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This mod adds a bunch of new items to the game including, katanas, bo staffs, and throwable kunai. I've put the files directly into the jar file, and I've tried putting this mod into the mods folder in the .minecraft folder. I wish I could download it I have a stupid old mac that wont let download mods,but Im saving up for a new computer then ill download this mod it looks sick!

It will be coming out really soon and will be adding so many new items; grappling hook, ninja stars, long sword, new bostaffs, new katanas, AND MUCH MORE.
The interface allows the player to select a particular item through a search function or by electing it from the creative mode items menu and filter out all recipes not related to that item. ModLoader with Forge, the mods aren't working, it's as if there isn't anything new, nothing happens.

The Crafting Guide is one of the items the player will be given upon beginning his or her adventures in the Yogbox, along with a full set of wooden tools and leather armor.

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