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Wednesday, December 14Marie Smith will lead a discussion about festivals and other celebrations. Wednesday, September 14, Ahmet Tharwat showed photos of the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt.
Wednesday, October 26, Luke and Corinne led a discussion on the question a€?How Do You Remember the a€?60s?a€? The meeting started by our listening to Carole King singing a€?Youa€™ve Got A Friend,a€? which brought back a lot of memories for the 12 people assembled. Refreshment time at our regular meetings offers us the chance to have informal conversations with our fellow BUUFs. After my presentation (September 28) on the future of families and Berta€™s description of the deterioration of family life which he has seen as a social worker for 35 years, I thought about the gathering this summer of three local UU families at our home for an afternoon of recreation. On October 9 I preached a sermon on the Metaphysics of Quality to the UU Church of Willmar, Minn. Lynn Hensel found a womana€™s purse along the highway, and several of us found missing items such as a drivera€™s license, college ID, and credit cards.
Luke Markve is leading a discussion group on the Universality of Quality, which meets weekly. Make sure Minnesota is the first state in the country to defeat an anti-marriage amendment! The most important conversations wea€™ll have about this proposed amendment are with people we already know a€“ friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.
Minnesotans United for All Families is a coalition of several organizations, including OutFront Minnesota, a€¦..

We welcome everyone to our group, whatever our race, ethnic origin, religious perspective, sexual orientation, political philosophy, or economic condition. My presentations are designed to appeal to students aged 10 to 18 with a variety of interests. My life story is unique and will help individuals gain clarity in what they wish to achieve through setting a goal and going after it.
I will share with you the ups and downs through my journey of success and failure, hope and disappointment. I will take you down a road of playing in the Stanley Cup final with Wayne Gretzky, what it took to get there, and, when elimination tried to interfere with our goal, how we found a way to stay positive and continue to pursue our dream of winning the Stanley Cup.
I look forward to sharing my life story with you and promise it will motivate you to achieve your dreams and goals.
Board meetings will follow the regular meeting on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May. Michellea€™s sister had a lovely ritual which included asking those gathered to promise their support to the young couple. And may there be many more blessings for Michelle and Steve and Chiro individually and together. Strange how institutions like religion and marriage are such an important part of our lives and relationships in spite of what we may say or feel about their value. We welcome everyone to our group, whatever your race, ethnic origin, religious perspective, sexual orientation, political philosophy, or economic condition.

Paul gave a presentation on a€?Practicing Right Relationships.a€? Your editor missed this meeting. I will promote the qualities of character education-hard work and perseverance, courage and belief in oneself, respect and friendship. I will make you laugh and make you sad, and help you realize that to get what you really desire, you may have to endure pain and suffering along the way. What young hockey player does not want to play in the NHL, win the playoffs and eventually capture that coveted of all prizes, the Stanley Cup? You will know that the hard work, commitment, successes and failures finally paid off and that you are a stronger, better person because of that journey. Whether students’ interests lie in athletics, art, music, global issues, science or technology, I will provide examples of success in these areas. Through the acquiring of both physical and mental skills, the experiences we have, the people we meet, and the knowledge of life we gain, we can become more capable and wiser human beings.

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