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Notable the most frequent and most important of these questions is easily; how do I find a man of substance and quality? Even though I haven’t used a GSP based apps for meeting dudes and only used online sites, I still came across a couple of really cool people (who I may or may not of hooked up with) and established lasting friendships. I think it’s safe to say even with all the strides the LGBT movements have made over the years, many men still do their searching using technology more so than face to face interactions. I accidentally came across the below sites by clicking on the “sponsored links” when reading a non-related story. Me thinking about you, I decided to post them here so you can potentially add them to your dating search arsenals. I said I was gonna download weeks ago but I finally downloaded Jack'd and the shyt looks wack. I know a lot of dudes who make sure that the very first thing they do is go through the entire list and immediately block everyone they recognize and want nothing to do with. African KingMaybe next time instead of trying to see a movie or do dinner, meet somewhere like the mall or a park. I wish someone could make an online dating service that also consisted of a physical location that people who match online could meet, have lunch or whatever, have some kind of events that help people break the ice. Crazy thing is, I had a date the other night, (online dude) that I really didnt wana go on, but felt bad cus dude was persistent n id alrdy rescheduled on him.

Where to find a man, how to get a man, how to keep a man, how to date a man, what type of man do I let climb up on my back, I’ve found a man is he relationship material, etc. In my pre-relationship days I communicated and met men via the internet with sites like BGC, Adam for Adam and Men4Now. I completely understand that when you’re searching for something more meaningful than a “hook up” using these sites and apps can be very frustrating, but be honest; if you aren’t new or “green” to dating, you have to know that already right?
Maybe we should broaden our technological nets in hopes of capturing more fish than those swimming in the standard go-to pools? Granted I personally haven’t signed up for any but I did read many of the reviews and understand how they came up with their rankings.
I hope I don't see any homothugs from my block on there or worse the nosy gays that might clock you. South Florida is a wasteland if you are a gay masculine black dude who has his shyt together. And while I did like it and had some successes with it, it didn't help me out AT ALL when it came to meeting and dating other Black men. Also that dude may have been someone who is not mobile (public transportation user) so money for food and even for travel can really empty out his wallet. Im an avid supporter of the legitimacy and potential of online dating, having 2 (str8) friends who found their spouses online, but a lot of times, ppl just arent presenting their real selves, just like on jackd.

Online dating is misleading cuz I feel like everyone sees the wide selection available and automatically start looking for the 11 out of 10 guy.
I was just implying that since we dont have much of a senior presence, it kinda stuck out and was unexpected, at least for me. I feel like these could possibly cater to white gays and those who seek them almost exclusively. I feel like the list from that website is kinda misleading or should I say…white leaning. The only thing is annoying is when I match people, then I take the initiative to message them and they don't hit me back. In fact, the only ones that did reply directly replied that they exclusively date white men.
IDK what it is about dudes in Dallas, but they hardly EVER say shyt and if they do, it's all about sex and they are very seldom mobile.

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