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I tell newcomers all the time, there’s 3 stages of growth in their athletic development. This is precisely why working your way up to heavy weights is important when you’re new. A young Perlman was infected by the acting bug in high school when, as a member of the swim team, his coach picked him to try out for the school play because they needed bodies and his body wasn’t getting a lot of time in the water at swim meets. Perlman (ably assisted by Michael Largo) is fearless in his assessment of his career (and, for long spans of time, lack thereof). A life-long working relationship and friendship was formed in 1992 when Ron was told that a guy named Guillermo del Toro wanted him to star in a movie called CRONOS and was anxious to meet the actor. EASY STREET (THE HARD WAY) is a wild ride through the life of one of Hollywood’s true characters and, as mentioned, Perlman does not pull a single punch.
His voice is immediately recognizable, with a depth of emotion and a sonorous quality that defines the man every bit as much as his character studies… maybe more.
In college, he was offered an internship as a production assistant with a very, very off-Broadway company that would occasionally take their show on the road.

As fate would have it, that meeting led to the two working together several more times, including BLADE II, PACIFIC RIM and, of course, HELLBOY and its sequel (another is rumored to be in the works). The only problem I find in the book is in the final two chapters, in which Ron does the standard Hollywood political stance thing. When I saw that he was writing his memoir, I was stoked to wander around through the noodle of one of the most adventurous actors of the past 35 years. Ron was on the road when his girlfriend and his cousin came to deliver the word that his father had died; he immediately went home to help his mother with his older brother, a man incapacitated by manic depression (years later, at 39, Les Perlman committed suicide).
His work as the lead character in the HELLBOY movies directly led to his being cast in the FX series, SONS OF ANARCHY.
So, like his father before him, Ron Perlman put his dreams and aspirations on the back burner because that’s what families do.
Guillermo has had a great calming effect on Ron, helping him to keep his feelings of inadequacy in check (Perlman has been diagnosed with clinical depression, a lesser form – though equally as debilitating – than his brother suffered from). The role that defined him for quite a few years, Vincent in the highly successful CBS television series BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, was one he told his agent to pass on because he was tired of his face being an artist’s canvas for four hours every day.

When things weren’t happening in front of the camera, Perlman started getting work behind a microphone, doing voice-overs and cartoons.
Opal was by his side through some of the leanest of Perlman’s lean years and continues to be a solid pillar for him to lean on.
It seems to me that a celebrity making their political thoughts known is well on the way to alienating half of their audience. When he speaks of Opal and his children, you can tell he has a deep and abiding love for his family and an undying respect for the woman who has stayed with him through thick and thin. And, with Ron Perlman, that would be a shame because I believe that he really is one of the good guys.

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