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By Rebecca Root In the bushy overgrowth of the American outback, surrounded by the sweet sounds of Mother Nature, under a canopy of stars, a cosy summer camp quickly becomes a hotbed of summer loving. By Rebecca Root  So you’ve heard a few friends talking about summer camp, the guy down the hall has bragged about it, that stand at university is advertising it and the random girl on Facebook won’t stop posting about it. By Rebecca Root The countdown for these next few crazy months has finally reached its end and the day has come to get on that plane. By Rebecca Root So after two of the most brilliantly chaotic months at a wild and wistful summer camp, we know you are adamant that you are not returning home.
By Rebecca Root Glorious summer sunshine in a Pennsylvania valley, a whole host of new friends, amazing kids and a four-month US visa; does a summer get any better than this? By Rebecca Root In this new and foreign land of wooded landscapes, fellow counselors and energetic minors, it can be hard to know how to navigate such fresh and exciting waters. Saturday 30th July 1:50pm Stephanie has been unusually quiet today so I went and sat with her on her bunk when we got back from lunch.
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We sat down on a big fallen tree and then we had one of those amazing drunken conversations where you discuss life but it doesn’t really make much sense. We saw each other a few times after that but then unfortunately he had to leave camp and go home.
If you want to read more about having sex at summer camp, there’s plenty of inside dirt in the book Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor. To work as a camp counselor successfully, you must be mature, responsible, honest, and trustworthy and have the leadership ability to command and be obeyed.
Being a camp counselor is fun and the best thing is that you don’t require any specific kind of education to be one.
If you’re a great counselor, the campers will always look forward to having you around. Working as a camp counselor, you’re directly associating with kids and other staff members. In the evenings the dining hall is open until about 2am for the counselors in case we’re hungry. 11:13pm Went to NYC today to drop one of my campers off – the diamond watch girl who misses her dad – at La Guardia Airport.
When I got back another one of my campers had left – $30 deposited in the travelling bank, ker-ching! As I lie in bed writing this, little Britney and her bunk buddy are in the top bed next to mine crowded round a mini DVD player. It’s a quick compilation of those most-see locations to hit up once the bunks are all boarded up and the kids have headed home. With hoards of people sleeping in confined spaces, icky germs can sneak their way into innocent immune systems.
Rebecca, Zoe, Cara and all the other normal-day counselors went on their day off earlier to Ithaca, while us alternate-day staff were left guarding the kids. Well firstly if you want some action from your co counselors during your time at camp don’t apply to a single sex one!
I’m not sure whether she knew what we were doing and walked off or if she changed her mind about going in the costume room.

No one really cared though and without having anywhere decent to go what else were we supposed to do?
Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Christianity! In this field, no doctorate is needed as long as you have equipped yourself with the basic education and you’re great with kids – all you need is some practical experience. As well as stained glass we also have to teach craft together and neither of us has a clue.
I’m so fascinated by the fact she’s from Hawaii – I just thought it was where rich people went on holiday. There are loads of cereals and breads out for us, which is great if you can’t be arsed to walk up the big hill to the GC, but want to hang out away from the kids. Not just because I’ve had a drink, but because I genuinely feel like I’ve met my soul mates. I felt really proud she’d chosen me to take her out of me, Rebecca and Zoe – we’ve got on so well all this time.
Gutted I haven’t been seeing any of these $1000 tips Rebecca told me about at the start, but I mustn’t be greedy.
I’m finding it hard to not think about him though – John’s gossip earlier was a great distraction.
Pete and me had breakfast at an organic restaurant and then explored Ithaca and the Pyramid Shopping Mall. My friend did and she had no interesting guy stories to tell whatsoever when we got back to uni… how dull. Our camp was a bit crazy and we were always playing stupid things like spin the bottle or strip poker- except no one could follow the rules of actual poker so we made up our own version. Working with kids, especially a huge group at once, is a challenge but it opens you up to being creative, empathetic, being able to solve problems and sometimes just act silly.
Being a leader, the kids tend to follow everything you do but not what you tell them to do.
There are soda dispensers up there with unlimited refills, so as well as the sugar and e number-filled food the kids get high on coke too. Anyone who was in the recital has been walking around camp today with a sign round their necks saying ‘vocal rest’ and not speaking.
We have such a laugh – Cara and me, gay horsey Pete and me, everyone and me… – no one could ever understand this experience unless they actually have it I don’t know how I’ll even begin to explain it all to my friends at home.
When I think about it, it always felt like Ben just wanted to protect me and have deep and meaningful chats, which is cool, but I wanted other stuff too. I had enough stories for the both of us though which gave us more than enough gossip to talk about. Working as a camp counselor sometimes requires you to engage the kids in many recreational activities. At other times she’s totally nuts and just goes crazy at us, screaming and screeching about where her top is, or what some other kid has said to her. When they do sing it’s operatic and they flutter their eyelids like they’re having a bit of a seizure when they hit the high notes. I snogged Tim from rock shop – he’s a right fitty and he’s well into little old me, woohoo!

There were about 15 counselors all having a cereal fight; obviously we got stuck right in there.
We’re a team here, we support each other and we know exactly what each other is going through so we can sympathise with each other’s camp troubles. We left at 5:30am and when we got there her dad hadn’t booked it properly, which was stressful. He told me that one of the head counselors is getting it on with the receptionist – controversial. The houses were massive with swimming pools, tennis courts and everything, shame we couldn’t get out for a snoop. Anyway I had a bit of a challenge to get him because obviously I wasn’t the only one with my eye on him.
I can remember thinking how amazing it was laughing, looking up at the bright stars and being next to the fittest guy I had ever met. In addition, it lets you enjoy yourself, be lost in the world of the young souls and learn some tricks to handle certain family issues. I had a brainwave today though – we had some sponge heads for the mops so we chopped them up for the kids and gave them some eyes, pipe cleaners, pens, glue and felt, and showed them how to make a SpongeBob Squarepants. I’d say she feels like the odd one out with all these skinny little Jewish girls though, she’s probably twice the size of them and twice as ugly. I stood on one of the tables and spun round sprinkling coco pops everywhere, then Cara copied me and we ended up just chucking the little variety pack boxes at each other, using people for shields.
I like it when we get together and discuss tactics for keeping the kids in line, and I like it even better when we come together and DRINK. One of the other girls who liked him was also an absolute bi*ch so she didn’t waste any time flirting and it made me feel a bit sick someone could make themselves look that desperate. Working as a camp counselor will teach you lessons in accountability, integrity and compassion. My bunkmate Rebecca got with his ugly mate and Danielle was getting it on with her climbing wall boss. He told me he’d liked me for ages (he’d only known me a month lol) and that he thought I was beautiful! She seems to have taken a liking to me, whenever she sees me around camp she just screeches, “Luuccccyyyy!” and runs over to me for a hug nearly bowling me over.
I guess I want him to be a ‘boyfriend’ while I’m here, that’s how I always thought of him before. All the counselors had gone to the nearest bar for the night and being a bit tipsy we started flirting and he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk.
There are many positive things to experience like meeting new people, making new friends and learning new techniques.
But then I like to feel free too, although there’s no one else I’m interested in, and now there’s the whole girlfriend thing to factor in too. We could hardly see where we were going so we used the torch and made sure we were just enough distance from the bar not to be caught although they had all seen us walk out so they knew we had gone off together. Everyone was having sex at summer camp though so no one was that bothered.

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