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In the first reading for mass today from the book of Acts, Jesus came to Saint Paul in a vision and said “Do not be afraid.
In today’s selection from the Gospel of John, Jesus informs his disciples that the Holy Spirit will be upon them someday. DISCLAIMERA Catholic Moment is loyal to the magisterium of the Catholic church and strives to publish material that is doctrinally sound and free from error. We very much welcome your suggestions, comments, and any corrections regarding our content.
Here is our wee blog with thoughts, reflections on the Church's Daily Readings.Have something to share? Maximilian Kolbe (left), Manche Masemola, Janani Luwum, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Oscar Romero, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Esther John, Lucian Tapiedi, and Wang Zhiming. Blessed by God image source Wednesday of week 19 in Ordinary Time Mass this morning: I went to Mass this morning in a neighbouring parish as there was no Mass in my local church.
Feast of St John Mary Vianney, the Curé of Ars Saint John Mary Vianney is truly a saint for our times. There is much animosity among neighbors, great distrust between civilians and political leaders, and skepticism overpowers our senses.
There is no record of this in history but that is hardly unexpected-Siloam or a few Jews would not have been important. Perhaps we are sick while others around us are well or perhaps we feel that we are not getting a fair crack of the whip at work. For over a hundred years that population continued to decrease as people left the desolated land to seek new life elsewhere.
Westminster Abbey, London, UK image source Close-up of Maximilian Kolbe statueat Westminster Abbey, London, UK image source August 14th Feast of St. In today’s first reading Moses assures the people that God will go ahead of them killing anyone who stands in their path. We all know the story: Jesus takes Peter, James and John and goes up the mountain where he reveals his glory.

He was born into poverty in 1786, a few years before the French revolution and The Terror of 1793 and 1794 when thousands of people were summarily executed in France.
In a society in which so many feel powerless, the idea of increasing our own personal power is appealing to most everyone. There are many people fueling this fire of hatred because it is a great power that can be harnessed.
Our reflections are published one day in advance to accommodate our readers who live in different time zones throughout the world. It is impossible to say which is the most beautiful for they are all incredibly beautiful in their own way, but all are worth a good long visit. In an age where love of self is promoted above everything else, even the lives of our unborn, the life and death of Maximilian Kolbe stand out as a beacon of what love and the Christian life should be. As I looked around the church there was in front of me an elderly lady with her two grandchildren. This past month has been one of those times when such questions have come to mind and stayed.
The worst effected part of the country was the West where the population was totally devastated: hopelessness and despair reigned. The first is to understand that for the people of Israel God was a God who intervened directly in their history—he was on their side and while they were with God no one could stand up to them. The new order of the Cistercians had just been found and was not doing very well, in fact it was in danger of dying out. They were reading their little books and chatting away, full of life and happiness, out for the day with their grannie! There are many people today who still believe this, and who claim that God is on their side in the battles that they fight.Often when we look into our own past we see God at work in healing us or helping us in some way.
He hires some in the morning, some at noon, some in the afternoon and some when there is only an hour to go. This God who is part of our lives is very important to us.Another way of seeing the story of God destroying our enemies is to look at it from a very personal viewpoint and understand that our enemies are our sins and hurts and addictions and that God will destroy these when we allow him to walk at the head of our lives, guiding and directing us.

The Christian life is about being transformed, about changing gradually over time to become more like Jesus.
Sixtus was pope from 432-440AD so the church must have been built almost immediately after the council, and is the oldest church in the Western church that is specifically dedicated to Our Lady.
The marvellous gift of the unlearned priest for seeing into the depths of the soul brought the world to Ars. For us moderns it is uncomfortable how much Jesus speaks of judgement, hell and God's retribution. It is said that women used to hide their husbands away when he came preaching because the force of his preaching was such that their husbands would often leave and go to join the monastery.
And it helps us get rid of those things that are blocking us from living the Christian life! It is not an all or nothing event, but a slow gradual change that comes about as a result of the choices that we make. But still, deep in our hearts every human being knows that they shall have to give an account of their life.
Many have held that this privilege was given to Ireland as a result of the great faith and devotion of the people during the penal times. It sits in one of the most beautiful and barren places in Ireland, near the Atlantic Ocean and very rural and unspoilt. The classic example of this is St Paul, a man consumed with hate and with evil in his heart, he even approved of the stoning of Stephen. You cannot force a plant to grow: you can encourage it by watering and feeding but it will grow in the time allotted by nature.
Not everyone is blessed with the ability to listen to our heart, sometimes we need the direction of a good person to lead us there.

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