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David Kelley’s company IDEO helped create many icons of the digital generation — but what matters even more to him is unlocking the creative potential of people and organizations to innovate routinely.
This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page. Read about the designer’s favorite objects, including his 1954 Chevy pickup and a table saw. This well outfitted German trench has a lighted Christmas tree and soldiers celebrating with music and sausages! In his The Schools our Children Deserve Alfie Kohn has a quick and easy chart for what to look for in the classroom. Did you catch this NYTimes article on open-source science and seeking collaborative solutions to new challenges?
In a time of crisis and turmoil it is sometimes valuable to turn to the past for reassurance. Prior to the industrialization of education, the education model was centered around a single-room school house consisting of one teacher with many students throughout many grades.
Mindless and disturbing commercial hype or … finally … the opportunity to realize the long-held, unfulfilled dreams of boundless learning?
When rounding up these talks, we decided not to go for creativity talks about passion and inspiration. If you think you aren’t the creative type, if you think creativity is something people are born with or not, then this is the most important talk you’ll see in your life. Even if you skip everything else in this article, take 12 minutes to hear David Kelley talk about how fear holds back the creativity within all of us, how to get over that fear through renowned psychologist Albert Bandura’s theory of “Guided Mastery”, and how it can change your life entirely. It’s such a soul-searching speech that you probably should download this TED talk and watch it once a day. Why It’s Practical: Kelley’s talk is inspiring enough to actually make you break out of your shell and face your creative fears, whether it’s getting started or whether it’s pushing yourself into trying something you aren’t comfortable with.
Another IDEO man, Tim Brown’s talk features high in this list because there are two exercises he conducts in the talk which are essential to breaking out of self-censorship. Why It’s Practical: Brown’s talk emphasizes how creativity can be harnessed through a playful atmosphere.
One of the intrinsic problems with creativity is that, since you have to put your heart and soul into it, you treat it as your baby — your way is the right way and suggestions otherwise aren’t exactly welcome. Harford’s talk focuses on this God Complex, an inability to think that your way might not be the best way.
Why It’s Practical: While not intended as a course in handling criticism, that’s what Harford’s talk ends up being.
Julie Burstein spoke with a lot of creative individuals while researching her book, and she came up with four key takeaways from the process. There is beauty in struggle, there is beauty in flaws, there is beauty in the everyday moments around us. Why It’s Practical: The story of photographer Joel Meyerowitz is particularly powerful because of how much it drills in the idea of “work”.
Shimpei Takahashi’s job is to dream up such new and wonderful toys, but his boss hounds him for data-driven ideas. Why It’s Practical: As Takahashi explains, when you come up with a list of random words, you start seeing images in your head. This quest for future-proofing is actually stifling creative thinking, at least according to Joi Ito, and this coming from someone who heads one of the most innovation-friendly technological research environments on the planet today. Why It’s Practical: Ito’s talk is probably the most practical approach to creative thinking as he puts a premium on simplicity. In this talk, Sting recounts how he was unable to write for years, staring at a blank page every day, and kept wondering if his best work was behind him. TED has 135 talks on creativity and we obviously couldn’t include them all here, and there are plenty more when it comes to motivation and inspiration. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation.
If any video site that gets talked about most after YouTube, its TED – at least amongst us who seek knowledge for the sake of it.
It's no secret that the world is being automated and that millions of people are losing work as a result.

When writers can't come up with anything to write, it's called "writer's block." But creatives of all types experience this phenomenon — photographers, programmers, painters, chefs, musicians, poets, and that's just scratching the surface.
Hieronder kan je een inspirerende TED talk van David Kelley bekijken, de oprichter van design consultancy IDEO. Bij IDEO doet David Kelley dit door met mensen te werken aan haalbare creatieve uitdagingen. Directly from Ted Talk, I want to share this great lecture by David Kelly on how to build creative confidence.
I was delighted to find this Ted Talk a few months ago when I was preparing to give a lecture on building creative confidence at a women’s conference. You will love his story about the doctor who turned a children’s MRI machine into a space ship in order to ease the process of the MRI for kids and make it more fun. Grab your journal and write about a time when you came up with a creative solution for a problem you or someone else was experiencing.
I am also proud to be a wife and mom of two teens doing my best to maintain the balance in my life and in my business. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Recent CommentsSuzie Cheel on 5 Ways to Connect to Creative ExpressionNatasha Botkin on 5 Ways to Connect to Creative Expression4 Ways to Connect to Creative Expression - Minette Riordan, Ph.D.
It’s a false construct to divide the world into the creatives and the non-creatives, says IDEO founder David Kelley.
In a recent TED talk, “How to Build Your Creative Confidence,” Kelley explained his thinking about creativity (a video and a transcript are at the TED site). We can break through phobias with “guided mastery.” Kelley met with his Stanford colleague Albert Bandura, a psychologist who studies phobias. How Boards Botch CEO SuccessionResearch finds three key reasons boards fail at CEO succession planning. Equipping the Sustainability InsurgencyA peer-to-peer network developed jointly by HP Canada and WWF offers tools and guidance for sustainability insurgents. Building a Better Car Company With AnalyticsPutting data and analytics to work hasn’t just helped Ford more competitive — it has transformed the company’s processes. Global design firm IDEO develops rich profiles of employee capabilities and shares them across the organization. The Summer 2015 issue of MIT SMR highlights how digital business plays out in strategy, innovation and business transformation. We live in an age of data abundance, but that doesn’t make decision-making less challenging. Absolutely wonderful TED talk by David Kelley, founder of IDEO, in which he is telling stories from his legendary design career and his own life, offering ways to build the confidence to create.
TestimonialsWe have received so many great compliments on our website that James designed for us here at Rosario's.
Often, the speakers at these conferences are people from a creative background, and through their short speeches, you can learn how to tap the creativity in you. We wanted to focus on practicality — something which doesn’t just inspire you, but also helps you take action. Brown says your worst critic is you — we all have a desire to be original, an apprehension to offend, and a tendency for self-editing. We won’t spoil them, but just know that you’ll need a piece of paper and a pencil, and ideally you should be watching this talk with someone else around you. Through several examples, Harford shows how a process of trial and error helps in coming up with creative thoughts whereas the God Complex keeps you stuck in one line of thinking. The ability to listen to people challenge your opinion and your work, and then to build upon that with trial and error, is an important component in any creative endeavor.
In many ways, the focal point of these lessons lies in how to open up your creative eye — the eye which we often close as we go through our daily lives.
It is difficult to extricate yourself from the insular world of things that affect you, but Burstein shows how it can be done using famous artists as examples. Often a creative pursuit seems like an intellectual exercise, but Meyerowitz’s example shows how the work triumphs over the thought. Data ended up killing Takahashi’s creativity until he finally found a resolution: a brainstorming game called Shiritori, which is basically a simple exercise to get your creative juices flowing.
The images of those words end up forming a connection in your brain, and odd connections later lead to great ideas, whether consciously or subconsciously.

After all, the simplest definition of creativity is to come up with something original — something which has never been done before. Kirby Ferguson, by citing acclaimed modern creative thinkers, busts this idea open.
Ferguson drills down the message that several accomplished artists exemplify: you need to first do something before you can judge whether it’s actually creative or not. His approach to creativity is to disregard complex planning and instead focus on being connected to the present. It took some time to regain creative motivation after burnout, but in that time, Sting found perhaps the strongest force in writing, which was finally able to get him over his block: empathy. If you had to pick one video about creativity — not necessarily from TED — which would it be and why?
Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. Via het proces van design thinking, deelt hij het creatieve proces op in kleine stappen die mensen helpen om nieuwe ideeen te bedenken.
I felt like I was on the right path and David Kelley both affirmed many of my own ideas and offered some new ones to share with others on how to build creative confidence, plus his assertion that all people are creative echoed mine.
He is know for his creative ability to see where the bugs are in the software and fix them. Most of what we create is a take off from or influenced by the information and knowledge we already have. It can plant the idea that we’re practical people, not creative people, and can grow into a full-fledged “truth” about ourselves later.
Kelly is founder and chair of the design firm IDEO and creator of the “d.school” at Stanford, formally known as the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, where students studying everything from business to medicine work on building their creativity to collaboratively solve complex problems. Bandura has a step-by-step methodology for working through phobias by slowly introducing people to the thing they fear.
People who go through Bandura’s guided mastery process “ended up having less anxiety about other things in their lives. Removing those emotional roadblocks can clear the way to overwhelming success for those individuals. Er is een manier om hieraan te werken: kleine stappen nemen die comfortabel voelen zodat je kleine successen kan bereiken. Wat ik meeneem uit zijn verhaal is dat als je bang bent dat je iets niet kunt, je het beste een kleine stap kunt maken in de richting van je angst.
I am certain that everyone is creative, we just have to find the right form of creative expression. So don’t feel like just because what you create is absolutely original, that that diminishes its value.
I am an award-winning entrepreneur with close to 15 years experience in marketing, sales and education. They tried harder, they persevered longer, and they were more resilient in the face of failure,” says Kelley. There was a little girl, and that little girl was crying and was terrified.” It turns out that nearly 80 percent of the pediatric patients had to be sedated to deal with the machine, which crushed Dietz.
These are all concepts of which we are very much aware, but not many of us can precisely pinpoint their source. Door deze successen krijg je een gevoel van zelfeffectiviteit: het gevoel dat je kunt bereiken wat van plan bent te gaan doen.
In my professional life, I am a coach, author, and speaker who is passionate about helping creative women entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. I love all of the roles I play and work every day to juggle all the balls that I am holding, sometimes I drop all the balls and drink a couple of glasses of wine. Part of building our creative confidence comes from imitation in the beginning, just learning to draw like our teacher or write a poem in a certain style… just create!!
Dietz painted the walls, painted the machine, got the operators retrained by staff from children's museums. And when they come, they say, ‘Okay, you're going to go into the pirate ship, but be very still because we don't want the pirates to find you.’" Result? Only about 10 percent of children need sedation, and some even look forward to coming back.

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