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Active communication is an essential component of any culture change programme.  In terms of level of effort and impact, this step probably takes approximately 20% of the effort of your culture change initiative. Achieving cultural change is a difficult and lengthy process but it can be achieved with adequate leadership resolve. The organizational culture must be ready and capable of supporting and sustaining the change at hand. Whether embarking on a new direction, establishing a new organizational vision or questioning why your turnover rates are above industry norms, it is critical to start by assessing the present day culture of the organization. As qualified associates trained in the use of Culture-Strategy Fit™** Assessment tools we can analyze and determine which tool(s) would best serve the evaluation phase of a change initiative.
If you have turned an idea into an action since joining this web-portal, please register it here and help us achieve our target. Many organisations and government institutions are trying to change the culture of entrepreneurship.
Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil and the End of Empire challenges us to think outside the box about the issues that face our society.

Many of the problems in our society that we see as having purely political roots are as strongly influenced by economic and ecological factors. Reviewing and aligning Human Resource strategies to embed the desired culture in all critical strategies associated with attraction, retention, recruitment, talent management, professional development and performance management. QL has worked with diverse industry sectors ranging from engineering, construction, IT, project management, oil and gas, mining, legal and public administration.
Ultimately a tradition in society, the workplace and at home will enable entrepreneurship for individuals and organisations, including the promotion of job creation through small companies and increasing the supply of skilled employees. However, there needs to be a clear vision, stimulus and a coordinated approach to create a cultural change. The Entrepreneur Envoy philosophy is to motivate, promote self- confidence and bring out personal development skills.
The book provides inspiration to seek solutions by taking a quantum leap in thought and action. The author of this engrossing book takes an in-depth look at the roles that all of these causes play in our suddenly less rock-solid world.

Default cultures can often carry legacies from past leadership regimes which are no longer of positive service or include sabotaging beliefs and behaviours about how things need to be done, even if those beliefs are no longer true and the behaviours are outmoded.
So a key element of cultural change is to re-define the behavioural competencies of leaders at all levels with the support of a cultural change management consultant. Stakeholders – employers, trade unions, NGOs, public sector and decision-maker will need to unite to address a cultural change and enable an ’entrepreneurial culture‘ to be embraced by ALL to overcome the long term challenges of the planet.
Entrepreneur Envoys will be informed enough to support policy makers in their strive to create culture change.
He traces the connections that are not at first obvious and challenges the reader’s assumptions about how the world really works. The essential tools for success are primarily a ’can-do‘ attitude, alongside the removal of the fear of failure, and where assessed risk can be rewarded with more than profits; plus the promotion that every person is an artist and an ’A grade‘ at something.

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