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Before we start this tutorial, I would like to begin with explaining what is an IP address what it is used for.
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to configure or set a static IP address for both Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop and Server edition.
When configuring the network settings on our Ubuntu server, we don’t have the fancy GUI to help us.
Congratulations, your static IP address has now been successfully configured in your Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop and Server. This is especially important when you are editing the settings on remote server that is located on thousands miles away from your location. Great article just wondering about this part: “Remember to replace “enp0s3” with the name of your network adapter???
Means, you should change “enp0s3” with your network adapter name for example, eth0 or eth1.. What is this Shellshock thing about?Some 20 odd years ago a vulnerability was introduced to a program called bash which is the most commonly-used "shell" used in Linux and MacOSX servers.
If this succeeds then remember to run the following command to test that the update actually fixed the problem.
The easiest method to update Cygwin is to download a fresh copy of the setup program and use that to update. Configure Outlook 2007 Manually with Exchange 2010This article knowledgebase article only applies to Voyager Exchange email customers.
Configure Outlook 2007 Manually with Exchange 2010This article knowledgebase article only applies to Voyager Hosted Exchange customers. For CuteFTP, under the "Tools" menu, select "Global Options" and expand the "Security" section and select "SSL Security". Why backup a VPS?Net24 performs daily backups of all VPS servers each night during the early morning, however in addition to this you may want to backup or take a snapshot of the VPS yourself at a certain time, for example just prior to making a major change.
In some cases, this error might also be caused by large time discrepancy between the client and server computers.

One of the certificates installed inside the VPS is likely to be expired, preventing the connection. If you already have the legacy OBS Online Backup Manager software installed on your computer and you wish to upgrade to the new Ironstor system then you will need to follow the steps below to uninstall the old software and settings before installing the new Ironstor Cloud Backup Manager.Windows1.
This script will fetch all the required packages from the internet and install them automatically.
This tool will be quite useful for Network Administrators and System Administrators one who maintain large number of networks.
The IP address is a unique set of numbers, separated with dots with which your computer identifies in a network via Internet Protocol. The difference between those are the dynamic IP address might be changed when connecting to a network, while the static IP address remains the same after each connection to a network.
Static IP addresses are often used on servers, so that a given server can be accessed over that IP address or domain pointed to the same IP address. Keep in mind that if you set the wrong configuration the machine may become inaccessible over the network. The Shell is what you are presented with when you connect to a terminal session on your server. The issue is that, by default, almost all FTP clients do not use the Windows Certificate store. Make sure that the "Accept Certificates in the Windows Trusted Root Certificate Authority store" option is selected. Ensure it is completely closed (and not working in the background) by checking for Microsoft Outlook icons in your system tray (where your Windows clock is normally displayed).
This would allow you to revert the entire server to the previous state if your changes need to be reversed for some reason.Backing up a VPSAll VPS customers are able to manually backup their VPS at any time using their Virtuozzo Control Panel.
It features powerful network discovery functions and offers search and filter functions for both networks and host, permitting Internet Search Engine equivalent expressions.
During installation the installer will ask you couple of questions regarding Apache user, Apache configuration file and Perl modules etc., just press ENTER or type Y to continue with the installation.

It's the command-line interface to the machine.This vulnerability allows for commands to be passed to the shell program from environment variables that can be set before the shell program is run. To access your VPS backups area, login to your Virtuozzo Control Panel, the details for which are included in your initial VPS provisioning email.Once logged in, click on "Maintenance". For more information about GestioIP usage and configuration please refer the GestioIP documentation page. You can have up to 15 backups stored at any one time, including a maximum of 2 Full backups. For example if you have managing your IT infrastructure on various location, enter the locations in the Sites box. This does not matter if the bash program is called directly or if it is called via a PHP, Perl or other programming script.
The rest will be incremental backups, which take up a lot less space, but still allow you to revert the entire server to that previous state. Net24's weekly Full backups mean after the VPS has been active for a couple of weeks you will always have 2 Full backups, and many daily incrementals, allowing for restoration to a specific day.If you currently have less than 15 backups stored, you will be able to click on "New Backup", and then "Backup" to begin backing up the server - depending on the size of the VPS, the time taken may vary but you can click on "Details" to ensure it has completed successfully. If it does not use CGI at all (CGI has been known as a security risk in general for some time) then your webserver is not exploitable by this vulnerabilty. If you allow SSH access into your server (which almost everyone does) then it is possible for the exploit to be used. Note that the user MUST be logged in for this exploit to work so restricting access to specific addresses and enforcing strict password should mitigate the vulnerability.It is conceivable that a DHCP server could be compromised and then used to issue shellshock attacks against your internal computers.
If that is not possible, or for all other servers then "patching" or updating the bash program is required. For your username type in "HX\user" where "user" is the name you were provided when you signed up.

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