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The first automatic, self-propelled curling device that gently draws your hair, heats and curls it in 8-12 seconds, giving you flawless, perfect curls every single time. When a rapid beeping sound occurs open, the Curl Secreta„? to release a perfect, shiny curl. To prevent tangling of hair, ensure the opening of the Curl Secreta„? curl chamber is always facing toward your head as indicated. La mA?che sa€™enroule automatiquement dans la chambre A  boucle, qui la retient doucement et la chauffe.

Pour empA?cher les cheveux de sa€™entortiller et tirer, positionnez toujours la chambre A  boucle face A  votre tA?te. With the curl chamber opening facing your head, place A? to 1 inch of your hair into the a€?va€? hair guide.
The light blinks while heating up and remains solid when unit reaches the right temperature and is ready to curl. Attendez que le voyant rouge cesse de clignoter, ce qui indiquera que le fer est prA?t A  utiliser.

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