is act of taking initiatives builds confidence and gives you more confidence.
But over confidence is something every girl should be beware of and should never have that attitude and under estimate people. If you’re confident, you are surely good at decision making and stand still at your point till you prove yourself.
You discover what are your limits and your challenges which is the most powerful tool now days in the world.

Even though she’s gone through a lot with drug and alcohol addiction, an eating disorder and, of course, all the abuse that is still constantly being thrown at her on the Internet even today.

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