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Yesterday, the Mail reported how Poppy Smart had complained to police about being wolf whistled at by builders.The 23-year-old said the whistles and accompanying sexist comments, delivered as she walked to work in Worcester, had become a daily occurrence.
Libby Purves says young men have grown ruderAfter a month of being persistently harangued and wolf-whistled at on her way to work through Worcester, Poppy Smart thought of changing her route. Melissa Kite says a woman who can't deal with a whistling man is not going to be able to deal with much that the world is going to throw at herTo paraphrase Oscar Wilde, there is only one thing worse than being wolf-whistled at and that is not being wolf-whistled at. Linda Kelsey says Miss Smart had a point worth makingIta€™s all too easy to dismiss 23-year old Poppya€™s official complaint as a waste of police time and money. Hannah Betts said she is against practices that 'make women feel insulted and intimidated'A Poppy Smarta€™s victimisation-dressed-up-as-flattery went on every day for a month, all because she had the audacity to be on her way to work.Every morning, every encounter, left her distressed and humiliated. Sarah Graham, 25, believes that wolf whistling is rooted in everyday sexismBut the more it happened, and the more intimidating the situations became, the more uncomfortable these 'harmless compliments' made me feel. Olivia Greenway, 62, believes that wolf whistling is just harmless funAt this point feminists will be throwing their arms up in the air with calls of a€?sexista€™. Ray Connolly says wolf whistling is simply a bit of traditional mating funA In my mating heyday I was a wolf without a whistle. Brian Viner says angry feminists should save their energy for other, more important battlesWolves have a reputation as dangerous, predatory creatures.
Burke County resident Mike Fischesser was recently awarded for his service and leadership with a nonprofit organization called Outward Bound. Burke County resident Mike Fischesser has dedicated most of his life to helping others build confidence and self-esteem by engaging positively with their environment.
This very moment He wants to lead us out deeper into the waters of surrender and consecration. But is there some secret meaning or perhaps some hidden reservation that might not apply literally to us in these promises? Many people are also afraid of that word a€?perfect.a€? They are fearful that God will ask them to do something that they are not willing to do. Once we have settled the score with that old man of the flesh who seeks to rule over us (Romans 6:6), all the other victories will come in their course.
The will is our only natural reserve weapon, and absolutely everything depends on the right action of this resource. It is not your feelings, your emotions, that make you a child of God, but the doing of Goda€™s will. They tell me it is because of Sabbath work, or doubts about the Bible, or opposition of relatives. Thousands are in the church and are perfectly miserable because something in their life has been fighting the will of God for years. Because sinful propensities are deeply embedded in the very nature of every baby born into the world. As a result of his Himalayan pilgrimage, this sadhu professed to hold the secret for making gold. Only when the mind has been regenerated through the process of conversion can the individual subjugate the lower, physical powers and bring them under the effective control of the Holy Spirit. Whereupon I invited him to walk down the street a block or two where a new temple was being constructed.
Well-disciplined people can force themselves to act correctly on the outside, even when the inward desires are at war with the outward conduct. They appear so submissive and law-abiding as they creep along in front of the uniformed traffic patrol lady. Some people are obedient without being willing, and their fruit is soon exposed as artificial. Therefore, it is a dangerous, judgmental attitude to deprecate the apparent caring concern that a fellow Christian has for keeping the commandments. The secret is trusting instead of trying, and time will only make a young sinner into an old sinner.
John declares, a€?this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faitha€? (1 John 5:4). Suppose the farmer walks along his garden path and looks down at the soil beneath his feet.
Then the gentle rains slowly moistened the ground, and the warming rays of the sun began to exercise their particular magic on the tiny seeds. As they consume the succulent young cabbage a truly remarkable thing happens within their bodies. The entire being is made captive to the Spirit of God, and we are able to think His thoughts after Him. He said, a€?I am crucified with Christa€? and a€?I die daily.a€? This constant subjection of the will is not achieved by any decision or effort that we can manufacture from within ourselves. Self makes the Christian path seem dark and fearsome, but when self is surrendered and crucified the narrow road is filled with joy unspeakable. He wrote, a€?They lavish gold out of the bag a€¦ and he maketh it a god: they fall down, yea, they worship. The truth is that the egocentric nature of every baby, child, and adult causes each to want their own way. But then, darn it, decided that in 2015 women shouldna€™t have to reorganise their lives around the recreations of uncouth youths.So she shopped the Worcester Whistlers to the Old Bill for harassment.Extreme? Women dona€™t want to be treated as fragile a€?laydeeza€? all the time, wea€™re equal, we can work and earn and have our say and become PM or, horrors, your boss.
Shortly after I turned 40, three years ago, I remember walking past a building covered in scaffolding and bracing myself for the inevitable outburst from the saggy-trousered workmen perched on it. And so it did for me the other week, as I sashayed down the High Street in Manchester, freshly washed hair swinging over my shoulders.And then came that heavenly sound. Well, it was in Australia, where a mana€™s idea of foreplay is: a€?Are you awake?a€™ But I always took it as a compliment. I can remember it happening once when I was on my own, taking my usual shortcut home, and suddenly feeling vulnerable in a way that I never had before, when men had whistled at me in more public spaces. Thata€™s why the very term a€?wolf-whistlinga€™ can imply an act of aggression: a man preying on a defenceless woman. Get all of the details here.If you are a current subscriber and haven’t signed up for All Access yet, get started here.
There are still victories to be won, there are sins to be put away, and there is a drawing together that needs to be accomplished by the Holy Spirit.
We are tempted to believe so because of the almost fanatical element of certainty in every verse and line. He never coerces the will or pressures us into any actions to which we have not given consent.
There is a certain shallow, short-lived pleasure in sin that dances over the emotions and seeks to capture the mind through the sensory pathway of the flesh.
The ultimate sin in the eyes of God, the final factor that will cause a soul to be lost, is to deliberately say no to the will of God. Perhaps you had a headache or arthritis pain when you woke up this morning, but does that change the fact that God loves you? And when it happens, most people are not willing to admit the true cause behind the raging conflict. What I am trying to say is this: To be a true Christian requires surrender above everything else.
The old self-nature hardened itself and resisted every impulse to turn away from rebellion and sin.
In the weakness of the flesh we find ourselves bound in mind and body by the superior strength of our spiritual enemy. Ia€™ve watched the wretched penitents prostrating in the hot dust, painfully measuring their length, mile after mile, as they inch toward some sacred river rendezvous. Yet, I have never met a single Hindu seeker who has found any assurance or peace of minda€”not even among the Brahmin brotherhood of the highest caste. We are brought into this life with inherent weaknesses that predispose us toward disobedience. We have desperately tried to blot out scenes of unfaithfulness from our minds, but every such effort has ended in utter defeat.

He would fill a large caldron with water and then stir the contents vigorously while uttering his sacred incantations. Only in this way may the very intents of the heart be sanctified and brought into harmony with Christ.
Only after many months of classroom camaraderie did I feel clear in asking my teacher about one puzzling feature of his ancestral religion.
I had watched the builders placing the obscenities by the front entrance door, so the teacher could not deny they were there.
Yet those drivers are usually seething with internal anger and rebellion because of missing an appointment. If his works indeed are based upon principles of self-effort and do-it-yourself salvation, the truth will be exposed soon enough. Finally, we must admit that we are not as strong as our adversary, and as we surrender our dependence upon human strength and effort, God provides the glorious gift of victory.
By submitting to that higher power which reaches down from above, the soul is able to bring every thought into captivity to Christ. Aloud he wonders whether the minerals in that dirt could ever be transformed into vegetables. They began to germinate and grow, and under those favorable influences from above, the root system began to draw the actual mineral elements into the leaves of the cabbage.
The vegetable leaves are assimilated into the organs of digestion, and in very short order the vegetable has literally been turned into animal.
That is another sphere and could never happen in this world.a€? But I submit to you that this kind of transformation is not only possible, but it has actually happened to everyone who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. They have a religion that seems to do nothing for them but to make them weary and disgruntled.
I have often imagined that our great enemy has a computer list of self-related indulgences that he constantly holds out to the fallen human race. But that objective recognition is entirely distinct from the basic self-centeredness of the fallen human race.
This nature must be crucified, and under the mastery of the new spiritual nature, the affections are set upon Jesus.
But that doesna€™t give carte blanche to any man to yell unpleasantries in the street.And if guys do show a momenta€™s chivalry a€” well, we melt.
However, the underlying meaning is clear: as a woman, onea€™s identity is effectively that of a mobile sexual opportunity. Rather than a cheeky signal of appreciation, it actually felt quite sinister and frightening, and made me acutely aware that I was alone with a man much bigger and stronger than me.Since then the tone of wolf whistling seems to have changed for me.
But thata€™s also why a€?wolf-whistlinga€™ is a misleading expression for an act that, nine times out of ten, is innocently, even generously meant.Honestly, leta€™s be sensible about this.
So we can totally disabuse our minds of being forced into any life choices that are not free and sovereign. In every case there must be a decision of the will to forfeit those temporary physical a€?pleasures of sin for a season.a€? Until that choice is made and acted upon, there can be no real victory over sin in the life.
Under deep conviction you wrestled and agonized against the powers of the flesh, but to no avail.
Your battle was with self, and when you became willing, God gave you the victory over that carnal enemy.
We resolutely struggle to extricate ourselves from the bondage, but the harder we try the deeper we sink into the mire.
There they will dip under the filthy water, look up at the blazing sun, and praya€”then repeat the process again, and again, and again. But in the process of stirring he also slyly slipped some gold nuggets into the water without being detected. But once again he professed surprise and stated categorically that he had never seen anything like it before. The renewed mind holds the answer to both the inside and outside factors that lead to transgression. Self is behind that angry battle, and the stubborn will has simply not yielded to the idea of obedience.
It teaches us that two mistakes can be made concerning those who keep Goda€™s law carefully. But if he has a genuine love relationship with Christ that constrains him to be meticulous in obedience, then he deserves commendation instead of criticism. By some mysterious process still not fully comprehended by science, the iron, phosphorus, and magnesium were incorporated into the plant and transformed into the vegetable form of the cabbage. Again and again, the process is described as a surrendering of the will and a giving up of our own way. Only the Holy Spirit can create the desire to escape from the domination of a sin-loving nature. There are no more secrets from God, no longer anything to hide or to be ashamed of, no more defeatism as a way of life. Those who have not submitted to be crucified with Christ still carry their religion like a heavy burden.
When you unreservedly surrender that spoiled, greedy, indulgent self to be put to death, you may reckon yourself dead to the sins which self promotes. Each category has been honed and adapted to exploit the particular weakness of the self-nature that Satan recognizes so easily in every member of Adama€™s family. God can love us in spite of our genetic weaknesses and indulged carnal appetites, but the closer we come to Jesus, the less charmed we should be by our own perverse ways. Rather from the top of some scaffolding, where a bunch of hod-carriers issued a rakish wolf-whistle and warmly proffered: a€?Nice day, darlina€™.a€™Was I offended?
One young man hadna€™t just whistled, but shouted out, asking if shea€™d perform a sexual act on him.
I feel self-conscious and anxious around strange men, worried that they're silently judging me even when they don't whistle or leer at me. But, quite apart from having not learned the necessary skill of sticking two fingers between my teeth to make any audible appreciation carry more than two yards, I would never have had the nerve.It takes confidence to wolf-whistle.
Each moment should find us moving up in our experience with a deeper, sweeter faith than we had the moment before. We are not what we feel, or what we might do or say in a single impulsive moment of our life. At last, when we are totally exhausted from the effort, a well-meaning friend comes by and says, a€?I know what the problem is. Jesus, born with the same fallen nature, is the only One who never gave way to those weaknesses. Perhaps we can over a period of time, but pretenders are able to deceive most of us for a good while.
We might wrongly assume they are legalists because they look so seriously upon the slightest disobedience, or we might wrongly assume they are true Christians just because they show zeal for conforming to the law. And as we begin to act against the sin in our life, God provides the power to actually break with the sin. Only He can bring us to the point of being willing to give up every indulgence of that corrupt, fallen nature. Joyfully we put aside the ornaments of self and the world to allow more capacity for the loving character of Christ to be revealed.
They remind me of the Hindu processions I observed, again and again, on the crowded streets of India.
Trying to live a Christian life without dying to self is just as miserable as struggling to carry a pagan god.
Perhaps some of the most appealing subtitles in his list would include self-righteousness, self-dependence, self-seeking, self-pleasing, self-will, self-defense, and self-glory.
In fact, as we enter into the converted life through the Holy Spirit, the confidence we placed in the flesh will be wholly shifted to the Savior.
A very pretty black friend of mine, in her 20s, wona€™t go on buses at all because of the nasty sexual jeers she gets from black boys and white alike.The real issue is that very young men have grown ruder.
After years of fighting them off, I was now provoking deathly silence.Poppy Smart will realise this one day, when she no longer gets the chance to be offended by builders who find her physically attractive.

Toss your hair and wiggle suggestively?However you respond, the fact is that being whistled at puts you in a position of powerlessness, one in which men are literally calling the shots.Ideally, Poppy would have been able to tell these guys to their faces that she didna€™t welcome their whistles. When I lived in Paris, being harassed by strange men on the street became part of my weekly routine, and what I'd once thought of as just a flirty bit of whistling became associated with much nastier, scarier things.First it would be a wolf whistle, then it would be clicking their tongue or making kissy noises in my face, or an unwanted attempt to strike up a conversation, despite me having headphones in or my head buried in a book. Supposing you did and the object of beauty glanced back at you, summed you up and then gave you a long dismissive, testicular-shrivelling look. After explaining the stirring and the prayers to be repeated, the priest took his 500 rupees and started to leave.
Almost anyone with minimum acting skills can force conformity to the rules (especially if they think someone is watching) but almost no one can force himself to be sweet about it.
Eventually the nature behind the good works begins to appear, and the charade is seen for what it really is.
It merely yielded to the higher power that reached down from above, and the miraculous change was effected.
In fact, when self has not been given up to the death of the cross, it comes between you and the Savior, becoming a real god. Feet up on train seats, shouty laddish banter across the heads of quiet fellow-passengers, late-night burping on the Chelmsford line. By then, the time will have passed for her to toss her head in the air and march haughtily past shouting: a€?Oh yeah?
But when youa€™re one lone woman up against a bunch of burly blokes, it takes a lot more courage than I know Ia€™d have in a similar situation.When one daughter of a woman friend did exactly that a few months back, she was accused of being a a€?bitcha€™, a a€?stupid cowa€™, a€?frigida€™, a a€?lesa€™. If I didn't respond, or at least smile back pleasantly, next would come the abuse a€“ shouting at me, telling me I was ugly anyway (that's obviously why he was so upset that I wouldn't give him my phone number) or following me home. No other chapter of the Bible is so lavishly excessive in giving assurance to a struggling Christian. We can try till our dying breath, and we will never be able to alter the unconverted disposition by dint of determination. Occasionally they stopped to rest, and it was an obvious relief to put down their god momentarily to relieve themselves of the burden. The constant strain of trying to subdue that self-god by human effort can wear out the most determined saint. And it is so rare to get an offer of a seat on a crowded bus that it comes as quite a shock when you do.
You should be so lucky, sunshine!a€™That was my strategy, back in the glory days when the men in sweaty Ta€‘shirts bothered me. She may have been proud to have stood up for herself, but she arrived at the office that day shaken and in tears.As a feminist since my teens, ita€™s ironic that while wea€™ve made great strides towards gender equality over the past 40 years, the result of these gains is that we are now expected to take so-called minor sexism on the chin and laugh it off. It was no longer harmless, flirty fun a€“ it was petrifying.I stopped going out on my own after dark unless I had to, I started carrying my keys in my hand, ready to attack any hypothetical stranger that tried to grab me, and several times I ran home from the station, convinced that the man who hadn't left me alone on the train was now following me back to my flat. Why do we try to curb what is natural so that men have become emasculated?A We have become so politically correct; we cana€™t do anything spontaneous or sensible or have a laugh any more. I am convinced that there are only two possible reasons for a person holding back and failing to gain the victory over sin. Even ministers preach sermons around their interpretation of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. But it wasna€™t funny then and ita€™s not funny now.Ia€™m not suggesting wolf-whistling should be criminalised. At least in the benign context of broad daylight, on a busy main road, with lots of other people around.It may not be courtly love. Instead, he took down the companya€™s number on the sitea€™s poster and went to see the boss.The manager was mortified and said hea€™d deal with it immediately, which he did. And I was one of the lucky ones a€“ friends were groped, or had men expose themselves to them on public transport. Ita€™s just one part of a centuries-old courting ritual.Imagine yourself on the promenade at Blackpool with your mates, and below you on the beach are gaggle of girls.
Either he is not willing to give up the enjoyment of the sin or else he does not believe that God will give him deliverance from it. Not even crippling disease, financial failure, desertion of friends, death of dear ones, or injustices of life. Are these perversions of the biblical admonitions to a€?crucify selfa€? and a€?deny selfa€?? But on balance, Ia€™m glad I handled it myself, with humour and perhaps even style, rather than run to the police or an equality body.Because I would hate to give succour to that faction on the Left that persists with the fantasy that you can get rid of something called a€?everyday sexisma€™, that you can make life fair.
But a wolf whistle semaphores to a woman that shea€™s still feminine, desirable and, crucially, that she isna€™t invisible.Of course, no woman should be allowed to feel physically threatened, as Poppy Smart clearly felt. His daughter has been able to continue her walk unhindered.In Poppya€™s case, a complaint was filed to the boss of the company concerned and she has not been harassed since. Like Poppy Smart, I found that the sustained harassment made my anxiety increasingly difficult to live with. The cowarda€™s way (and most of us are cowards, leta€™s face it) would be to choose another way to walk to work.
But it is more often issued as a conveniently concise form of compliment, and ita€™s no more threatening, in most circumstances, than a group of women having a ribald laugh as a dishy bloke walks by.To slap it down as the very definition of sexual harassment is, frankly, to forget what kind of nation we are. And if wolf whistles are accompanied by vile language and obscene gestures then there should be recourse to the law.But the fact that some commentators have compared wolf-whistling to racism is ludicrous. Being Jewish, Ia€™ve been subjected to bigoted remarks in the street a€” and, believe me, being on the receiving end of such comments makes you feel threatened, frightened and utterly demeaned.By comparison, infantile cat-calls from bored builders are innocent, unremarkable and yet can make a careworn, middle-aged woman feel momentarily glorious.
It isna€™t easy.So, you whistle safely from afar to attract their attention, and a bit of banter is soon struck up.
Let us now look at these two great mental blocks that have stolen the victory from so many of Goda€™s people.
As a shy teenager, getting a bit of attention from a passing guy was a real confidence boost; a friendly acknowledgement that the time I'd spent getting ready to leave the house wasn't going unappreciated and total strangers thought I looked good. Men saw me as part of the landscape a€“ a piece of meat, or public property a€“ and felt entitled to pass judgement on my appearance, whether positive or negative (or both, sometimes even within a matter of seconds!) Not only that, but they felt entitled to my attention in return a€“ if I didn't want to speak to them, I was being rude.Men regularly seemed to know that the intimidation gave them a certain power over me.
Once she knew it was a problem for her, she should have nipped it in the bud by taking action. They'd whistle at me while I was alone and they were with a group of lads, and then laugh about it amongst themselves, while I walked away with my gaze fixed firmly on the ground in front of me. Ia€™m sure if the blokes on the building site knew how upset she allegedly is, they would be quick to stop upsetting her.Truthfully, most people a€“ even men a€“ are basically good people.
The Everyday Sexism Project has highlighted just how many men feel entitled to whistle not only at women, but even at young girls in their school uniforms. I managed to get lost recently while abroad in a medieval town with identical looking squares. Whilst I genuinely believe that plenty of men who whistle at strange women in the street do so with perfectly innocent intentions a€“ hoping to raise a smile or make her feel good about herself a€“ so few seem aware of how overwhelming, uncomfortable and intimidating it can be, or of how regular and frustrating an occurrence street harassment is in our everyday lives.Frankly, regardless of whether they're 'just being nice' or they're a creep gearing up for a grope, there's still something horribly sexist and patronising about men whistling at women they don't know. Women don't go out in public for the benefit or approval of random men, and plenty of us don't want or need it. I saw a cashpoint with three young lads a€“ probably early twenties late teens a€“ hanging around nearby.
The freelance journalist says: 'As reported yesterday, a 23-year-old girl felt so harassed on her way to work by buildersa€™ wolf whistles and one unwelcome comment, she felt she had to go to the police. I think she should have dealt with it differently, but shea€™s only young and the young, as I remember, often do foolish things.A wolf whistle is just harmless fun that young men a€“ usually working on a building site A­a€“ have when a pretty young girl passes. As you go through life, you make your mind up about things, and draw your own lines in the sand. I was young once, and terribly shy, but the wolf whistles did not bother me because I knew they were just innocent tomfoolery.
Ita€™s all down to confidence and being comfortable in your (increasingly wrinkly in my case) skin. If I heard a wolf whistle now I would expect to see a builder with impaired eyesight, or that he was being ironic.

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