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This little beauty will do pretty much everything the pro version does and will be available on the high street from July 2013 for ?120.
It has 2 heat settings (210 and 230) and 3 timer settings and it automatically alternates the curl direction for a lovely natural looking effect.
I really want this but I know I shouldn’t because my hair is so thin, a curling wand takes me 5 minutes… Haha! Hi Anonymous, I was given one for Christmas and I have had the same problem, worked a couple of times and now it just beeps without doing anything. I have the same problem omg worked for 1 day and now it only beeps won’t draw the hair in. The hair curler has two different heat settings and three timer settings for different curl effects and an automatic curl direction for a natural finish. I started off by trying a few of the top layers just to get a feel for how the styler works. Hair is automatically drawn into the Torumaline Ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed, and heated from all directions to effortlessly form a perfect curl.
Half way done and I’m so happy with the curls thus far…I feel like such a kid at the candy store LOL! Timer Settings-for looser curls set your timer to 8 seconds, for medium curls set your time to 10 seconds and for tighter curls set your timer for 12 seconds. I want one of these but I heard it doesn’t work as well on natural hair with a kinkier texture. Get ready for the consumer (more affordable) version of the only hair tool that has ever made me cry (good tears for sure) – the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl. So the only real difference to the Perfect Curl is that it has a forward, reverse and alternate setting – but to be fair, I have only ever used it on alternate.

You place it over a piece of hair where you want the curl to start, close it and the hair magically disappears into the curling chamber.
I bought one and hair with it with great results really pleased…until the second time i used it and halfway through my hair got tangled and after 5 minutes of trying to release my hair my boyfriend had to rip it put!
It's fairly easy to use; just section off a piece of hair, put it inbetween the curler in the barrel, press the curler together and hold. The underneath layers weren't as curly obviously because they're shorter but it still looked really nice once I was all done.
As you can see my hair is quite big and it did settle down after this and framed my face rather than just sticking out.
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. Curl chamber must be facing your head for each curl to avoid your hair getting stuck in the hair guide. Beeps alert you when your curl is done and you gently release it to reveal perfect curliness!! I always make sure I comb through the section and pull away any strays that could get tangled up. A few times I did accidentally get my hair caught but it doesn't hurt at all, you just release the curlers and it lets your hair go. It's a bit trickier to do the back of your head as you can't see where to put the hair through the curler but with a few uses I think I will be able to do it perfectly! I used it on the hottest heat setting for 8 seconds because I didn't want them to go too tight as I already have short hair. This blog reflects the everyday life of a Chic Mommy, fashion, beauty and everything else in between.

It then beeps for however long and then a few beeps at the end to let you know it's ready to release. I wouldn't say the curls were 'perfect' every time but I went for loose messy curls anyway so for me it's not a problem.
Also, as it is so humid and hot outside I noticed that the curls didn't really frizz at all which my hair usually does! The Conair Curl Secret is suitable for all hair lengths and hair types (that’s the beauty of this curl secret). I will use this again whilst the weather is still nice and let you know how the curls hold throughout the day! The Infinint Conair Curl Secret is normally priced at $150 and I was able to get mine at a great deal for $99 from Walmart. This product creates long-lasting curls and it saves time and it’s super easy to use. Even with 30 degrees heat in England my hair stayed put in curls for the entire duration of the day.
I even slept with the curls in and it still looked nice the next morning, with no need to go back over any straggly bits!

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