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I’ve been amazed at these words of Kierkegaard since I first read them when I was in my twenties. It becomes clear, when looking creatively at the past, that a great drama is always going on in our lives. Advertisements Summit Outpatient offers customized treatment programs designed to bring counseling and healing to those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.
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5 Centimeters per Second « Anime ContemplationAnime Contemplation Carefully considering the world of Anime, episode by episode. My guest blogger today is Jeffrey Pfaum, an inner-city schoolteacher, who is sharing his creative ideas for reading, writing, imaginning and drawing exercises.
You can develop the imagination with simple exercises, where the mind changes words into pictures. One day, while riding the bus to school, millions of butterflies came in through the windows, filling up every inch of space, covering me, and also, the other passengers, and made us into human butterfly people. Help children become aware of the internal skills needed for for learning and learning how to learn.
As an inner-city schoolteacher, Jeffrey Pflaum created innovative projects in reading, writing, thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, poetry, concentration, and vocabulary. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I looked through your dinosaur series of books and thought they were terrific–fantastic illustrations. I have re-connected with my former students, now in their 30s and 40s, and they said, in the beginning, when I first started using music writing with them, they were not thrilled with a no-prompt approach, like, what do I write about if he doesn’t tell me.
Combining music with writing came from my own experiences with music: When I came home from a hard day at school, I played music to drown it all out, but instead, it all came back to me, the mind-pictures, feelings, and thoughts I went through during that day.
So I tried it out on the kids to see what would happen–and things did happen that changed the children individually and the entire classroom environment.
To demonstrate this concept ask them to visualize absurd sentences (as well as real sentences) and use the questions described in the post to probe their responses. Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th!
If you’ve ever seen someone with a semicolon tattoo, it may have seemed a bit quizzical. It began in the spring of 2013, when Project Semicolon founder, Amy Bleuel lost her father to suicide. After a lot of contemplation, she landed on a semicolon because of the symbolic meaning it carried for her amidst her depression. According to the website, “Project Semicolon is a faith-based non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury. In the past year, thousands have joined the movement, with musicians and other public figures promoting the cause and speaking out about depression, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts.
Used with permission: Character by Character compiled by Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge. Scripture passages referenced and linked in this lesson are written out for your convenience on this page. Little is known about Saula€™s family, except that he was the son of Kish, who was of the tribe of Benjamin. What do you think is the prime quality which God looks for in those He selects to do a special work for him? Before Saul was presented to the people as the king of Israel, God took care to prepare him for the task in a number of ways. Did you notice that although most of the people gave their allegiance to Saul, there were some who disliked him?
After Saul has been appointed as the first king of Israel, he returns to the quiet and humble task of tending the cattle, but soon an incident takes place which thrusts him into prominence. Saul waits for Samuel at Gilgal, as arranged, but seeing his army beginning to disperse, Saul usurps Samuela€™s priestly office by offering sacrifices in his absence. Notice that Samuel called sin—sin, and did not cover it up as we too often tend to do.
King Saul demonstrates his spiritual and moral deterioration, not only by his sin of presumption and impatience, but also by his disobedience and rebellion.

He keeps the best sheep and oxen for himself and although he destroys the Amalekites, he spares Agag, the king.
Later, when accused by Samuel of disobedience, Saul attempts to justify himself, but Samuel affirms that he is no longer fit to be king and that he is to be rejected by God.
Saula€™s rebellion and subsequent rejection by God results in the Spirit of God departing from him, and it is not long before an evil spirit takes hold of Saul and begins to control his life. The Philistines go to battle with the Israelites and rout them, overtaking Saul and his sons. Few people take a leap into spiritual degeneration; they usually move down the slope a step at a time. Floods came from the waters of the Great Deep below and rain came through the "windows" in the dome (Gen.
Now you can see why Saul went to the witch of Endor to "summon up" the spirit of Samuel from the kingdom of the dead (1 Sam. However much we try to sympathetically understand the life of Saul, we cannot help but view him as one of the most disappointing of all the characters in Scripture. There are many lessons to be learned from the life of Saul—one being that obedience to the Lord is far more important than achieving success in any other realm. How can so much truth—with even a touch of the humour and enigma of life’s mystery—live in a single 12-word sentence? In such contemplations, patterns are revealed that weren’t visible when what are now memories were the moving finger writing the present. The past is something we can survey to note patterns and glean wisdom, when we look with a mature attitude. Max is also the author of a recently published book of poems, Journey from here to HERE, which can be ordered online. The Mindful Word invites you to reprint, copy, distribute, and alter CC-licensed text as long as you provide a clickable link back to The Mindful Word and share-alike. He has written a book titled Motivating Teen and Preteen Readers: How Teachers and Parents Can Lead the Way.
As adults, most of us listen to music while we work…what a wonderful idea to introduce music as a way to encourage creativity in children whose environment does not encourage them to write. In her grief, she wanted to think of something that would honor him, and also serve as her own reminder never to give up on herself. It is interesting to note that Saul of Tarsus, whose story is recorded for us in the New Testament, was also a Benjamite (see Rom.
First He dealt with any doubts Saul may have had about his divine calling by inspiring Samuel to anoint him and give him several signs (vv. Returning from the fields, he hears that the Ammonites have come against the men of Jabesh, and instantly Saula€™s patriotism is aroused. Saul recruits a small standing army of 3000 men, considering them to be more effective than the much larger militia which is at his disposal.
Arriving soon after this event, Samuel rebukes Saul for his presumption and announces that he will be replaced by a king after Goda€™s own heart. The presence of the evil spirit produces in Saul periods of deep depression and frenzied outbursts of rage. Because of Saula€™s jealousy and hostility, David becomes an outlaw but gathers around him a loyal band of men (1 Sam. Disguising himself, he consults a medium—an act strictly forbidden by Jewish law (Lev. Saul is badly wounded and, rather than surrender to the Philistines and suffer the ignominy of defeat and torture, chooses to kill himself by falling on his sword.
Seeing the big picture in memory brings home the sense of the greatness of the drama, now fully ripened, and how each part contributed to the whole.
But all such contemplations bring us back to the present, the only cutting edge between the known and the unknown.
Am I sure that the stream of transformation is not flowing silently underneath a seemingly stable appearance, and feeding, feeding the life in everything until a new surprise suddenly breaks out, or a slow, steady new spring arrives? Both met while at school and quickly established a strong bond due to their similar interests. He writes wonderfully imaginative stories but has to be encouraged to write since he much prefers video games. 27) It should not be expected that when God calls you to do His work, everyone is going to applaud you and pat you on the back.

He places 1000 men under the command of his son, Jonathan, who succeeds in overrunning the Philistine garrison at Geba. David ministers to Saul during his times of depression and is able to bring him some relief.
We can choose to let God and grace rule over us—or allow sin and Satan to dominate us. He refused to obey God, set about having his own way and, as a result, fell from the highest position in the land to finish up as a suicide.
However, on graduation Akari ends up going to a different school which is some distance away but they still stay in touch by writing letters.
The three signs which are given to Saul all take place on his way home, thereby convincing him of Goda€™s calling and election. The fear of the Lord falls upon the people and they rise up as one man to overcome and defeat the Ammonites.
This sparks off a massive retaliation, and once more a general mobilisation is necessary to meet the Philistine invasion.
To Saula€™s and the mediuma€™s surprise, God allows his request to consult Samuel (now dead) to be granted. Later, when Tohno informs Akari that he's moving to Kagoshima (a very long way away!) they decide to meet one final time at Akari's town, Iwafune. Her’s is a fun adventure with a fun twist to the dinosaurs — they are machines that come back to life!!
We have already seen how Saul met Samuel, and something of the circumstances in which he was chosen and anointed to be king over Israel, but now we examine some of these details again—this time from Saula€™s point of view.
In the joy of their great victory the tribes gather at Gilgal, between Jericho and the Jordan, where Saul is made king, after which Samuel gives the coronation speech.
Samuel appears before Saul and pronounces imminent doom upon him, and the following day this prediction is fulfilled. Pause right now and ask God to protect you from placing your feet on any one of these slippery steps.
Due to heavy snows Tohno's train journey is delayed by several hours but they eventually manage to meet and share their first kiss out in the snow.From here, the film follows Tohno to his new school. Although Saul turned out to be a disappointment to both God and to Israel, when we first meet him he appears to have some excellent character traits. Even after several years he still longs for Akari, ignoring the advances of another girl, Kanae, at his school and seeing her just as a friend.I'm not going to write any more about the plot as while there is nothing to spoil as such, this is truly something that you need to watch - just reading about it isn't enough. The art and animation within this film is absolutely stunning, it is without a doubt the best I have ever seen.
The snowy scenes during Tohno's journey are almost dreamlike and the scenery of Kagoshima looks amazing. I was worried that this would be too much of a digression away from dinosaurs, and maybe a bit too sophisticated for that age group, but not so.
God shows the people, however, where he is hiding—thus confirming him to be the man of His choice. The music is very haunting (and more so with the hiss of the gramophone) so it really captured that moment in the story and brought it to life as a imaginative experience. The only thing I slightly dislike with the music is the song used for the ending, the lyrics are very good but the song itself didn't seem to be quite right to me. I'm sure others will disagree and say that it was a perfect accompaniment though.Admittedly, the end did leave me slightly confused.
Due to the lack of narration it's difficult to grasp what is going on, but after re-watching the end segment I think I fully understand. Without a doubt, this is the saddest ending to an anime i've seen, but any other way would be a huge anticlimax. After watching this film I immediately went to pre-order it, it is truly an outstanding film that I suspect I will watch many times. Update: Unfortunately, Manga UK have said that a BluRay release is now looking very unlikely due to licensing restrictions which is a real shame, this film looks truly amazing in HD.
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