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Firstly to read, secondly to listen, thirdly to perceive, fourthly to think over and so on, about any other irrelevant subjects unrelated to devotion is also kusang. However, out of these the most dangerous is contemplation because kusang in the form of reading, listening and even observation all lead to contemplation.
Repeated thinking influences the mind by causing it to gravitate toward negative forces, plus the intellect also becomes allured and the regrettable consequence is that after some time, the mind becomes fully drowned in such undesirable subjects contrary. Thus, if we can protect ourselves against negative factors, then we can very easily be liberated from kusang.
A devotee says, “I adore and worship the Supreme power of Love, Who is Shree Radha, the personified essence of the ocean of the sweetest form of Divine love.

It is crucial to have an understanding of what these are so that a devotee can be cautious and protect himself from it.
How can fire grow if it won’t have any wood to burn? If water in the form of faith derived from satsang is poured over the blazing fire of kusang, then the fire will slowly die down.
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In other words, rather than being cautious right at the very initial stage of kusang, we claim, “Oh, how can this kusang do me any harm?

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